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Best Ninh Binh Itinerary – Discovering Vietnam’s Hidden Gem


1. Why Ninh Binh? Is Ninh Binh Worth It?

Before planning Ninh Binh itinerary, many people must be wondering Why Ninh Binh? and Is Ninh Binh Really Worth Visiting? Let’s discuss a little bit about these questions first. It’s to make sure that you know the destination well beforehand.

Ninh Binh is nicknamed “Halong Bay on land” and the most rural and authentic side of Vietnam ever you can find. Located about 100km to the South of Hanoi, Ninh Binh is known with charming rivers, vivid rice fields, limestone cliffs emerging from the ground. The scenery here is unaffected by human and very natural, which creates a very serene and laid-back atmosphere. Also, Ninh Binh is not crowded like other destinations, a perfect place to chill and relax.

If it’s not enough for you to decide weather to go to Ninh Binh or not, please take look at Is Ninh Binh Worth Visiting? and you may find the answers.

2. Planning Ninh Binh Itinerary – Best time to go to Ninh Binh?

Good thing is that Ninh Binh is travellable throughout the whole year.

Unlike Hanoi, Ninh Binh has only 2 main seasons: dry season and wet season. Dry season lasts from November to April. During dry season, the weather tends to be cooler and dry. Wet season is from May to October. During this period, the weather is hot and humid.

The peak time for travelling is May to August, September to November because the weather is nice and the scenery is the most beautiful during these periods.

3. Detailed Ninh Binh Itinerary 

The research from Expedia also shows that 86% travelers see planning an itinerary boring and tired. Also, planning an itinerary is never easy, especially when you’re not the locals. There’re so many questions to answer: Where? What? When? How? and How Much? That’s why this article is made to solve your problem.

After questioning thousands of customers from AZ Local Trip via email and direct interview and our experiened tour guides, we’ve found out best itineraries for tourists to the stunning Ninh Binh. The itineraries are displayed below, with all the detailed information you need for 1 to several days in Ninh Binh.

These itineraries are suitable and reasonable and many of our tourists have used these itineraries for their trip.

Ninh Binh Itinerary


Below is our recommended itinerary for your holiday in Ninh Binh, Vietnam

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