Da Lat

Da Lat Overview

Da Lat is one of the top tourist destinations in Vietnam. Many people across the country rush to have a holiday in this place. The reason why most people favor Da Lat is due to its stunning landscapes, pleasant weather, and tranquillity when living here.

Visiting here, tourists feel like they can escape from the bustling urban life to immerse themselves in a peaceful living in Da Lat. That’s a feeling that no word can describe correctly.

Furthermore, Da Lat is also famous for its fresh fruit and vegetables. A host of farmlands surrounds the land, along with green forests. Notably, it has another name as well, which is “The City of Flowers.” Many kinds of flowers race to bloom in this romantic place. Of which, Da Lat is renowned for hydrangeas and wild sunflowers most. Another specific sight in Da Lat is the pine forests. Every corner of the city has this kind of trees as the weather here is quite favorable to it.

And as Da Lat once was a French colonial city, you can easily find villas here featuring the French architecture style.

Generally, if you have a chance, you can consider putting Da Lat in your bucket list.

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Da Lat Map

Dalat Vietnam – All You Need to Know

Da Lat Attractions

Da Lat boasts many advantages to develop its tourism thanks to beautiful natural landscapes and climate. Its beauty wins the hearts of many tourists in the country and abroad.

Here attractions spread throughout the city center and other countryside regions. This place has many exciting landmarks, including lakes, waterfalls, and pagodas. In particular, the Buddhist pagodas and Bao Dai’s Summer Palace are both among top attractions here. Besides, travelers can discover a host of French-styled villas in the French Quarter.

Another famous attraction is the Valley of Love. This tourist spot is among the most scenic and romantic destinations in Da Lat. That’s why it has become a popular honeymoon place for many couples.

Other places to visit in Da Lat include Xuan Huong Lake, Tuyen Lam Lake, Dalat Old Train Station, and so on.

Da Lat Restaurants & Dining

Da Lat has a lot of dining venues for tourists. One of the famous places to eat with a wide range of food is along the street of Nguyen Chi Thanh. In case you are near Ho Xuan Huong Lake, you can check-in Bluewater Restaurant.

The cuisine in Da Lat is all fresh as most of the materials are grown locally. Also, it is also famous for fruit jam, along with coffee and tea.

Below is the top dining venues in Da Lat:

  • Artist Alley Restaurant Da Lat
  • K’BE Wood Fired Pizza and BBQ
  • Trong Dong Restaurant Da Lat
  • La Viet Coffee
  • Le Rabelais at Dalat Palace Heritage Hotel
  • L’angfarm
  • Goc Ha Thanh Restaurant
  • One More Café
  • Xuan Huong Lake Street Food Vendors
  • Le Café de la Poste
dalat shopping

Da Lat Shopping

We must say going shopping in Da Lat is such a great experience. You can immerse yourself in busy markets, paired with fruit and vegetable farms to explore the lifestyle here.

One of the top shopping choices is Da Lat Market, where you can find a host of local produces.

Also, there is an interesting handicraft village which is not far from the city center. You should check in this place to explore some beautiful handmade products.

Here is the list of the top 5 shopping addresses for you to choose.

  • Da Lat Market
  • L’angfarm
  • Da Lat Flower Gardens
  • XQ Historical Village
  • Biofresh Organic Farm

Da Lat – Best time to visit

Located in 1,500 metres high and surrounded by evergreen forests and mountains, Da Lat features a mountainous climate in the whole year. That’s why it is mostly mild, refreshing, and cool, even during the summer season. We must say any time would be an ideal time to come to Da Lat. However, its dry season is better to travel as the weather is pleasant without rain.

Notably, this beautiful city is much more stunning in the months between December and March. During this time, most kinds of flowers blossom, making Da Lat more romantic and vibrant.  Also, a flower festival annually takes place in the period. Therefore, you can have a chance to enjoy the beauty of many types of flowers when joining this event.

Da Lat Nightlife

Unlike those in other places in Vietnam, nightlife activities in Da Lat are quite quiet. However, if you still want to hang out at night, there are some exciting pubs and bars in the area, which serve a wide range of booze and food until late.

The only one thing that you should notice is that most of which are within the city center.

To help you out in finding some addresses to visit at night, we have compiled a list below for your consideration.

  • 13 Café Bar Da Lat
  • Da Lat Night Market
  • The Escape Bar Da Lat
  • B21 Beer Da Lat
  • Le Select Bar at Du Parc Hotel Da Lat
  • Secret – Coffee & Bar Da Lat
  • Le Cosy Bar at Dalat Palace Heritage Hotel
  • Beepub Hostel & Bar
  • Rain Nightclub Da Lat
  • V Club Da Lat

Da Lat – Where to stay

As the tourism industry in Da Lat has been well developed, accommodation here is quite good for travelers. Most hotels here are equipped with modern amenities and are settled within a peaceful landscape of farmlands, flowers, lakes, and waterfalls.

Check out the list below to know about the top hotels in Da Lat:

  • Terracotta Hotel & Resort Da Lat
  • Ana Mandara Villas Da Lat
  • White Pearl Hotel
  • Iris Da Lat Hotel
  • Du Parc Hotel Da Lat
  • Swiss-BelResort Tuyen Lam Da Lat
  • Mille Fleurs Hotel
  • Tulip Hotel 3
  • Sai Gon Da Lat Hotel

Phuoc Son Hotel

Da Lat Itinerary for Ideal days?

Generally, Da Lat is an ideal place for vacations. To fully discover the beauty of this place, we recommend you to spend about three days here.

Day 1: Da Lat City

The first destination is Truc Lam Zen Monastery. This is the biggest Zen Monastery of the country to enjoy the tranquil and poetic atmosphere. After visiting it, you can go ahead to the Datanla waterfall to get involved in the jungle forest.

Day 2: Da Lat Railway Station – Linh Phuoc Pagoda – The City’s Flower Garden

After having breakfast, you can have a visit to Da Lat Railway Station to explore its French architecture. Then, you can learn about the religious culture of Da Lat when visiting Linh Phuoc Pagoda. The City’s Flower Garden is your next recommended destination, where you can take many beautiful shots because of the stunning landscape here.

Day 3: Farmlands

You should spend a day staying farmlands to try many kinds of vegetables and fruit in the area. Besides, you also have a chance to experience daily life on these farms, which is absolutely worth trying.