Keangnam Landmark Tower - One of the tallest skyscrapers of Hanoi

Duc - October 28, 2018

Keangnam Landmark Tower, constructed by Keangnam Corporation, is a cutting-edge multiplex located at the center of the new town area of Hanoi. It is Vietnam’s very first One-Stop service to reside, do business and commerce - a city within a city that meets all your living needs in one place.

The construction of Keangnam was kicked off on August 25th, 2007, with the attendance of Vietnam’s Vice Chairman Nguyen Duc Kien and Korea’s Vice Chairman Lee Yong Hee.

Keangnam Landmark Tower - One of the tallest skyscrapers of Hanoi

Keangnam Landmark Tower

The total capital of the project is 1.05 billion dollars and the tower was expected to come into operation by the year 2010, when the 1000th anniversary of Thang Long - Hanoi took place. However, it had not been finished until 2011.

With the total ground area of 609,673m2 and as Vietnam’s highest building  (350m high) , Keangnam Tower is a symbol of current Vietnam’s economic growth in the scale of the building plus in providing services, which reinforces the highly-advanced city of Hanoi.

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1. Facilities of Keangnam Landmark 72

Keangnam Landmark Tower - One of the tallest skyscrapers of Hanoi

Playing golf indoor at Keangnam Landmark 72

The skyscraper is a combination of:

  • Two 50th – floor buildings
  • A 72nd – floor Tower

It has an intelligent building management system that guarantees security:

  • Backup power systems
  • 10 high-speed elevators
  • Fire alarm systems

Keangnam Landmark Tower - One of the tallest skyscrapers of Hanoi

Garden Swimming Pool (1st floor) and Fitness Swimming Pool (7th floor)

The apartment includes:

  • 922 luxury rooms whose sizes vary from 107 m2 to 433 m2
  • Various high-class amenities such as a fitness center, swimming pool, and residency shopping quarters
  • Penhouses on the highest floors

In the 72nd floor of the Tower building and the Podium which is the bridging section between the Residence building and the Tower building:

  • Lotte Cinema - Korea’s finest cinema

2. Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Tower - Floor information

  • From the 12th to 46th floor: grade-A offices which have Hanoi’s superb view
  • From the 48th to 60th floor: serviced residence hotel Calidas
  • From the 62nd to 70th floor: InterContinental Hotel, a convention hall that accommodates 2000 people, outdoor event hall, outdoor swimming pool and pool bar
  • 71st floor: Hotel Lounge
  • 72nd floor: Sky 72 Observatory

Keangnam Landmark Tower - One of the tallest skyscrapers of Hanoi

Inside Lotte Cinema

Being the third movie theater in the system with 5 modern screening rooms (848 seats), Lotte Cinema Landmark Hanoi is the first in Hanoi with synchronous equipment system and distinctive design which promises to satisfy all movie lovers.

Things to do and see on the 72nd floor of Keangnam Landmark Tower

Everyone who comes to visit Keangnam Landmark Tower cannot resist the temptation to set foot on the highest floor of the building. Apart from the panoramic view of the city, the 72nd floor also provides visitors with many kinds of entertainment.

Here are some things that Keangnam has in store for you:

  • Sky 72 Observatory
  • 3D Art Gallery
  • Art Link Exhibition
  • 5D theatre
  • Wish Wall

Keangnam Landmark Tower - One of the tallest skyscrapers of Hanoi

The 3D art gallery intrigues many young people

If you are an avid art lover, Art Link Exhibition is highly recommended to you. You will be introduced to a variety of artistic world, ranging from Vietnamese traditional art, contemporary art to foreign art work in an elegant, modern setting.

More interestingly, you will have an unforgettable experience at the 5D theatre. Unlike 4D movies, 5D ones can wake all your senses up with a huge 360-degree screen and a perfect sound system.

Although the movie lasts from 15 to 20 minutes, it will amaze you with the beautiful effects and bring about funny and relaxing moments for both kids and adults.

The service cost is included in the entrance fee. You do not have to pay any extra money.

Keangnam Landmark Tower

5D theatre at Keangnam Landmark Tower

For couples, there is a place called Wish Wall, where people can write down all the wishes and messages for their beloved ones in their own way. It is where romance blossoms.

Young people tend to leave messages to their lovers at Wish Wall

After hours of exploring around, you may want to fill your empty stomach with mouth-watering cakes and a cup of coffee from Vpresso. Nothing is better than taking a sip of cappuccino while watching the nightfall, shrouding the city with dark colors at such height.

In brief, Keangnam deserves to be an ideal place for you to wind down with your family and friends at the weekends. Why not give this fantastic building a shot? Let's book a tour from AZ Local Trip!

Keangnam Landmark Tower - One of the tallest skyscrapers of Hanoi

Vpresso offers many delicious beverages and food for customers

Sky 72 Observatory:

  • Opening hours: 10 am - 10 pm
  • Entrance fee

*There are some hot deals online that sell cheaper tickets, you can check them out to decide what works best for your budget. Be careful, some tickets are not authentic.

  • Latest admission time: 9:30 pm
  • Dress code: casual
  • Recommended time: anytime, but the view is much more amazing at night
  • Average time to spend: 2 hours
  • Website:
  • Facebook:

4. Parking at Keangnam Hanoi Landmark 72

Keangnam Landmark Tower


5. How to get there - Keangnam Landmark Tower

  • Hang Khay - Trang Thi - Tran Phu - Kim Ma - Nguyen Chi Thanh - Tran Duy Hung - Pham Hung
  • 10,7 km: 34-minute drive
  • There 2 fastest bus routes:
  • 54E Tran Hung Dao (Bus 35A) - CT5 My Dinh complex (29 mins) -> walking to Keangnam (160m, 2 mins)
  • 30 - 32 Trang Tien (Bus 02) - C10 Nguyen Trai (21 mins) -> walking to 477 Nguyen Trai -> Catch bus 22B (7 mins) - CT5-D My Dinh complex -> walking to Keangnam Landmark Tower (160m, 2 mins)

*Bus ticket: 7000 vnd

*The average time to travel by bus: 1 hour