Do you want to embrace the vintage vibe of Vietnam’s capital? What is a better way than to take a rest at these six impressive hotels in the Old Quarter Hanoi?

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam – which also happens to be a famous tourist destination. However, it would be a nuisance to drop by this city in the daylight then leave when the dawn is set.

If you want to experience what it feels like to live in a city of a thousand years old, try spending the night at a hotel in the Old Quarter. With a nostalgic atmosphere combined with the distinctive architecture style, the Old Quarter surely will live up to your expectations!

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Top six hotels in the Old Quarter Hanoi

1. The Chi Boutique Hotel.

Address: 13 – 15 Nha Chung, Hang Trong, Hoan Kiem.

Price range: from $70 per night.

If you want to have a night sleep at a luxurious hotel, then The Chi Boutique will be your best bet.

What we love most of The Chi Boutique is its convenient location. Since it is within walking distance from St. Joseph’s Cathedral and its nearby streets, The Chi Boutique provides its guests with easy access to the vibrant center of Hanoi. Sounds awesome, right?

And we would also recommend that you have a look at the hotel itself. The Chi Boutique aims at upper middle-class customers, which explains its dominant use of professionally-looking colors like red or amber. Thanks to its design, The Chi Boutique exudes coziness and luxury at the same time.

Do you know what is even more tempting about this place? It is the fact that Ngo Dining – a highly acclaimed dim sum restaurant – is right at the ground floor of The Chi Boutique. Treat yourself to a lavish Chinese meal, everyone

2. Maro Hotel.

Address: 64 Cau Go, Hoan Kiem.

Price range: from $55 per night.

Have you ever dreamed of visiting Western Europe, but could not afford such a trip? Stay tuned, because now you can enjoy an oasis of Europe in the middle of the Old Quarter Hanoi with Maro hotel.

The front side of Maro is relatively narrow, so you have to pay attention so as not to miss this lovely place. But trust us! Despite its modest doorway, Maro has a vast interior space and even a cooking area. Yay!

Another remarkable feature about Maro hotel is that you can easily savor Hanoi local taste by visiting its nearby food vendors. You can get pretty much anything from bun cha, bun thang or banh cuon, all within a few minutes walking from your comfy hotel!

Mind you, the last time we stayed here, most of our time was spent on exploring Hanoi local cuisines.

3. Church Boutique Hotel.

Address: 95 Hang Gai, Hoan Kiem.

Price range: from $55 per night.

Located right at the center of the Old Quarter Hanoi, Church Boutique hotel would be your ideal choice should you love to immerse yourself in the dynamic vibe of the city.

With a theme color of white and navy blue, Church Boutique leaves a touch of professionalism and modernism in its residence. But the size of each room is rather limited, which caused some irritations for us since we were traveling in groups.

However, Church Boutique managed to make up by providing customers with all the up-to-date gadgets like baths or smart TVs.

And hey, you should know that Church Boutique hotel is not for those seeking a peaceful and quiet vacation! Facing Dong Xuan market – one of the most active trading places in Hanoi – Church Boutique can be pretty noisy and energetic even at night!

4. Maison D’Hanoi Boutique Hotel.

Address: 35 – 37 Pho Ma May, Hang Buom, Hoan Kiem.

Price range: from $45 per night.

Another destination for those of you who would love to explore the animated side of Hanoi is Maison D’Hanoi Boutique Hotel. Personally speaking, this is also our favorite place thanks to its low price compared to other fancy hotels in the Old Quarter Hanoi.

So why should you stay in this place?

It is all about the location, everyone! Maison D’Hanoi Boutique is on Ma May street, which is the neighbor of Ta Hien street – the “playground” of both local people and tourists (that’s what all the Hanoians we met told us!)

Once staying here, you can easily roam around the dynamic alleys filled with street food (banh ran, banh goi, etc.) or Hanoi specialties (com dua bo Ma May, etc.). Are you feeling thirsty? Let’s drop by 54 Ma May to gulp down a cup of coffee at Cong coffee – a coffee brand scattered across Vietnam.

Maison D’Hanoi Boutique Hotel

Since Maison D’Hanoi Boutique follows the minimalist design, you will not find yourself amazed at the grandeur of the living space. Instead, get ready to be impressed by the delicate details of the decor, or the welcoming attitude from the staff. We truly felt at home while staying here!

5. Golden Cyclo Hotel.

Address: 36 Ha Trung, Hang Bong, Hoan Kiem.

Price range: from $60 per night.

If you are tired with all the modern hotels, we think you would love to stay at Golden Cyclo hotel.

Golden Cyclo Hotel

Situated at the center of the Old Quarter Hanoi, Golden Cyclo Hotel blends in with its surrounding area by the vintage design, which is reminiscent of Vietnam back in the 1990s.

With plenty of traditional decoration objects like conical hats, bouquets of lotus or old paintings, Golden Cyclo brings to life a breath of pre-21st century Hanoi. We never had the chance to live in that era, but Golden Cyclo helped us experience what it feels like to travel back in time.

If you are still hesitant about staying here, then let’s hear a little secret about Golden Cyclo hotel. It may have the facade of a classic building, but inside Golden Cyclo is a chain of restaurants, coffee shops, and even a gym! Rest assured that you can work out while being on vacation!

6. Au Coeur D’Hanoi Hotel.

Address: 62 Hang Be, Hang Bac, Hoan Kiem.

Price range: from $52 per night.

If you are looking for a hotel with a wide variety of room choices, Au Coeur D’Hanoi Hotel will not let you down. Depending on your budget, feel free to book a standard room, a deluxe room, or even a suite at this accommodation

Since Au Coeur D’Hanoi is in one of the most crowded areas of the city, staying here means you can walk to other tourist destinations such as the Sword Lake or the Walking Streets. When we were in Au Coeur D’Hanoi, we took advantage of this location and toured around the neighborhood on foot!

Even better? On an idle morning, you can enjoy a full view of the Old Quarter Hanoi by lazing around on the balcony. With a cup of hot brew coffee and an eye-pleasant treat, who can say no to such a lovely place?

Also, one of the things that mark the attraction of Au Coeur D’Hanoi is its breakfast buffet service. With plenty of dishes such as bun, pho, banh cuon, etc. Au Coeur D’Hanoi hotel offers its customers a glimpse into the mouth-watering cuisines of Vietnam, so let’s prepare your stomachs!


The list of the best hotels in the Old Quarter Hanoi is now at your disposal, and we hope you will enjoy your time while relaxing at your chosen place.

Do you find our recommendations useful? If so, please do not hesitate to share it around with your friends and families. They deserve a lovely place to drop by in Hanoi as well!