Hom Market (Cho Hom Market) - One Of The Most Crowded Markets In Hanoi

Duc - Updated June 04, 2019

You want to experience another kind of shopping which you can bargain the price or buy fresh raw food? You want to see how Hanoians buy foods for their family in a local market rather than frozen goods in the supermarket? You are curious about where Vietnamese women often go at the beginning of the day? Hom Market Hanoi is one of the best places to explore all your wonder.

outside Hom Market

Visit one of the most crowded markets in Hanoi

Cho Hom Market Opening Hours

  • Opening hours: 6 am – 6 pm
  • Location: No.79 Hue Street, Hai Ba Trung district.

Review of Hom Market Hanoi on Tripadvisor

This market is crazy (Similar to Dong Xuan Market) fabric everywhere. There's not a lot of patchwork cotton or nonstretch fabrics, but there's some fantastic jerseys, stretch wools, chiffons, satins, embroidered and sequined material, tulle, fleece - endless!
You will get a lot of weird looks depending on how lost or confused you look, and lots of people calling you over. Definitely know what you're after and be firm, avoid saying maybe and maybe have the words for the style pattern or fabric on paper to show. You might also get a few people following you but it was only because they wanted a photo of a westerner.

Shopping at hom market

This is the best way to blend with the locals

I found one stall I visited twice, the ladies had good English and weren't too pushy but found similar things to show me from the stuff I bought. I ended up buying a lot from them, they weren't budging on haggling but I don't haggle very well since it's already so reasonable. I attached the business card of the stall I liked and the silk and satins I picked up (it got damaged by my phone case). I tend to go for crazy stuff that I'm less likely to find elsewhere.

So yeah, careful not to get carried away but you won't break the bank if you do. bring water, a calculator, paper and pen, and a clear idea of what you want. Expect it to be crowded with stalls but for the majority of ladies to be sitting watching or maybe sleeping, some may be enthusiastic but others will ignore you. It can get very hot, and it's easy to get a little lost. Be firm about decisions, a maybe is more frustrating than no.

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Goods at Cho Hom Market Hanoi

  • Foods: including fresh foods and vegetable, fruit and local dishes;  Fresh vegetable stores
  • Fabrics: there are various types of fabrics with many different materials, pattern, and colors…for different purposes.
  • Clothes and accessories: Many ready-made garments and accessories such as handbags, shoes, etc. are available in a wide variety of designs and prices.
  • Average price: Fabric: 40.000 VND/square meters.
  • Clothes, accessories: 100.000 – 400.000 VND.

Floor 1 Hom Market

1st floor of Hom Market selling food, vegetable and fruits

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History of Hom Market Hanoi

Hom market (Cho Hom Market) is also known as Doc Hang Gao, as early in the nineteenth century, there was a market selling poultry at the beginning of Hang Bai Street.

When the streets opened, the market was chased to run down the garden Duc Vien Pagoda, where has a slope.

In 1921, Hue Street was built and so was the market. This is an afternoon market just like its name where the poor people in the lagoon area, the Department of Lo, Linh Duong… could bring the shrimp, fish, snails, frogs to sell on.

Today, if Hanoi is considered to be the gathering place of many specialties of all regions, Hom Market will be the” highlight” with a variety of goods.

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Hom Market's Structure

The market has three floors which have different using purposes.

  • The first floor: where most of the goods are sold from fresh foods, instant food to clothes and accessories.
  • The second floor: The floor of fabrics.
  • The third floor: the terrace and many rooms for aerobic and gym.

Special Goods at Hom Market Hanoi


All the goods here has the top quality, which means everything was selected first before the market.

Che At hom market

Many kinds of sweet soups in different flavors served with jelly, ice and coconut juice

Even some food of opposite season, rare spicy, which are difficult to buy in the normal market, can be found easily in this market. Such as Lang Son vegetables, fresh Tam Dao sand dunes which looked as just being picked out in the garden.

It is said that if you want to know how Vietnamese cook and enjoy foods, come to Cho Hom Market Hanoi


According to one shop owner, the fabric here is mainly selected from the finest linens in the Ninh Hiep wholesale market, some of which are from beautiful and unique canvas form Guangzhou and Shanghai.

  • Visit here with a local who is familiar with going shopping in the market. They know the actual price of each good.
  • Should come here in noon or in the afternoon in order not to be the first customer of the shop (According to Vietnamese sellers’ belief, the first customer often bring the fortune or infortune to the store).
  • If you come here by yourself, try to bargain the price down to half as the price you are told.
  • While shopping here, beware of pickpockets.

Bargaining at hom market

Learn to bargain down to the half price

Tips for Newcomers to Hom Market - Cho Hom Market

  • Using anti bugs spray to avoid bugs bitten.
  • Bring a hat or umbrella in case rainy or sunny weather.
  • There are some retails shops or street food store so, you do not need to bring water or foods.
  • Cash is the only way to pay for goods. There are some ATM machines near the market to help visitors withdraw money.

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