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7 days

If you want to explore the beauty of Northern and North-eastern mountainous areas of Vietnam, join Off The Beaten Track Northeast Vietnam 7 days of AZ Local Trip, where tourists can enjoy breath-taking natural sceneries, various ethnic minorities and authentic experiences all year round. Visiting Ha Giang, you will trek along the rock formations and unique landscape in Dong Van rock plateau or observe the imposing Ban Gioc Waterfall and Ba Be National Park with homestay and kayaking, one of the most intriguing mountainous lake. Join with AZ Local Trip now!
Northern Vietnam Discovery Tour 14 days is designed for the discerning travelers keen on exploring the true beauty and hidden charm of the Northern Vietnam. Joining this tour, you will discover the diverse beauty of the S-shaped land including ancient Hanoi Capital, Cat Ba Island, Cuc Phuong National park, Dong Van Rocky Plateau Geopark, and charming Sapa with friendly locals, stunning limestone mountains and ancient villages. Let's join with AZ Local Trip now!
For those who want to have a short but meaningful experience in North Vietnam in 5 days, AZ Local Trip will recommend tourists Northern Vietnam Tour 5 days. Joining in our journey, you will have a deeper insight into the valuable values of North Vietnam through famous destinations containing the long-rooted history and culture. You can pass by famous highlights in Hanoi City, especially a cyclo along bustle Hanoi Old Quarter, visit outstanding Thien Cung cave of Halong Bay or take a sampan exploring the charm of Tam Coc and know more the significant history of Vietnam through Hoa Lu ancient capital.  Let's join with AZ Local Trip now!

9 days

You are a lover of the nature? You want to involve in local insight into the customs and traditions? Join AZ Local Trip with Hill Tribes of Northern Vietnam 9 days which brings you deep insight into local villages of ethnic minority in Northern Vietnam.
If you are wandering what to see in North Vietnam in 12 days, AZ Local Trip will offer you Insight into North Vietnam 12 days which brings tourists an unforgettable memories in the journey in the S-shaped country. Tourists will seek a tremendous chance to visit many outstanding landscapes of Hanoi City, Cat Ba Island or boat riding on romantic Tam Coc Bich Dong. You can be immersed yourself in the spiritual life of Vietnamese people through Perfume Pagoda, Dinh and Le Temple.
Vietnam is considered as a beautiful country with a variety of spectacular landscapes from the North to the South. One trip traveling Vietnam can last for 9 days, 10 days or even 1 month or even longer. AZ Local Trip highly recommend foreign tourists Explore Northern Vietnam 11 days, bringing you a great chance to pass by highlights of Northern area of the S-shaped land. In this journey, you will explore Ban Gioc Waterfall, Ba Be Lake, Bac Ha in Ha Giang and immerse yourself in the traditional lifestyle of Ha Giang tribe minorities.

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North Vietnam Tour Packages
Typical scenery found in North Vietnam

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Top Destinations of North Vietnam Tour Packages


Sapa is one of the most famous attraction of Northern Vietnam Tour Package. Sa Pa Town is located in Lao Cai Province, 350 km to the north-west of Hanoi. Sapa Town is famous for its landscapes of verdant rice paddies, rolling hills, the peak of Indochina Fansipan, rugged scenery and rich cultural diversity. The temperature in Sapa ranges from the lowest of -1oC in winter and to the highest of 29oC in summer. The higher you go, the more foggy it gets. Normally, at night, the temperature is chill and cool all year round.

Sapa was found and built by the French and was first appeared in Vietnam national map in the late 1880s. Nowadays, Sapa is the most popular destination in North Vietnam, for both locals and foreign tourists.

North Vietnam Tour Packages
Beautiful rice terraces in Sapa

One of the distinct trait of Sapa is that Sapa is home to many different kinds of ethnic minorities of Vietnam and thus, rich of cultural diversity. Some of the minorities can be named are Hmong, Dao, and Gia. These are the 3 largest and most well-known groups and account for 50% of the local population. In fact, every tribe has their own language, traditions and customs which make Sapa a very small town but rich of culture diversity. The ethnic minority people do not live in center area but in settle down on the valleys throughout Sapa District. However, Sapa Town is where ethnic minority people gather to trade and sell their products such as rice, corn, handicrafts and souvenirs.

One of the most popular activity in Sapa is trekking. There are so many routes for trekking varying greatly in terms of difficulty, length, and beauty so it’s best to get a local guide. This way you get to learn more about the local culture, customs from your guide. On your way, you get to explore villages, valleys and a rich variety of plants, birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles and insects.

Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh is a new rising star of tourism in Vietnam in recent years. This city has a stunning scenery and it is also extremely friendly for travelers. Ninh Binh is only 95 kilometers away from Hanoi which takes about 2 to 3 hours to go by car.

Ninh Binh is a province in the Red River Delta. Ninh Binh was the capital of Vietnam from 968 to 1010 in three dynasties: Dinh, Tien Le, Tien Ly. Ninh Binh holds 2 World Heritage Sites which are Trang An Complex and Cuc Phuong National Park. Every year Ninh Binh welcomes millions of visitors.

North Vietnam Tour Packages
Majestic view from Mua Cave in Ninh Binh

The most famous attraction of Ninh Binh is Trang An eco-tourism complex which has just been expanded in recent years. Trang An complex has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2014. Coming to Trang An’s beautiful landscapes, tourists will enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, mountains and rivers in Tam Coc – Bich Dong or Buddhism land at Bai Dinh Pagoda. Especially you will be on a boat riding along the romantic river running through rocky cliff and caves in Trang An.

There are two most beautiful times for visitors to visit Ninh Binh is the spring and and summer. From January to March of the lunar calendar, when the climate is not too harsh, the scene is very fresh and full of life, suitable for those who want to travel and enjoy spring festival in Ninh Binh. From April to June, you can see the beautiful yellow rice fields along the river which make the scenery more dramatic and beautiful.

Halong Bay 

Halong Bay is located in the northeast of Vietnam, and about 180 km to the east of Hanoi. Halong Bay is surrounded by Bai Tu Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay, Cat Ba Island, Tuan Chau Island and Halong City. With the area of 1533 km2, Ha Long Bay is home to more than 1,600 limestone islands and islets. Islands and limestone caves are the mysterious attractions for visitors to explore. Some of the islands are completely empty inside. The islands are surrounded by beautiful coasts, with the emerald green water and white sand.

North Vietnam Tour Packages
Sunset in Halong Bay

The breathtaking view of the bay is created by more than 1,600 large limestone islands emerging from the emerald water of Halong Bay. This is also the place that witnessed changes in the history of the development of the Earth. The limestone pillars are covered by the tropical greenery, along with majestic cave systems. Halong Bay was first recognized by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage Site in 1994 due to its unique natural and aesthetic value. In 2000, Ha Long Bay was honored for the second time by its typical geologic values, through the Earth’s tectonic process over billions of years.

The best way to explore Halong Bay is by taking a cruise around the bay. There’re number of cruises options you can choose varying in budgets and time. If your time is tight, you can take an one day cruise tour in Halong Bay. Besides, most cruises involve at least one night stay on board and it’s the best if you can try overnight on the cruise. There’re also many activities on the cruises including kayaking, visiting caves, cooking, fishing at night…

Halong Bay has 4 seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. The summer season lasts from May to October with high temperatures make it suitable for water-based activities such as swimming and kayaking. Winter in Halong Bay lasts from November to April, the winter is cool and dry. Halong Bay is a cannot-miss destination of North Vietnam Tour Package.