Nghia Do Park is suitable for families, friends or couples to go picnic here, playing some activities, games, and enjoy the atmosphere.

Spending a half day in Nghia Do Park, you will get more relaxed and pleased as well as understand the morning or afternoon activities of the locals. This is also a good place to take some photos.

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Nghia Do Park Playground Overview


Nguyen Van Huyen Street, Cau Giay district.

Opening hours

6:00 – 22:00 every day.

Price tickets/ Entrance fees 

There is no entrance free here.

Nghia Do park consists of many different areas such as Kids zone, sports zone, walking zone, garden, and lake… so everybody can come here without worrying about no suitable area

Up to 47.000 square meters, the park has a large campus which people come here can get relaxation, enjoyment and join in many sports activities.

Enter the park, visitors will first see the kid zone with a lot of physical games sponsored by Japan. This is the area suitable for family to hang out and do some activities together.

With the first criteria for the play area for children is safe and clean, the park has covered all the ground with artificial grass to make sure children comfortably playing here, as well as parents can sit here and chat with each other while watching their children playing.

Coming to this area, your kids will be stimulated their creative imagination and exercise mental and their bodies, which would be helpful for children in the young age with grassy hill and a lot of sports games. This place will also help them to communicate and make more friends of the same age.

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The grassy ground with many physical games

The grassy ground with many physical games (instavarvarapokonski)

For adults, there is sports zone with many large yards suitable for many sports as soccer, badminton or nutritional training of the elderly. The managers also arranged many simple outdoor exercise equipment such as the double beam, the sole, foot pedal…

What will impress visitors when enter this zone is the huge number of people playing sports here every day and such a pleasant atmosphere with a lot of voices, smiles, and laughs of them.

In the center of the park, there is a wide lake covered with a walking road where is suitable for jogging or running. Every morning and afternoon, there are many people coming here practicing in the fresh air with the cool wind blowing from the center lake.

Another reason why people choose Nghia Do Park to exercise is that there are a lot of trees. During hot summer days of Hanoi, the park becomes quite cool as if there are hundreds of air conditionals set here.

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This is also a reason that attracts not only tourists but also local like us to come here as the chance of sitting under the trees and beside the lake which is extremely comfortable.

The park is also suitable for anyone love nature as there are many gardens with colorful flowers and trees. The gardens here are trimmed to suit each season as well as different occasions of the year which often make the guests surprised coming here.

Beautiful garden with many flowers and trees

The park is highly recommended for the young coming here with friends to have a picnic and play some activities, games together due to the large ground with a lot of trees and a huge lake.

Large grassy ground suitable for team building and friend hanging out

Large grassy ground suitable for team building and friend hanging out

Some tips before coming to Nghia Do Park

  • For exercise, the best time is in the early morning (5-7 am) and afternoon (4-7 pm) as the weather is cooler.
  • If you come here simply to visit, you can come here every time except noon (11 am – 2 pm) because the temperature this time is the highest in a day.
  • With a distance of 7.5 kilometers, to get here, there are some bus routes take you here. Otherwise, you can come here by rented motorbike, there are some parking lot with a quite low fee
  • If you come here by bus, ask the drivers to remind you when the bus reaches the destination
  • If you come here in summer, use sunscreen and bring along a hat or umbrella or you will get sunburnt
  • In winter, the park quite cold as the blowing wind from the lake, so you should wear a jacket with an attached hat.
  • There are no restaurants or food stall in the park, so you should bring some fast food and drink in case you get hungry or thirsty during the visit. Do not litter after eating.
  • Remember to use anti bugs spray as there are many bugs in the park
  • The ground is very beautiful so a camera or a smartphone is necessary for you to take pictures.
  • If you come here with your children, watch them carefully because this is a large place, it is very hard to find the children when you lost them.