Vietnam Museum of Revolution - The Histories of Conflict and Revolution in Vietnam

Duc - October 25, 2018


If you are in the Old Quarter, it only takes about 10 minutes to get to Vietnam Museum of Revolution by cab.
However, if you prefer walking, it is not a problem at all. You can totally walk there in just about 20 minutes walking.

  • Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday: 8am – 11.45am; 1.30pm – 4.15pm; The best time for visitors to come here is 9am – 11am or 2pm – 4pm due to the low number of guests visiting this museum.
  • Entrance fee: 40.000 VND (~$2)
  • Tips
    • If you come here by bus, ask the driver or assistant to remind you when arrive.
    • Food are not allowed here so you should bring a small water bottle only in case you get thirsty during the visit.
    • Do not make noise inside the museum. Nobody wants to be distracted while exploring history.
    • If possible, hire a tour guide or find a local who know the history well so that he/she can explain more details of artifacts to you.

To most of Vietnamese, the museum is quite a formal place so if you follow these tips, your trip will be more memorable. History of Vietnam is mysterious but extremely famous with people all over the world. Vietnamese has always been proud of the resplendent history of their country. Vietnam Museum of Revolution ( Museum of The Vietnamese Revolution) will help tourists have a more clear view of Vietnamese history since the liberation claim from French occupation to the start of Communist Party and the establishment of Social Republic of Vietnam

Introduction to Vietnam Museum of Revolution

This musesum will make tourists impressive with the unique French architecture, in addition, people will be amazed with a great number of exhibits here.

  • Opened in 1959, where to house more than 40.000 exhibits in 29 rooms. Artifacts, documentaries and periodic exhibitions about Vietnamese’s struggle in modern history are what Vietnam Museum of Revolution Hanoi is displaying to visitors.
  • Coming to the museum, tourists will have the chance to understand 3 main parts of Vietnamese history from 1858 to now after going through 29 rooms.

History and architecture:

  • Constructed in 1917 by French, the museum was the head office of Department of Indochinese Trade until 1954.

  • From December 1954, the Government decided to establish the museum and started to collect artifacts.
  • Vietnam Museum of Revolution Hanoi was officially established in 1959.
  • Due to the design by French, the impressive architecture which can be found only in 20 century historic places in Hanoi attracts tourists right in the first look.

Division of Sections: There are 29 rooms with the content of 3 main parts.

  • Part 1 : From room 1 – 9: The French colonialism (1858 – 1945) - the struggle of Vietnamese people for independence.
  • Part 2 : From room 10 – 24: The Vietnam War period (1945 – 1975) – the revolution against the invaders to protect the sovereignty of the country.
  • Part 3 : From room 25 - 27: The Post-war period (1975 – now) – Vietnam on its road toward a socialist democratic and fair society.

Moreover, with the respect to Ho Chi Minh President, room 28 and 29 are places to exhibit the gifts collection of people from all over the world dedicating “Uncle Ho” as well as Vietnamese Communist Party.

Standing-out Artifacts

  • “The struggle of Vietnamese people for independence” part:
    • Visitors can see original artifacts from French colonial period which were used to repress Vietnamese such as the clock in cement factory or mobile guillotine…

“The revolution against the invaders to protect the sovereignty of the country” part: 15 rooms of this section will help visitors have a more clear view to Vietnam War through artifacts of both Vietnamese and American army.

  • “Vietnam on its road toward a socialist democratic and fair society” part:
  • Visitors will be able to see how Vietnam has changed since 1975.

2 last rooms shows the love from Vietnamese as well as people of the world to Ho Chi Minh president and Vietnamese Communist Party also throughout various gifts.

After 2 hours visiting here, there are some other destinations you can come to.