Hanoi Indian food has a variety of component, flavor, and mode. Not only the gift in India is very specialized of associates of the type. Here is our suggestion about Hanoi Indian Food for you.

Indian butter chicken curry in balti dish
Indian butter chicken curry in balti dish

Find these eye-catching Indian dish in Hanoi with this guide

Best Indian Food in Hanoi Vietnam

1. Naan bread – Indian food in Hanoi

This is an unusual Hanoi Indian food. Naan bread is made from the 2 raw materials is flour and a bit dried yeast then it is shaped very thin. This type of Hanoi Indian food is eaten with curry to raise the flavor.

Naan bread

Naan bread

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2. Dosa cake – Indian food Hanoi

Dosa is another Hanoi Indian food and is made mainly with rice. It is easy to cook with simple ingredients and easy to eat. This food is also a favorite choice of Indian because of its cheap price, too. Dota does not have a kernel that is attached to a different category, it is commonly eaten with spicy curry.

Dosa cakeDosa cake

3. Mechanical Biriyani – Hanoi Indian food

Biriyani is a rice dish that matches with chicken or lamb. Basmati with the same kind of spoon, beans, cinnamon, coriander, ginger, onion, garlic … and its taste cannot be missing.

Mechanical BiriyaniMechanical Biriyani

4. Thali – Indian food Hanoi

Thali is a traditional food of India. This is the call of the gift of rice, Naan rice, curry beans, curry potatoes, sugar-free yogurt, and a few other dishes. This price made it from 50 to 150 rupees (equivalent from 17.000 to 50.000 VND).

Thali A dish of Thali

5. Golgappa – Hanoi Indian food

This is an Indigenous dessert. The pastry of pastry, mashed potatoes and served with sweet and sour sauce.


Golgappa – the traditional dessert of India

6. Fish Curry – Indian food in Hanoi

This Hanoi Indian food is cooked with fish head, the Merah basa fish and other vegetables, meat, cheese, not specific. India usually eats rice with rice, pappadams (a kind of crunchy bread) and Indian pickles.

Fish Curry

A fish curry dish

7. Salad with soy yogurt sauce

Salad with soy yogurt is a very good item in the first Indian food. This dish is made from soy yogurt, along with cucumber or some other vegetables such as carrot, tomato, onion, pineapple, papaya … Also, you can add more Herbs like cilantro, mint or spices such as cumin, nutmeg, chili powder … depending on the taste and preferences of each person.

Salad with soy yogurt sauce

8. Vada

Vada is a sandwich with the potato of India. Vada is seen as an Indian hamburger.


Vada sandwich of India

9. Gulab Jamun Indian Custard

Gulab Jamun Custard is made from flour and the main ingredient is milk. You need to get nested powder, after the fried carefully. After fried, these cakes will be added siro to raise flavor. With a bit of rose water, artistic heads and some herbs, Gulab Jumun will become tastier.

Gulab Jamun Indian Custard

Gulab Jamun Indian Custard

10. Josh Rogan

In West India, the best dish is Josh Rogan. This is a lamb curry cooked with brilliant red sauce – the result of the combination of Kashmiri pepper (MirchKashmiriri) and extract of essence from the flowers of the chicken.

Josh Rogan

A bowl of Josh Rogan

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Where are Indian restaurants in Hanoi?

1. Restaurant TanDoor – Indian restaurant in Hanoi

  • Address: 24 – Hang Be – Hoan Kiem – Hanoi
  • Phone number: (04) 38245359

Tandoori Chicken, Butter Chicken Masala, Nan, Butter Nan … The delicious food of the country is extremely attractive first food Indian cuisine. Customer may have been received in India moist. Special with rice such as Sada Chawal, Kashmir Pilau …. along with many other delicious dishes.

2. Restaurant Khazaana – Indian restaurant Hanoi

Restaurant Khazaana

Khazaana restaurant is always full of customers

  • Address: 1C Tong Dan – Hoan Kiem – Hanoi
  • Phone number: 043.9345657

With the sentiments, you will be rewarded with the gift to take the special item, made very well for the sources in India. Over 20 appetizers to choose from for your party. Dish Jheenga Kohliwada is used in the North type is used from 6 children shrimp, delicious with very many special type and delicious scallops. Or a delicious Pakeezah and vegetables, accompanied by a special sauce …

3. Namaste Hanoi Restaurant – Famous Indian restaurant in Hanoi 

Namaste Hanoi Restaurant

An impressive dish at Namaste restaurant

  • Address: 47 Lo Su Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Namaste Hanoi in India is “Hello Hanoi”, you want to be customers when you open the window to be here. Whether you are the client, or you are going to have a hard time reading the menu with 218 dishes, from the extract, soup, kebab, and the vegetarian game and dessert.