If you set foot in Cat Ba island and want something a bit off the beaten track, not crowded as Cat Ba island and Cat Ba national park, Hospital cave is another good choice. Surprising is definitely your emotion when stepping into it with the makeshift hospital hidden in a massive cave. The intelligent and creative architecture for preventing being attacked to the huge capacity certainly makes you curious and excited.
Before the journey to the historical landscape, Let’s skim our local tips to get a more authentic understanding of Hospital cave and have the best moments there! Let’s gooo!!!
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Basic information about Hospital cave

  • Entrance fee: 15,000 VND
  • Opening hours: 8am – 5pm
  • Address: Tran Chau, Cat Hai, Hai Phong

This is an interesting museum site, with a large-scale field hospital and bomb shelter totally concealed within a cave system. Nowadays, the Hospital cave serves as a historical site and displays ancient relics. Moreover, the cave also serves as a shelter for locals in and around Cat Ba national park during a natural disaster like typhoons

inside hospital cave

The space inside Hospital cave is quite spacious and brings a breathtaking beauty

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How to get to Hospital cave in Cat Ba?

Hospital cave is l3km far from Cat Ba island and located in Tran Chau, Cat Hai, Hai Phong. It is called “Hospital” (Quân Y) because, in the wartime, locals built a hospital with the capacity of hundreds of people in this cave.

 Cat Ba town to Hospital cave from Google Map

Hospital cave is a popular destination for whoever has a great passion for history. It is situated between Cat Ba town and Cat Ba national park; and between the ferry port of Hai Phong and Halong city.

hospital cave

The sign leading to Hospital cave

The best way to explore Hospital cave, I think, is a motorbike, which is rented in Cat Ba town (around 100,000 VND per day). Starting at Cat Ba town and then continuing 10km to the north until you see a sign on the right “Hospital Cave” and pay at the store opposite. However, if you don’t want to ride a motorbike, taxi is also available in Cat Ba town.

How to explore Hospital cave’s architecture?

If you ‘d like some review about Hospital cave before your journey, keep reading and following me because it ‘s not easy to come in and even some areas are quite dark.

From the ticket office, you turn right on the footpath and go 50 meters. You will see a stair to the cave’s door on the halfway of the mountain. In the wartime, this stair was made from wood to prevent being detected from foreign invaders. But, nowadays, to ensure tourism’s safety, the stair is renovated into iron ones.

hospital cave's stair

The stair was once made from wood, but now it is replaced by iron ones

In the entrance, coming across a solid and curved door, once using for preventing bullet and bomb. When bullet is shooted into the door, instead of flying straight ahead and causing some damages,  it was thrown outside.

hospital cave's door

The iron door can prevent from bullet and bomb 

Behind the solid door with 4 supporting iron locks and 1 main lock is the entrance to a field hospital with the capacity of 100 people, 17 patient rooms, swimming pool, cinema and strength- training area. To reach the 2nd floor, it is not easy because the floor is low, even in some areas you have to crawl to move but suitable to train soldiers.

The swimming pool was deliberately erected, in case American enemy attacked in the cave. So, Vietnamese soldiers from the 3rd floor could jump into the pool, then escape by exit entrance.

hospital cave cat ba

Mannequins imitate the image of Vietnamese soldiers in the hospital cave

Similar to the 2nd floor, you maybe have some difficulties in moving to the 3rd floor. In case, the rival attacked and came inside, our enemy could run to exit the tunnel to reach the exit door. In addition, Vietnamese enemy also built a hidden stair, which leads to the exit door on the 3rd floor and then back door of the hospital.

How to have the best trip to Hospital cave?

Is there any regulation about clothes?

There is no regulation on clothes, but I highly recommend you wear informal clothes since it is a historical site. Instead of high heel or slipper, the sneaker is the best option because you have to climb the stair and some areas are quite dark and difficult to walk.

hospital cave 's 2nd floor

Tourists have to climb the stair to the second floor

Going with a local guide or else you don’t understand anything

The entrance fee is only 15,000 VND (under 1 USD), but I advise you to pay an extra 30,000 VND for a guide because there is no information in the cave. Especially, for history lovers, it is really useful to hear interesting historical stories and fun facts about artifacts in the hospital cave. They are not good at English but don’t worry, it is understandable enough and especially they are very enthusiastic locals.

tourist guide in hospital cave

Guide will provide tourists with authentic knowledge about hospital cave

Complying with the rules

Although there are no regulations on clothes, tourists should notice that we are not permitted to visit the third floor, which had been a reception hall and guardroom in the past. It may be a bit annoying when the third floor is closed because of secretive reasons. I think it’s still worth visiting because you have opportunities to sparkle stalactites as well as dig deeper into Vietnamese history.

Best time to visit Hospital cave

Every month in a year is suitable for visiting Hospital cave. Don’t worry about the boiling hot weather in the summer in North Vietnam,  The views and landscape from the cave were stunning, so the cave it was outdoors. Creepy but extremely cool. Probably only stayed an hour, and also appreciated cooling off inside the cave also, as it was really hot out!

best time to visit hospital cave

In the summer, it is really cool in the cave although outside is quite hot

cat ba island

That is all of our recommendations for your Hospital cave trip. We hope that you find this helpful and will have the best moments in Cat Ba island.

If you want more information or have further question, please contact us, the AZ Local Trip team. We are always at your service!

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