How Much Will I Spend In Hanoi? – Plan your budget wisely

Duc - November 01, 2018

Trying to figure out how much it costs to travel Hanoi,Vietnam and how many Dong you need to bring? We would love to share with you some experience that may help you out with better Vietnam trip planning

How Much Does it Cost to Travel, Hanoi Vietnam?

Daily Travel Expenses Hanoi: $30 - 45

Hanoi, Vietnam is probably the tightest travel budgeting you could do, to give you an idea of how you can travel. We would love to give you the detailed information that AZ Local Trip do research.

How Much Will I Spend In Hanoi – Plan your budget wisely

Note: Vietnamese Dong is expressed in large denominations. In the infographic below, Vietnamese Dong is shortened by three decimal places. For, example 10,000 VND is shown as 10 VND and 100,000 VND is shown as 100 VND. 

If you are one of those who has chosen Hanoi for your next trip, and are planning an itinerary, we think you should notice some details before coming here:

In Vietnam, We use the Dong (VND)

As of now (December 2018), $1 USD = 23,300 VND.

How Much Will I Spend In Hanoi – Plan your budget wisely

Example Costs in Vietnam:

The following table is a breakdown of the average costs per person for daily expenses and for big activities.

Everyday Expenses in Vietnam:

  • One night in a budget hotel (double room) - $7.5 - $12
  • One night for 3 star hotel (double room) - $35 - $65
  • Transport between towns - $5- $10 
  • Lunch/Dinner at a local Vietnamese restaurant - $1.5 - 3
  • Bottle of water - $0.3
  • Vietnamese coffee - $1.2
  • Local beer - $1

How Much Will I Spend In Hanoi – Plan your budget wisely

Traveling by small boat at Ha Long Bay 

Big Expenses in Vietnam (per person)

  • Halong Bay Boat Trip (2-day cruise) - $ 95 - 130
  • Trekking in Sapa (2 days 1 night) - $75
  • Ninh Binh one day trip - $ 38

Accommodation in Hanoi

Budget accommodation is generally of an okay standard. Sometimes you will had ants in the room and  sometimes just bare floorboards, so choose the hotel where you stay carefully. Many places also throw in breakfast of banana pancakes as well.


  1. AZ Hanoi Hostel
  2. Ga Hostel
  3. Hanoi hostel 91C Hàng Mã

How Much Will I Spend In Hanoi – Plan your budget wisely

Beside many luxury 5stars hotel you can also find some 3stars hostel with a suitable prices but still high-quality 

  1. Golden Sun Suites Hotel
  2. Serene Premier Hotel
  3. Little Hanoi Deluxe Hotel
  4. Hanoi Holiday Diamond Hotel

Transport in Hanoi, Vietnam

Mostly travellers will travel by local busese, this is the most popular transport for travelers in Vietnam and the cheapest ones, Thinking about traveling by train to have more more pleasant and comfortable experiences. The price is only very slightly higher, so it’s worth looking into.

How Much Will I Spend In Hanoi – Plan your budget wisely

You can also save money by booking buses and trains in advance.

If you are a budget travelers:

  • To make sure you keep your cost to travel Vietnam in check, go straight to the bus station or train station to book your tickets.
  • If you would like to have smoth holily day, you can book via hotel or travel agency in advance

How Much Will I Spend In Hanoi – Plan your budget wisely

Cyclo - a transport vehicles you can try to go around the streets in Hanoi

Cost of Transport in Hanoi

  • Bus: A ticket is 7.000VND and you can only pay in cash
  • Taxi: Fitted with reliable metres, the starting price for a taxi costs between VND 10,000 and VND 15,000 per a kilometer
  • Train (For Hanoi to Sapa or go to the south) Buses are the cheapest way to get around Vietnam and run continuously from North to South and vise versa. Long distance (15 hours) was no more than $20 USD. 

More: Getting Around Hanoi: [2019] Best Guide To Get Around Hanoi

How Much Will I Spend In Hanoi – Plan your budget wisely

Train is a convenient and cheap transportation with amazing facilities you can choose  

Eating Vietnamese Food & Street Food

Vietnam is a top travel destination for food lovers, even if you’re on a budget or others. If you want to eat cheap and keep the cost to travel Vietnam down, stick to local Asian eateries and street food.

Food gets expensive if you plan on trying to eat in more tourist-orientated restaurants or any Western food establishment.

  • Avoid Western food as it is always over-priced and won’t be anything like what you’re used to at home.
  • Plus, Vietnamese food is incredibly delicious so I’m not sure why you’d ever want to eat Western food over it anyway!

How Much Will I Spend In Hanoi – Plan your budget wisely

Delicious Pho Bo - Beef noodle - a famous traditonal dish that you can not miss when go to Hanoi

List of Street food should be tried

  • Bun Cha: 25.000 to 30.000 VND (1$ -> 1.3$)
  • Bun Bo Hue: 40-50,000 VND ($1.80-2.25)
  • Banh Mi: 20-25,000 VND ($0.90-1.10)
  • Egg Coffee: around 30.000 VND
  • Oversea food: 200.000 – 1.000.000 VND/person

More the list of Best Street Food in Hanoi

Budget Activities in Hanoi Vietnam

You’ll read that there are a lot of “must-do” activities in Vietnam.

At the top of that list are a Halong Bay cruise and a Sapa trek., and Ninh Binh (Bai Dinh, Trang An)

How Much Will I Spend In Hanoi – Plan your budget wisely

A Sapa trekking tour with locals

There are loads of tour operators out to rip tourists off so it’s really important to compare prices.

Despite not being one of the “must-do” activities in, Hanoi Vietnam,  I would love to recommend Halong Bay 2 days 1 night.  

Of course, if you really want to keep the cost to travel Vietnam down super low, then there are lots of good free activities,including visiting temples and pagodas and walking around enjoying the bustle of the cities.

The entrance Fee for each city is about 30.000Đ ($1.2): Things to do in hanoi

  • Thang Long citadel : 30.000 dong/ adult
  • Temple of Literature: 30.000 dong/ adult
  • Quan Thanh temple:10.000 dong/ adult

How Much Will I Spend In Hanoi – Plan your budget wisely

  • Ngoc Son temple: 30.000 dong/ adult
  • Maison Central (Hoa lo prison) 30.000 dong/ adult
  • Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum: 15.000 dong/ adult
  • Fine Arts of Museum: 20.000 dong/ adult
  • Vietnam Museum of ethnology : 40.000 dong/adult
  • National Museum of Vietnamese History: 40.000 dong/adult
  • Vietnam Military History Museum: 40.000 dong/adult

What You should not Include in the Vietnam Travel Budget

Things you should take note is ATM withdrawal charges, gifts for our friends,  families – just in time for Christmas!

How Much Will I Spend In Hanoi – Plan your budget wisely

Banana pyjamas - cute gift for your children you can buy in Hanoi

These expenses would give a skewed perspective of the cost of travelling in Hanoi, Vietnam because they aren’t essential. You can find another one cheaper and better

  • ATM Withdrawal Charges: £31.50 (£5 / $8 per withdrawal, maximum withdrawal of £86 / $138 per day)