Luon Cave is considered a must-see destination for anyone who has the intention of traveling in Halong Bay. The name of Luon cave simply comes from the typical feature of its groundwater flowing through the majestic mountains surrounding.

Discovering Luon cave is like going under the limestone mountain and this is the reason why its name is “Luon” –  a verb describes going through under something

The porch of Luon cave makes a smooth movement with a mysterious and unique appearance. It is not exaggerating to say that Luon cave in Halong is the masterpiece of nature that can’t miss in Vietnam discovery journey.

To visit inside Luon Cave, it costs 30.000 VND for an entrance fee, which is a really cheap price for such an amazing exploration.


Luon Cave Halong Bay Vietnam Overview

Luon Cave is located in Bo Hon Island and it is about 14 kilometers to the south of Bai Chay. Luon cave is the biggest cave in Halong, having an impressive length of around 60 meters and a width of 4 meters, and its ceiling ranges from 2.5 to 4 meters above the tidal level. Therefore, to explore this cave, tourists can only get access by small boat or by kayak.

luon cave

Luon Cave is the combination of limestone mountains and water of the sea

The important factor that makes Luon Cave a special place of interest is the combination of limestone mountains and beautiful green water of the sea, which is considered one of the most attractive places for tourist kayaking.

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Iconic Structure – What Makes Luon Cave Distinctive From The Others?

Brackish water lake in the cave is surrounded by four mountainsides with a width of approximately 1 square kilometer. Bow-shaped arch strongly attracts tourists thanks to wonderful and miraculous stalactites. Setting foot on here, tourists are seemly lost in the paradise of the sparkling and extremely eye-catching stalactites.

In front of the cave are Turtle Island and Heaven Gate on the right. Here, tourists will have a chance to admire steep cliffs; the water is clear blue year-round and as smooth as a mirror. The water’s edge is a bow-shaped gate opened at the foot of the island. Crossing Turtle Island – the “gate” right at the entrance, Luon Cave opened up calm peaceful clear blue waters.

luon cave gate

The bow-shaped gate of Luon Cave

Luon Cave is one of the highlights of the magnificent Halong Bay. The cave is about 60 meters long and 4 meters wide, with the height of the ceiling ranging from 2.5 – 4 meters above tidal level.  Therefore, it only can be accessed by small boat or kayaking through Luon Cave, tourists will reach a lake formed by an enclosed group of limestone mountains.

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The reason why the cave called Luon Cave is relatively iconic. It is a circular mountainous arc with a blue lake in the middle and flows into the sea by a tunnel created by a spectacular and extremely mysterious cave.

kayaking luon cave

Only can be accessed by small boat or kayaking, you can go with your kids too because the water here is as smooth as a mirror

Through the beautiful entrance gate, tourists will meet a calm circular lake surrounded by luxuriant vegetation, craggy cliffs, shady ancient trees, and charming blooming orchids. In particular, under the calm blue water surface is the vibrant life of the marine species such as shrimp, fish, crab, squid…

Thanks to its diverse flora, tourists comfortably immerse natural landscapes which are completely preserved. In particular, there is a “tourism specialty” which is immensely preferred by tourists, namely, boating to the foot of the mountain to contemplate the golden monkeys and photograph them.

Experiencing Luon Cave is an exciting journey when tourists have an opportunity to discover and enjoy the wonders of nature by kayaking. Luon Cave is thus among must-see attractions in Halong Bay.

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What Can Do in Luon Cave Halong Bay?

The cruise ships are not allowed entering inside the cave but anchored near the entrance. Tourists will be given to the small boats to get into the cave. Each can carry about 10 to 15 people.  Tourists have also equipped lifesaver in the journey of exploring Luon Cave.

luon cave halong

Tourists will be given to the small boats to get into the cave

There are not many such types of caves in Halong Bay, yet the most appealing impression of attracting tourists here is the natural scenery. It is a harmonious combination of mountainous shape, watercolors, heaven and earth, and plants. It seems not to find defective in the Creator’s creation.

Once they have passed under the arch, visitors to Luon Cave are met with sheer limestone cliffs plunging into the cool, green lake. Paradise Cruise guests who opt to kayak can paddle at their leisure around the lake, and experience the serenity of the grotto at their own pace.

Those who are not confident kayakers can use the bamboo boat service provided by the locals and enjoy a relaxing, natural experience. The cave is home to a rich and diverse ecology and the lake supports myriad species of fish, shellfish and mollusks including shrimp, squid, crab and cuttlefish.

In a boat or a kayak, visitors may spot cheeky monkeys climbing the cliffs, delicate and fragrant orchids thriving in rocky outcrops, and weeping figs providing solace from the elements. Cycads and ferns dot the cliffs, remnants of an ancient time long past.

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Luon Cave Review From Tripadvisor

Here is the review about a trip to Halong Bay and Luon Cave that collected on Tripadvisor that you may care about:

“My husband and I went on a 2D1N cruise on board the Pelican. I was very impressed with its amenities and the service provided. We had the Royal Suite with an ensuite bathroom, a magnificent view of Halong Bay from our very big windows and a private door which leads to a private deck. We were served lunch and dinner (7-8 course) on our 1st day and breakfast (buffet) and brunch on the 2nd.

We were taken to Luon Cave and Titop Island on the 1st day and Surprise Cave on the second. Passing through Luon Cave in a small boat, we reached a lake formed by an enclosed group of limestone mountains. We were fortunate enough to be greeted by the monkeys that live there which came down to have their photographs taken…


That’s all you need to know about Luon Cave. Let us know if you have an intention to visit this place, we would love to help you!