How Much Will I Spend In Hanoi? – Plan your budget wisely

Duc - November 01, 2018

“How much will I spend in Hanoi?” – We’ve been asked this question several times by foreign tourists. Predicting the budget in Hanoi is quite hard if you’re not the locals and depends on your Itinerary to Hanoi.

Among cities in Asia, Hanoi is a relatively cheap place to visit. Further, it’s easy to splurge when eating in Hanoi!

Here are the costs of the services that you may have to pay for while staying in Hanoi.

How Much Will I Spend In Hanoi in Autum

The beauty of Hanoi in Autumn

1. Accommodations in Hanoi


Splendid Star Suite Hotel – 28 Au Trieu, Hang Trong, Hoan Kiem District - How much

Splendid Star Suite Hotel – 28 Au Trieu, Hang Trong, Hoan Kiem District

Depending on what class of Hotel you would like to live at. The expenses will fluctuate from20$ -> 30$ per day for first- class hotels and 10$-> 15$ for medium- class hotels.

You should know that, Vietnam Government will not license hotel to accept foreigners without offering air- conditioner, fridge,  private bath, cable TV and so on. And you can demand it if the hotel you stay at doesn’t equip.

If you a student and someone else and you want to be frugal as much as possible then you should look for signs “ Nhà Nghỉ” “ Nhà Trọ”… It will cost you only 5$->7$ per night with enough amenities (soap, shapoo, toothbrush, fresh tower, ect)


Hanoi Rendezvous Hostel How Much

Hanoi Rendezvous Hostel

There are many excellent hostels in Hanoi and it’s easy to sleep for cheap and have a great range of facilities at your fingertips in the cool Vietnamese city.

You can find a cluster of hostels around the Old Quarter. The average price is around 10$ per day. Just because hostels are cheap doesn’t mean that they have poor service. Renowned hostels are equipped with standardized facilities and their staff are well-trained.

Here are some highly recommended hostels in the Old Quarter:

How Much Will I Spend In Hanoi?

2. Food in Hanoi

Hanoi food and drink prices


It’s such a shame if you don’t try Hanoi’s street food. Many people don’t travel because traveling can be expensive. I hope this daily food expenses in Hanoi information will change your mind about travel being expensive.

There are ways to cut costs when traveling. Eating street food in Hanoi is one of them! And frankly, street food is really good once you feel comfortable navigating the plastic stools and different street food vendors.

Some local dishes are only 5000 – 10.000 VND (>1$). You can freely choose what you want for your meals.

AZ Local Trip would like to recommend a list of street food which is the famous traditional food in Vietnam.

Chicken Pho

Sometimes you spot an advertisement on the street that reads: PHO BO NAM DINH
Nam Dinh is a city in Vietnam from which Pho originates. And of course, Pho Bo (Beef noodle) is a speciality of Nam Dinh. There are two main kinds of Pho: beef noodle and chicken noodle
A fragrant bowl of Pho is about 20.000 – 30.000 VND (1$-> 1,5$). It will fill up your hungry stomach.

Bun Cha

Bun Cha is proud to be in the list of 10 most delicious street food in the world.
It brings deep flavors of a traditional dish in Hanoi. With soft vermicelli, grilled meat, special sauce and other ingredients such as chilli sauce, peanut and salad, Bun Cha will satisfy even the most difficult customers who first try it.
A portion of Bun Cha may cost you from 25.000 to 30.000 VND (1$ -> 1.3$)

Bun Bo Hue


Bun Bo Hue – A signature dish of Hue

Bun bo Hue is a close relative of pho: a spicy soup typically containing rice vermicelli, lemongrass and beef – traditionally served in the central Vietnamese city of Hue.

Cost: around 40-50,000 VND ($1.80-2.25)

Banh Tom

You can find delicious Banh Tom around West Lake

These little prawn fritters are a common snack in Hanoi – you’re less likely to find them in the south. Bought by the bag or the plate, these are a super-cheap and super-tasty snack.

Cost: around 20.000 VND for a portion ($0.90)

Banh mi

Banh mi is one of the most delicious street food in Vietnam

Like pho, the banh mi has begun its quest for world domination, and it’s now possible to get your hands on this quintessential Vietnamese sandwich in cities across the globe.

Despite its popularity, if you want to find the real deal, you have to head to Vietnam. Banh mi come in many shapes and sizes, and usually incorporates cold cuts of pork, a smear of pâté, plenty of fresh vegetables, lashings of coriander and a drizzle of soy or fish sauce – all wrapped up in a freshly baked baguette.

Cost: around 20-25,000 VND ($0.90-1.10)

Egg Coffee

Egg-coffee-at-Cafe-GiangEgg coffee at Cafe Giang

Egg coffee is so rich, smooth, sweet and creamy. If you come to Hanoi and don’t stop at Cafe Giang, you are missing out on the best Hanoi has to offer. Instead of hesitating, let’s go to the Old Quarter and enjoy one of the most delicious beverages ever.

Cost: around 30.000 VND

Beers In Hanoi

Bia Hoi

Enjoy a cup of “Bia Hoi” in Ta Hien street is ideal in hot summer days

“Bia Hoi” is a beer that is brewed in a short period (about 7-10 days), pasteurized and thus its shelf-life is shorter, its ABV and its sugar content are lower than other beers. No preservatives are put in during fermentation and the brewing process to preserve its fresh taste.

This type of beer is most common in the north of Vietnam and it’s the cheapest, about 10.000 VND/mug

Bottled/Canned Beers

Some famous local brands

The number of hops in bottled/canned beer is usually 30% more than that in “bia hoi”. You would see more canned beers than bottled beers in Vietnam.

The price is VND 15.000+ for a beer can and VND 20.000+ for a beer bottle

Some of the familiar local brands of bottled/canned beer you may find in Vietnam are Saigon Red, Saigon Special, Hanoi Beer, 333, etc. Many people also prefer the taste of imported or international brands like Heineken, Tiger or Budweiser

At the most expensive places you might pay up to around 100,000 VND ($4.50 / £3.40) for a beer – still cheaper than a Londoner’s wildest dreams!

Oversea food

French-style dessert in a French restaurant in the Old Quarter

While I would never encourage you not to try local food, you don’t always have to stick to the local food if you don’t want to. You can let yourself eat your favorite food from home every once in a while, especially if you are traveling for extended periods of time.

Western-style food is not difficult to find in Hanoi. Within the Old Quarter, there are a number of French restaurants that serve amazing dishes.

La Terrasse du Metropole Cafe

Travellers looking to indulge in authentic French cuisine during their holiday in Vietnam should go to some highly recommended restaurants around the Old Quarter such as La Terrasse du Metropole, La Badiane, Green Tangerine and so on.

Cost: 200.000 – 1.000.000 VND/person

3. Transportation prices in Hanoi

Taxi Prices

Some common taxi brands in Vietnam

Taxi has become a convenient and popular transportation method in Vietnam in recent years.

There are some reputable taxi companies that should be on top of your head when you look for one in Hanoi:

Average tariffs are about 12,000 to 15,000 VND per kilometre

For travelers who have a tight budget, you can choose GrabCar or GrabTaxi. Their average tariffs are about 8.500 to 11,000 VND per kilometre

Note: Uber has stopped operating in Vietnam.


Bus is the safest and cheapest way to get around Hanoi

I recommend that you should use bus – a very cheap, convenient and available means of transport.

You can check the route to your destination on this website:

Bus fare is 7000 VND. However, keep off the bus when it is too congested in rush hours. My suggestion is that you can also discover Hanoi streets as well as do sightseeing on foot.

Certainly, it is a good chance for you to taste some mouth-watering street food or drink lemon juice on the pavement with local people. It must be interesting. Enjoy it!


GrabBike is a common means of transport in big cities in Vietnam

These days, more and more Vietnamese people choose GrabBike to get around Hanoi due to its credibility and affordability. Some foreign visitors decide to use GrabBike, too.


  • First 2km fare: 12.000 VND
  • Basic fare / km (after the first 2km): 3.800 VND/km
  • Additional fare 10,000Đ for any booking falls in late hours: 12PM to 5AM everyday (from Monday – Sunday)

Renting A Motorbike:

Motorbike for rent

It is fascinating if you decide to drive a motorbike on your own to explore Hanoi. However, be careful with the insane traffic in Vietnam. Some people even joke that driving in Vietnam is a kind of extreme sport.

If you go far from Hanoi, you will see the difference between urban life and rural life, and you’ll be coursing through some of the most beautiful, idyllic countryside towns.

How much will you pay for renting a motorbike in Hanoi?

The price for renting a motorbike in Hanoi fluctuates from 150.000 to 200.000 VND per day(7$ – 9$). Remember that you have to wear a helmet when driving and refuel the motorbike before return.
The price for renting a bicycle is about 1$ per day.

4. Entrance fees in Hanoi

Tourists have to pay 30.000 VND to enter Temple of Literature

It is will great that you come to Hanoi without enjoying the beauty of many famous places there, so let enjoy it.
This is the list of entrance fee for some famous places in Hanoi:

  • Thang Long citadel : 30.000 dong/ adult
  • Temple of Literature: 30.000 dong/ adult
  • Quan Thanh temple:10.000 dong/ adult
  • Ngoc Son temple: 30.000 dong/ adult
  • Maison Central (Hoa lo prison) 30.000 dong/ adult
  • Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum: 15.000 dong/ adult
  • Fine Arts of Museum: 20.000 dong/ adult
  • Vietnam Museum of ethnology : 40.000 dong/adult
  • National Museum of Vietnamese History: 40.000 dong/adult
  • Vietnam Military History Museum: 40.000 dong/adult
  • Perfume Pagoda : 50.000 dong/ ticket
  • Ferry fee: 35.000 dong/ return- trip ticket
  • High class ferry fee: 40.000 dong/ return-trip ticket
  • Suspension cable fee: 90.000 đong/ return-trip ticket
  • Thu Le Park: 10.000 dong/ ticket

5. Hanoi miscellaneous expenses


You can find a wide range of cigarettes in every single store around Hanoi

If you want to try the flavor of local cigarettes, don’t hesitate. You can go to any grocery store and pay from 10,000 to 20,000 (0.5$ – 1$) for a pack, depending on what kind of cigarettes you like to smoke (Thang Long or Vinataba Cigarettes)

For those who don’t like those kinds of cigarette, there are other options at grocery stores. They will cost you more than local cigarettes about 1$, 2$ and even 3$.

  • Black Captain: 72k /pack
  • Black Devil: 55k /pack
  • Black Mild: 100k /pack
  • Black Captain 8: 100k /pack
  • Black Captain 25: 35k /cigarette
  • RichMond: 45k /pack
  • Mond apple, strawberry, grape: 35k /pack
  • Raison icepresso, Raison sunpresso : 75k /pack
  • Camel: 55k/pack
  • Cigar mini Villiger: 140k /pack
  • Cigar Cafe Creme: 130k /pack
  • Zest Korea: 40k /pack
  • Jet Thai: 35k /pack
  • Gudang 16: 70k /pack


The laundry service offered by Anna’s Booking Office is highly recommended by foreign visitors

You can have your laundry done in lots of places around the Old Quarter. Your hotel can arrange for it, or you can take it to any place sporting a ‘laundry’ sign.

The average cost is 1$/kg, which is quite affordable. The laundry is almost finished the same day. If your clothes are picked up late in the day, they will deliver them to you the next day.

In some laundry shops, there are different kinds of pricing:

  • Premium Clean (Washed by hand only): $1.99/kg
  • Standard Clean (Washed by machine, some by hand): $1.49/kg
  • Super Quick (in 1 hour, washed by hand and machine): $2.99/kg

I have listed some basic things that you may have to purchase while staying in Hanoi. Hopefully they are helpful for you.

If you want to cut down more on cost, please contact AZ Local Trip. We will help you book a hotel room with 10% discount. Additionallyour free Food Tour and City Tour with local guides will provide you with the most exciting experience ever!