Trinity of most rated Ninh Binh Travel Agency, tips of traveling and beyond.

Standing next to many famous places in North Vietnam such as Hanoi, “the original” Ha Long Bay or “Ha Long Bay in the sea”, Sapa, Ha Giang; Ninh Binh keeps its own charm inside the limestone mountains which is approximately 120 kilometers far from Hanoi.

trang an complex

Ninh Binh boat tour – the most exciting way to explore Ninh Binh

It is quite hard to find out an itinerary being suitable with you when a lot of obstacles including weather changes, food and traffic, especially language barriers still exist and annoy your feelings each time discovering new land. That’s why you need a good agency helping you to deal with these inconveniences and difficulties.

Based on TripAdvisor and the advice from many experienced travelers, “Trinity of Ninh Binh Travel Agency” consists of three local agencies from Ninh Binh Province which is highly rated and recommended. Concerning your worry, AZ Local Trip sincerely offers tourists a list of the best travel agency in Ninh Binh, hope to help you prepare well for your upcoming journey.

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Mesmerizing top view of Ninh Binh from Hoa Lu Ancient Capital nearby (photo: finvoyage)

1. The Trinity of Ninh Binh Travel Agency

AZ Local Trip 

Travel agency in Hanoi offering day trips to Ninh Binh ( 1 day or 2 days) and other travel services like Transportation, Tour Guides, Hotel… We have been rated 99% 5-star reviews on Tripadvisor and other online review platforms, so contact us for Ninh Binh Tours

Moreover, you can get your own FREE ITINERARY PLANNING from local experts with AZ Local Trip!

      1.  Meeting Office(Hanoi Old Quarter) Address: 91C Hang Ma, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
      2. Paper Office: 99A, Tam Khuong, Dong Da, Hanoi



Amazing Ninh Binh

Amazing Ninh Binh was born in August 2017 and they were the first to create the Insider Experience, enabling their guests to enjoy the place with genuine local experiences by having the local home visit and dining with regional family. They keep continuing to develop guided travel in new ways every day.


A bicycle trip in Ninh Binh with Amazing Ninh Binh tour guide


Tommy’s Travel Service (Tommy)

Founded by Tommy Pham, who was born in Ninh Binh, his passionately love with his home-town is the reason why the agency appears. Tommy’s Service in Ninh Binh is a travel consultant, a travel agency and a tour operator offering valuable guidance, providing tours around Ninh Binh and travel services to individuals and groups who put Ninh Binh in their Vietnam’s itinerary to explore. The agency locates in Floor 1, TAM’S HOUSE, Road Nui Soi, Ninh My Ward, Ninh Binh City.

Tommy’s Travel Service (Tommy)

Enjoying peaceful atmosphere in Ninh Binh with rowboat trip

Tommy focuses on serving the local tours, which own a highly traditional, original Vietnamese spirit, by the tours with their motor-drivers team. Like the article posted before, the best way to discover all around the location is motorbike (or bicycle when you explore the scenery of the karst-limestone mountains and paddy field), so the motorbike tours from Tommy definitely is joyful and convenient for you to go around the place.

Because of highly rated and recommended on TripAdvisor, you can trust in their service.  The price is not quite expensive, from 17 – 49 US$ (but almost 17 US$ for the general tours). If you want to gain more information, check their website by searching “Tommy’s Travel Service”.

Cuc Phuong National Park

Cuc Phuong National Park

Ninh Binh Getaway

One of the newest tour operator in Vietnam offering group joining tours to Ninh Bình and private tours and group joining tours in Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos. Ninh Binh Getaway has contributed both Ninh Binh packages and customized tours. Ninh Binh is a wedge-shaped province south of Hanoi, which stretches from Cuc Phuong National Park to the Gulf of Tonkin.

It is the land surrounded by a stunning landscape of lush green paddy fields and striking limestone outcrops in main sights including Tam Coc, Bich Dong, Trang An, Bai Dinh pagoda, Hoa Lu ancient capital, Van Long and Cuc Phuong National Park.

Ninh Binh is easy to approach from Hanoi by private car or motorbike. In the other hand, some attractions in Ninh Binh are within 12 kilometers from Ninh Binh city, so close to choosing bicycle or motorbike wisely.

Ninh Binh Getaway has 2 types of tours in Ninh Binh: Day Tours & Adventure Tours with different price from 52 – 138 US$. Check their info at the website NinhBinhGetaway.

Ninh Binh Getaway

Bai Dinh Pagoda – a unique and amazing attraction in Ninh Binh you can’t miss

2. Tiny Problems And How To Avoid them when contacting Ninh Binh Travel Agent

“Poor Organised”… will waste your time

When you rent a private car shared by groups in order to save the money, you should offer them to choose a place among the hotels of each person and everyone concentrates on this spot and begin the journey if you don’t want your schedule broken by late because of picking each individual person from their hotel.

“Poor Organised”… will waste your time

Carefully choose your hotels if you rent a private car shared by groups

Good ads don’t mean good service

The ad is a way you can be targeted and gain benefit like finding out more information for your trip planning.

Not believe so much in the ad and read about the agency carefully, especially check out the reviews making sure that this could be trusted and book the tour. So many tourists had booked the tours and met the situation that the tour wasn’t the same as the ad they had seen before.

You need to know which transport will pick you up

You should inspect that you will be accumulated by which transport. A tourist booked the tour to Ninh Binh and when he got down the car, a motorbike-driver booked by the agency following by tour picked him up. He was not quite comfortable going by bike so the feeling of all the journey fell down like the global economy in 2008.

You need to know which transport will pick you up

Sometimes you will have to travel by motorbike or other transports in Ninh Binh so ask your agency if you have any problems

3. Some helpful tips for a great trip even you book with Travel Agency in Ninh Binh

Make sure you bring enough money

There are no ATMs in anywhere around Trang An Complex and the nearby area. It is so far to come back Ninh Binh city to withdraw the money. Not so happy if you realize that you don’t have enough money when paying something.

Keep calm, keep driving and keep the eyes on the road, there are “bomb”

Don’t be rushed each time you hear quite lots of honks behind you. Vietnamese people just want to announce their presence to you, you’re not doing anything wrong. Drive carefully, keep your eyes on the road. You will not know when you either hit a massive cow dump or someone crashing into you at suicide speed.

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