Lan Ha Bay cruise trip – a brand new face that we would like to recommend now!

Yes, there is nothing to say more about Halong Bay. It is obvious the most attractive destination of Vietnam, every traveler wants to set their foot on this World Heritage once in their life. However, it is clearly a problem coming from the fame of Halong Bay that the crowded and tourism like atmospheres may put you off the mood. So, there is a brand new face that we would like to recommend: Lan Ha Bay cruise trip.

lan ha bay

Lan Ha Bay boasts its dreamlike and magnificent beauty

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1. Lan Ha Bay Map And Overview 

Lan Ha Bay is located to the south of Halong Bay, it is also the home of Cat Ba Island, spreading over an area of more than 70 square kilometers, of which 54 square kilometers are under the management of Cat Ba National Park.

Lan Ha Bay Map And Overview

Lan Ha Bay is a gorgeous combination of white sand bank, deep blue water and huge rock islet

Geographically speaking, Lan Ha Bay shares great similarity with Halong Bay, which means it is virtually gorgeous just like the famous Halong Bay. Lan Ha bay hosts more than 400 islets scattered over the area and it still reserves the pristine scenery without much inference from tourism.

salty sea breeze of Lan Ha Bay

After a long day of exploration in caves and grottos, you can totally relax by bathing in the azure waters and breathing the salty sea breeze of Lan Ha Bay

Unlike its famous neighbor, Lan Ha Bay has an intense concentration of limestone mountains, which the sea surface has partitioned into smaller bays and gulfs. Hundreds of beautiful beaches lying at the feet of the mountains are ideals spots for swimming, having a beach BBQ, or an overnight camp.

2. How To Get To Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Bay is accessible with just half an hour by boat from Cat Ba Island, making it an easy and good spot for tourists. However, first, you have to get to Hai Phong city. Supposed that your starting point is Hanoi, you can get to Cat Ba Island in these ways:

First, you can book a private car. There are a large number of transfer agencies that you can book a decent private car to travel from Hanoi to Cat Ba Island at a reasonable price.

Or you can go by train. The train journey from Hanoi to Hai Phong will take around 2 to 3 hours. You can choose the soft seat or the berth to enhance your experience. Watching the changing scenery from the train’s window will surely bring you relaxation.

If you want to get even more convenient choice, try to book a Lan Ha Bay tour with the operator providing transfer service. Normally the transfer service will be a minibus, which is quite comfortable and easy to arrange.

3. Lan Ha Bay Weather – Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Lan Ha Bay is from March to June or in other words, in the late spring to the middle of summer. This is when the sun mostly shines, enabling water activities that you want to take part in.

From October to December, the weather is regularly cloudy and cold, while in January and February, it’s even drizzly and foggy. In this time, it is virtually a no for any water sport as well as sightseeing will be much affected.

From July to September, the temperature is very high, so it might be uncomfortable in doing activities. If you insisted on going in these months, please remember to bring needed necessity to protect yourself from the strong sunlight and heat. Moreover, this is the high season of domestic tourism, so just expect a crowd of locals around you.

Lan Ha Bay in July to September

If you go on a cruise to Lan Ha Bay in July to September, the strong sunlight and heat on the top deck will affect your skin so remember to put on sunscreen or laying under an umbrella

Or you can check this out to know more about the proper time to visit Lan Ha Bay.

4. How To Explore Lan Ha – Recommendation For Lan Ha Bay Cruises

Just like Halong Bay, Lan Ha Bay is best discovered on a cruise. A cruise is the best way to explore nature since most of the landscapes and destinations are on the water. In general, you won’t have to buy off the whole cruise, you just need to secure a slot on the ship.

great trip in Lan Ha Bay

The cruise is the best way to make a great trip in Lan Ha Bay

Besides, it’s convenient to go by cruise. Mostly everything will be planned for you, from the activity schedule to the meal’s menu. It means that you don’t have to worry about what to eat, what to do or where to stay. Of course, an organised trip may lessen your independence, but it is a good thing that you can, on average, experience the fullest out of Lan Ha Bay. There are beautiful spots that only local people know and you can only reach them by boat.

Lan Ha Bay cruises

It is convenient to go to Lan Ha Bay by cruise, just relax more, you do not have to worry about what to eat and where to stay because Lan Ha Bay cruises have full-equipped furniture 

However, it will be a challenge for you to do self-research on cruise tours operating in Lan Ha Bay. So, we would like to recommend some of the suitable options for a great trip in this bay. In the list, the cruise will range from day tour to overnight tour, just for you to find the one catching your eyes:

AZ Local Trip – Lan Ha Bay Day tour

We are a local tourist agency with the main purpose of assisting tourists in planning itinerary and offering services for tourists such as Tours, Hotels, Cruise and Transportation. The ultimate aim of the agency is to bring foreign tourists a better view of our country. AZ Local Trip’s guides are well-educated, professional and passionate about Vietnam and its people. We offer excellent service at a reasonable price and specialised in Northern Vietnam tours.

For this Lan Ha Bay Day Tour From Hanoi, we will take you to the enchanted and less touristy areas in Halong Bay. A thrilling day tour marvels at the hidden splendours of idyllic Lan Ha Bay, which belongs to the Cat Ba archipelago. You will be joining exciting activities such as swimming, kayaking, cooking traditional dishes, visiting fishing villages,…

You can find us Lan Ha Bay Day Tour From Hanoi for more recommendation, offer and service!

Coming to Lan Ha Bay

Coming to Lan Ha Bay with AZ Local Trip, you will be joining exciting activities such as swimming, kayaking… in the deep blue sea of Lan Ha Bay

(photo: frenchpalms)​​​

Jadesails – Lan Ha Bay Daytour

This cruise offers round-trip transfer from Hanoi and boasts good itinerary. You can expect enjoying the panoramic view from the cruise running from river to the sea aboard, taking part in cooking demonstration and sunset party, kayaking and local rowing boat through an array of stalagmite caves leaded into hidden lagoons to your own content and of course, swimming in the crystal-clear cool water of Lan Ha Bay.

Lan Ha Bay Daytour

Modern and luxurious design of Jadesails Lan Ha Bay cruise

Orchid Cruise – Halong Bay – Lan Ha Bay 2 days 1 night tour

If you opt for a longer and broader trip, Orchid Cruise may be your answer. You will have a chance to explore one of the largest and the most beautiful caves on Halong Bay and cruising through the dreamlike Lan Ha Bay. The activities on offer include cave exploration, kayaking or bamboo boat ride, swimming, cooking class, squid fishing, fishing and Tai Chi. In general, their service and facility meet the expectation of even the most strict guests.

Orchid Cruise

Fresh and delicious breakfast on Orchid Cruise

La Pinta Cruise – Lan Ha Bay 2-day tour

La Pinta Cruise has designed a special itinerary of two days/one night to explore the most charming areas of Halong Bay and Lan Ha bay. They provide the guests with exceptional itineraries to experience less traveling routes that other cruises find it hard to compare. Your experience with La Pinta will be unforgettable memories. The itinerary is completed with the most popular activities, such as kayaking, cooking class, squid fishing, Tai Chi exercise, bamboo boat rowing and music performance.

La Pinta Cruise

Elegant furniture inside the cabin of La Pinta cruise, you can see the beautiful view of Lan Ha Bay outside the wide window

5. What To Do In Lan Ha Bay? – Lan Ha Bay Cruise Activities

Lan Ha Bay’s recently gained popularity is due to its unspoiled and magnificent natural beauty, and as people look for pristine and less-crowded destinations. Coming to Lan Ha Bay, you will be charmed by breath-taking views of the bay.

rock-climbing & deep water soloing or snorkeling & diving trip is also a great idea besides sight-seeing. You will have a chance to discover the diversity of marine life and exotic beauty here. Lan Ha Bay, among the three bays in Halong Bay zone, is considered to have the best water quality for diving and good conditions for rock-climbing (both on Cat Ba Island and on the bay).

What To Do In Lan Ha Ba

A rock-climbing is a great idea for you if you like something more adventurous

The water condition is also suitable for swimming, and the beach will not let you down. Sunbathing on Lan Ha Bay will bring you joys and relaxation for certain.

The beautiful sandy beach of Lan Ha Bay

The beautiful sandy beach of Lan Ha Bay

If you are in Lan Ha Bay, you should at least visit Tra Bau, a very pristine and isolated area in Lan Ha Bay. This is considered as a heaven for kayaking. The best way to discover the brilliance of Lan Ha Bay is kayaking because your kayak empowers very close access, where other big boats can’t get to.

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Or else, trekking and cycling in Viet Hai to visit old houses, take pictures of forest trees or see people, buffalos working on the green fields is a thing worth considering. The scenery of the Vietnamese countryside is something charming and delicate at the same time, you will find peace and enjoyment here.

The idyllic and peaceful ride

The idyllic and peaceful ride through the countryside will be a great memory

If you want to learn the way of life of local people, try fishing with them. When you participate in fishing activities with local people, you will have a go at using fishing gears and put yourself in a real fishing life. The chance to experience something like that rarely comes twice.



Cai Beo floating village

Besides, you can enjoy some other activities like visiting Cai Beo floating village, swimming at Van Boi Con island, diving in Ba Ham lake, rock climbing in the international Rock climbing center or getting into the Cat Ba island to visit the National Park. Everything you choose will bring you the utmost excitement and unforgettable memories.

That is all of our recommendations for your Lan Ha Bay trip. We hope that you find this helpful and will have the best trip in Vietnam. If you want more information or have further question, please contact us, the AZ Local Tripteam. We are always at your service!