Ninh Binh Tam Coc Boat Ride (Tour) – 2019 Price, Time and Local Tips

Lê Ngọc Minh Châu - Updated May 23, 2019

Ninh Binh Tam Coc boat ride – Explore nature in an outstanding look

If you love natural scenery, love biodiversity in reserve forests, or a professional photographer hunting out every single aspect of life, don’t miss the precious chance to immerse into the wonderland with Tam Coc Boat Ride Tour. But before taking this most exciting boat tour, you have to know about the price, time and many detail information below.

Ninh Binh rice field

Ninh Binh boat ride – the trip we will never forget

Famous for boat trip paddled by locals, Ninh Binh is one of the most remarkable destinations in Vietnam. Floating on a river, we have a valuable opportunity to contemplate serene ambiance and sense the breath of nature.

But the question, between Trang An, Tam Coc and other boat rides, which one should we choose? Let’s consider fully aspects of each destination to make the best decision for you!

Trang An boat tour – Do you realize Kong: Skull Island?

Considered as Ha Long Bay on land, Trang An is brilliant with calm waters, beautiful green surroundings, spectacular caves that the boat takes us through. Sparkling emerald rivers go around pristine, mysterious caves, valleys and antique, grave temples. Trang An boat ride is the only way to explore this beautiful place.

Trang An Halong Bay on the Land

Trang An – Ha Long Bay on land

Under towering limestone cliffs covered in lush rainforests, floating on the calming river, we will contemplate breathtaking views and tranquil, serene atmosphere.

On the natural area of 0.6 square kilometers, going through 48 caves and 31 valleys, we will utterly be surprised with what we see.

In the first route, we will go across 3 temples and 12 caves, on historical Sao Khe river. The first place we are off the board is Trinh temple, constructed with an architecture of “Dinh” letter. Before, this temple is the place of registration, reporting license to get into the interior palace.

Then, the rowboat leads us to visit one of the most spectacular caves in Trang An. The first cave is “Hang Toi”, 320 meters long, dark and winding. Contrasting to Hang Toi, Hang Sang, or Tu Quy valley, is shining with showy sunlight and the fresh green of trees on 2 sides.

Tam Coc Boat to Sang toi

Hang Toi – a surprisingly dark cave

The third cave of the journey is Hang Nau Ruou, which means “cooking wine cave”. Inside the cave, there is a 10-meter deep underground water circuit, which water is really pure, fresh and cool. In the past, people got water here to distill wine respectfully giving the King. Also, many wine jars were found here, that’s why we called Hang Nau Ruou.


After that, we will visit other famous temples like Tran temple, Phu Khong, and a series of amazing caves such as Ba Giot, Sinh cave, Si cave, Seo cave… We will hear a sad love story about 2 royal people in this Trang An land, attached to the formation of 3 caves here.


Price & Time of Trang An boat tour:

The entrance price of Trang An is 200.000 VND/adult. The price level includes the ticket of a boat trip in Trang An by waterway across Sao Khe river. Every boat has the capacity of about 4-5 people and the journey lasts approximately 3-4 hours.

Also, there are some small tips and rules you may notice:

  • No flash is allowed when taking pictures, especially in the temple
  • There are 3 routes visiting Trang An, but only one route going to Kong: Skull Island movie set.
  • We are handed out life jackets before starting Trang An boat ride
  • Bring along a hat, sunglasses and wear sunscreen if you want.
  • To grasp the extent of the landscape, it’s better to see views from a higher vantage point. If you’re a professional photographer and don’t want to miss these amazing moments, take along a drone!
  • 3 hours boat ride and you can feel great values in this destination.

Tam Coc boat tour – Rice fields and authentic farming activities

With a natural area about 350 ha, Tam Coc is totally worth visiting by the pristine, majestic beauty of mountains, rivers, and forests. Following the call of nature, we will harmonize with the gentle rhythm of poetic Ngo Dong river, contemplate hanging-down stalactites in various shape.

The transparency of water, with various-shape mountains, creates a perfect harmony, a precious gift which nature gives us.

Tam Coc boat ride

Tam Coc Boat ride – a trip you can't miss

First, we will arrive at 3 caves formed by Ngo Dong river going through mountain chains. Stalactites hang down so far, creates unique and extraordinary beauty. However, sometimes we need to bow ahead a little to avoid the risk of hitting stalactites.

Tam Coc landscape, especially on the 2 banks of the Ngo Dong river, can change by seasons (green or yellow of rice paddy). If you want to see the yellow color of rice paddy, late May, and early June seem an appropriate time to contemplate this beautiful pastoral picture.

Price & Time of Tam Coc boat tour:

The price of the trip is divided into 2 types: visit ticket and boat trip price. The visiting ticket is 120.000 VND/ticket and the boat trip ticket is 150.000VND/time/trip (4 visitors/boat).

The time to observe the whole beauty of Tam Coc is nearly 3 hours - a reasonable time to contemplate all the beauty of this magnificent world

You might want to check out:

Thung Nang boat tour (Sun Valley) 

Immersing in a far-flung space of sunny valley as its name, we will have the feeling of touching sunlight and tasting pastoral flavor like rice paddy and gentle wind. On the road to Thung Nang, there is an antique temple named Voi, a hundred-year-old with stone architecture carved subtly and elaborately.

Thung Nham in Tam Coc Boat tour

Thung Nang boats its pristine beauty

Price & Time of Thung Nang Boat Tour:

The rowing boat trip at Sun Valley is about 2 hours and 15 minutes and you have to pay 60.000 VND for a boat (4 Vietnamese people or 2 foreigners), not including sightseeing ticket.

Local tips:

  • During the boat trip, if you see a picturesque landscape and want to stop for taking photos, ask the paddling local before. Because of their long-year experience and expert in topography, they will stop in the most convenient place, If you stand up immediately without asking, you can make danger for yourself and people on the boat.
  • In Tam Coc, it often rains heavily in the afternoon so check out weather forecast before going there
  • Bring along an umbrella, a hat, sunglasses, some drinks and wear sunscreen if you want.
  • Early morning and late afternoon on weekdays is a reasonable time to visit this place without disturbance of the crowd.

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Van Long Natural Reserve

You are curious about Hollywood blockbuster Kong: Skull Island movie set? If you are in Vietnam right now, why don’t take the time to directly see this gorgeous landscape?

Van Long in Tam Coc Boat tour

Van Long – a huge mirror reflecting the sky

Stretching out 3500 ha, Van Long is the largest drowning natural reserve on land in Northern Vietnam plain. This place is famous for pristine landscape, wonderful and romantic views, and importantly high biodiversity.

That’s why Van Long Natural Reserve got the attention of the well-established director Jordan Vogt-Roberts, to record monumental scenes in the blockbuster Kong.

Considered as non-wave bay, the water is crystal-clear as a big mirror reflecting the sky. This is where many species of birds nestle, including rare species such as “vooc quan dui trang”.

The best time to contemplate scenery here is sunset, when thousands of birds fly back to their nest, making such a wonderful view. So, we can come here in mid-afternoon, and end the trip with one of the best charming beauty ever.

Price & Time of Van Long natural reserve:

Row-boat rides take about 90 minutes, maximum of two people. The price is 60.000 VND for boat ride and 20.000 VND for admission.


Hope you have tranquil, peaceful moments floating on poetic, a calming river in Ninh Binh boat ride. Contact to AZ Local Trip to get more tips for having a nice boat trip in Ninh Binh.


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