If you spend 2 or 3 days in Ninh Binh province, moreover, you ‘d like to go in the middle of the nowhere with gentle and untouch sceneries instead of crowded and famous destinations like Bai Dinh pagoda, Trang An, Van Long bird garden. Kenh Ga village is the best option!

What a regretful thing if you don’t visit Kenh Ga hot spring resort- Top 5 hot spring resorts worth visiting in Vietnam. So, why don’t you follow us to have more interesting information about Kenh Ga floating village?


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How to reach Kenh Ga floating village?

Kenh Ga floating village is located in Kenh Ga village, Gia Thinh, Gia Vien district and 15 km far from Ninh Binh center.

From Hanoi, you go ahead 1A avenue. About 84 km, you come to Gian Khau crossroads in Gia Tran village and turn on 447 street to go to Me district. Then, you come to Dong Chua harbor, go across a branch of Hoang Long river and finally come to Kenh Ga floating village.

Kenh Ga floating village on Google map

What to do in Kenh Ga floating village?

Kenh Ga hot spring resort

  • Entrance fee: 15.000 VND/ person
  • Hot spring bath fee: 75.000 VND/ person
  • Free for children under 1 m


kenh ga village

You have to go boat to reach Kenh Ga village

Hot water in Kenh Ga origin from inside of Hang Ca mountain near Kenh Ga floating village and pours into Hoang Long river. You have the chance to relax with a temperature of 40, 16 faucets and 40-50 people per pool. Imagine that you both sink into the pure, warm water and enjoy gentle wind from Hoang Long river!

a corner of kenh ga hot spring

A relaxing corner of Kenh Ga Ninh Binh

Or if you want to have a private space, you can choose the herb bath area. This area is designed according to Japanese style and you can adjust the temperature if you want. Besides, you can try other services like mud bathing, massage by herb or spa,…

According to health experts, hot spring contains lots of calcium, maggie, sodium, mineral salt,… so it is very good for health, which helps to increase blood flow and prevent skin- disease and osteoarthritis.

mud bathing

Mud bathing is quite popular for foreign visitors

Go sightseeing in Hoang Long river

As I mention, on the way to Kenh Ga hot spring, you have the opportunity to ride a boat and contemplate the dreamy and peaceful of Hoang Long river. The boat will give you to the untouched landscape,  riparian cottages, unique harmony between river and mountains with no human and tourism impact.

go boat to go sightseeing in Hoang long river

Go sightseeing in Hoang Long river

Therefore, if you are a traveller who love a middle of nowhere destination, Hoang Long river will give you the novel experience!

Are you the fan of boat tour, Let’s explore now:

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Hoa Lu – Tam Coc – Mua Cave Tour

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Van Trinh cave- Nham Hao cave

  • Van Trinh cave

Van Trinh cave is an ideal destination for adventurous travelers and nature lovers. With a height of 40 m and an area of 4000 m2. Going deeper into Van Trinh cave, you can witness “Dragon dwell” whose water always flows from the bottom. Stalactites in caves with a variety of patterns, colors and sizes certainly appeal to all of you.

van trinh cave

The magnificent and charming beauty of Van Trinh cave

  • Nham Hao cave

Nham Hao is also called Ngoc Cao cave is a wet cave that is recently discovered in Ninh Binh. It is 3 km- the length record of cave. Because of its new discovery, Nham Hao cave remains the wild and natural beauty and Ninh Binh’s authority is researching and investing to turn the cave into a tourist trap in the future.

nham hao cave

Nham Hao cave will become a hot destination in Ninh Binh

What about the fun facts of Kenh Ga Ninh Binh?

  • The mysterious name of Kenh Ga (chicken channel)

This name origins from a mountain in Kenh Ga village. The form of stones in the mountains springs up which is similar to chicken. Others said that Kenh Ga name associates with a story in the past when Minh Khong monk took hot water from this place to make chickens and give them to King.

  • The religious value of sex organ stalactite

In Van Trinh cave, it is not only famous for the splendid beauty of stalactite but also the religious value. There is a stalactite, its form is nearly the same as men’s sex organ, which is opposite the small hole like female genitalia. So, everyone who suffers from subfertility comes Van Trinh cave, touches this stalactite and comes out from the hole in order to have a baby.

  • Does Kenh Ga floating village have any amenities and adequate facilities?

The answer is yes! Although Kenh Ga floating village is still unspoiled and has recently become a tourism destination in Ninh Binh. It can provide common services with tourists like hotel, restaurant and area for recreation.

kenh ga resort

The massive outdoor swimming pool in Kenh Ga resort

Especially, if you want to have the best experience in Kenh Ga floating village, let’s try to stay in Kenh Ga resort. Kenh Ga Resort offers all service and all modern amenities to invigorate travelers. For the comfort and convenience of guests, the resort provides a smoking area, concierge, car park, Wi-Fi in public areas, restaurant. .The complete list of recreational facilities is available at the hotel, including massage, indoor pool, hot spring bath, garden.

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