Hai Phong

Hai Phong Overview

Hai Phong is a city in Northern Vietnam. Following Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh city, it ranks third in the list of the most populous city in Vietnam. This place is next to Quang Ninh to the north, Hai Duong to the west, and Thai Binh to the south. Besides, it has the largest seaport in Northern Vietnam. Years after World War II, Hai Phong still preserved its colonial architecture. It used to be a site of a military action undertaken by the French.

It is also considered as a “Flame Flowers City” as there are a lot of flame flower trees along most streets here.

In this city, there are various destinations worth visiting including mausoleums, pagodas, temples, and shrines. Also, it has a beautiful beach, alongside a communal house that visitors usually frequent.

Not only can you enjoy the beauty of nature and historical works, but you can also immerse yourself in a host of exciting festivals, especially buffalo fighting.

If you are seeking a place for your vacation, you can consider adding Hai Phong to your bucket list. We are pretty sure that it will not let you down.

Follow us to find out more information about this city below.

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Hai Phong Attractions

Many visitors consider Hai Phong as another variant of Vietnam’s capital Hanoi.

Today, it is one of the fastest-growing industrial city in Vietnam. It is also an attractive tourist spot which has ferry links to Cat Ba Island, Ha Long Bay, and other islets.

It has various attractions that you can add to your bucket lists like French-styled Municipal Theatre, Hang Kenh Communal House, Nghe Temple and Du Hang Pagoda. In addition, one of its famous destinations is Do Son Beach, which is about 20 kilometers from the center of the city.

As its tourism industry is increasingly growing, Hai Phong offers a variety of accommodations including resorts, hotels, hostels, and homestays.

It is reported that on occasion of Do Son buffalo fighting festival, this city attracts more than 25,000 visitors.

Hai Phong Restaurants & Dining

We must note that when you visit Hai Phong, you should check-in two following dining addresses: Maxim’s Restaurant and Bar and Truc Lam.

In particular, Truc Lam offers incredible local Vietnamese food in the country, which is such an ideal place for those who want to try traditional specialties in Vietnam. Interestingly, you will see every dish is served on a big plate.

Meanwhile, Maxim’s Restaurant and Bar serves both yummy Vietnamese dishes and Western meals. Especially, the interiors here are coordinated with the Western feel, which creates such an amazing atmosphere. Also, we highly recommend you to have breakfast in this restaurant.

Hai Phong Nightlife

Nightlife activities in Hai Phong are not as active as those in Hanoi. However, this city still offers diverse options for you to entertain at night from bars, discos, karaoke joints, and nightclubs to the night market.

You can go to Minh Khai district to find some suitable addresses. However, you should take note that almost business establishments in Hai Phong close quite early. Just a few places open until midnight.

Therefore, make sure that you know the opening time of places that you want to go to.

We also compiled a list of some recommendations below.

  • La Villa Blanche

Opening hour: all year round

  • Maxim’s Café

Opening hour: From 7:00 AM till late

  • New Maxim’s

Opening hour: all year round

  • Saigon Café

Opening hour: all year round

  • Texas BBQ & Bar

Opening hour: all year round

  • The Lounge Bar – Harbour View Hotel

Opening hour: 10:00 – 24:00 daily

Hai Phong Shopping

As Hai Phong is a growing city with various commercial and residential complexes, it offers a bunch of modern amenities with recreational spaces and shopping. Therefore, you can find everything you want in shopping malls such as Parkson Plaza and Thuy Duong Plaza. In addition, you can also buy goods in Big C supermarket or Cho Sat Market. They provide a wide range of goods for you to choose such as silk products, ceramics, porcelain items, and wood carvings.

Especially, Hai Phong is famous for its high-quality carpets and tapestries, so you can consider having one when visiting this city.

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Hai Phong Weather – Best time to visit

Similar to other parts in the North, Hai Phong features tropical monsoon weather. In particular, its north-east monsoon season starts from November to April, when it is usually dry and cold. Meanwhile, its eastern monsoon season is from May to October. The fresh and cool weather during these months causes much rain in the city.

So what is the best time to visit Hai Phong?

Well, we recommend you to come to this city in the period of November – March. The reason is that in these months, the weather is quite nice and there is less rain, which is ideal for you to move around to explore attractions in Hai Phong.

Hai Phong Where to stay

After a tiring day getting around the city, you must be exhausted. At that time, a cozy bed must be an ideal place to lay your back in.

To help you out in finding suitable accommodation, we have compiled a list of best hotels in Hai Phong from affordable to luxury ones below. These places all equip convenient amenities and have good locations for you to explore attractions.


  • Hoang Tuyet Guesthouse
  • Somerset Central TD Hai Phong City
  • Victory Hotel & Apt
  • VanCao Green Homestay
  • SHP Plaza
  • Zen Riverside Hotel & Residences
  • Windy Hill Catba Homestay
  • Avani Hai Phong Harbour View Hotel
  • Draco Thang Long Hotel

Hai Phong Itinerary for Ideal days?

To fully explore Hai Phong through its attractions and food specialties, you should spend two days in this city.

If you are too busy planning for your trip to this city, we have a suggested itinerary for your consideration.

Day 1: Du Hang Pagoda, Hang Kenh Communal House, Hai Phong Museum, Do Son Beach

You can start your day by visiting Du Hang Pagoda and Hang Kenh Communal House to explore colonial architecture and Vietnamese religious life. Then you can have lunch at about 12:00.

In the evening, you can go to Hai Phong Museum to see Gothic-style architecture founded about the 1900s. Then you can enjoy the beautiful sunset on Do Son Beach.

At night, you can get around the city to enjoy the atmosphere here or explore nightlife activities in entertainment establishments or in the night market.

Day 2: Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba is such an amazing island with a host of beautiful white-sand beaches and green forests.

You should spend a whole day here to unwind yourself after tiring days. The fresh atmosphere, combined with exotic beaches will take off the burdens on your shoulders.