Ho Tay Water Park - Perfect Place To Cool Off In Hot Summer Days

Duc - October 25, 2018

Visiting Hanoi in hot summer and you don't know where to have cool days outside? Ho Tay Water Park (or West Lake Water Park) is an ideal destination full of joy and satisfaction for all of us!

If you go with your children, they will have very fun and creative time in the Lazy river and Children's slides.

If you expect to fascinating experiences, you and your friends will have a dynamic day with a bunch of fun games: roller coaster, pirate ship, Ferris wheel…

Together, you can take a lot of photos to save unforgettable memories with your friends, family...

A. How can you go to Ho Tay Water Park?

You may want to take notes some tourist information below:

  • Location: 614 Lac Long Quan street - Tay Ho district – Hanoi.

  • Contact : (+84) 24 3718 4222.
  • Opening hours:

    • Monday to Friday: 8 am - 8 pm
    • Weekend / Holidays : 7:30 am - 8 pm
  • Price/ Entrance fee:

    • Above 1.35m:
      • 135.000 VND (~$6) during weekdays.
      • 160.000 VND (~$7.5) during the weekend/holiday.
    • 0.9m to 1m35:
      • 110.000 VND (~$5) during weekdays.
      • 130.000 VND (~$6) during the weekend/holiday.
    • After 5 pm:
      • 90.000 VND (~$4) for all customers.
      • Under 0.9m:    Free Entrance.
  • Transportation

    • The distance is only 7 kilometers from Hanoi Old Quarter to Ho Tay Water park, so a taxi will be the best choice. It takes about 25 minutes if you get there by taxi.
    • However, you can obviously rent a motorbike or catch a bus to go there.
    • There are some buses stop at West Lake Water Park, such as Bus No.55, Bus No.13, Bus No.33, Bus No.86
  • Tips for newcomers

    • If you travel there by bus, ask the driver or the assistant to remind you when you arrive.
    • Do not forget to bring your swimsuit. You will not be allowed to try sliding lanes if you wear short jeans.
    • Otherwise, you can rent a swimsuit in the water park with 30.000VND (~$1.5) for adults and 20.000 VND (~$1) for kids.
    • Food is available at quite a high price. So you should bring your own food (fruit, bread, and water..) to save money.
    • Camera or Smartphone with a waterproof cover will be useful if you want to take some pictures while playing there.
    • Remember to put your own tissues in your backpacks. It will not be useless anyway!
    • Using suncream 30 minutes before you come. You will not want to get burnt after visiting there.

All these tips above would help you to get a perfect day in West Lake Water Park. So you should note it in your handbook immediately, and prepare for your trip to this amazing park!

Time to visit 2 hours
Opening hours 8 AM - 8 PM
Should visit at 4 PM (weekdays)
Should leave before 6 PM
Good for travelers Second-time visit






Price range 6.72 USD

Moreover, you should come here from April to November due to the weather.

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B. What Games in Ho Tay Water Park?

  • Sliding lanes :

Various lanes will make your day with super excitement and joy. These are high-speed lanes for single; black thrilling lanes for couples and 14 meters high carpet sliding lanes for anyone love fast speed and venture things.

Ho Tay Water Park - Various in extreme lanes Various in extreme lanes

  • 3m depth wave–making pool:

No need to go far because the sea can be in Hanoi. With almost 1.2 meter high waves in 3m depth pool, you can totally enjoy leisure time like you are on the beach for real. Also, swinging ropes and diving under 3.5 meters deep pool may be amusing activities you can try once.

Ho Tay Water Park - pool

3-meter depth wave-making pool with a capacity of a hundred people

  • Lazy river:

For anyone who prefers to stay afloat and sunbath, this 450m long lazy river will create a peaceful moment, completely free-minded from daily lives. Gradually flowing around Ho Tay water park, you will sightsee West lake, a simple but subtle beauty.

Ho Tay Water Park - lazy river Lazy river for family, friends and couple

  • Diving pool

A pool for those who want in extreme experience jumping from the height into the water.

Ho Tay Water Park - Diving pool Diving pool for who want an extreme experience

  • Children Pools

Your children can find happiness in childhood while swimming in colorful pools and sliding on many colorful lower-height lanes. Funny cartoon characters decoration will be a creative inspiration for children to have fun with.

Nearby this area, food, and drink serving stalls are ready to recharge your energy. You also take photos with stunning mountains and statues.Ho Tay Water Park - Colorful swimming pool for children

Colorful swimming pool for children

What's more next to Ho Tay Water Park?

Moon Park and New Sun Park

A bunch of games for youngsters and kids vary from thrilling games such as high-speed train, Alpen blitz, dropping down from height to games which are more suitable for kids like driving carts, bubble house, or bumping cars. If you want to play more challenging games than the merry-go-round of downtown parks, this West lake water park will never let you down!

  • The giant Ferris wheel

Ferris wheel in West lake water park Ferris wheel in West lake water park

The Ferris wheel moves gently and slowly to let you and your friend contemplate overview of West Lake and Hanoi from 60 meters high. The excited feeling when hanging in mid-air, what is more interesting!

  • Roller coaster

Roller coaster in West lake water park Roller coaster in West lake water park

This roller coaster is a game bringing you a new feeling, which offers you a small trip around Ho Tay water park, see romantic West Lake and enjoy the fresh air. This game is quite fast-moving and fun too!

  • Club area

This convenient multifunction service area will provide with enjoyable needs when you come to play in Ho Tay water park.

Inside games in West lake water park Inside games in West lake water park

There are a 3D movie theater, new arcade games, a shopping mall, sports areas for tennis, badminton, billiards, fishing, golf. Playing these sports help you relaxed, improve our health with a better status.

  • Cable swing

On this swing, you have a chance to see broad view sight of immense West lake and Hanoi. If this is your first time, don't worry! This cable swing has an automatic safety system that gives us a comfortable feeling.

Cable swing in West lake water park Cable swing in West lake water park

C. What do people say about Ho Tay Water Park on Tripadvisor?

  • A great way to spend a sunny day with kids

135 000 VND to enter in August 2018. My kids, 10 & 12 were tall so they had to pay the adult price. It is all by height. Not a big deal cause the ticket is pretty cheap anyway. We arrived on a weekday and didn't need to wait for any slides, jumping boards etc

which made it the best water park experience anywhere ever for my boys. Lots of cool slides, diving board, wave pool, mini zip line. Lockers for clothing. Shaded seating areas for non-swimming adults to observe. A bit faded but clean, and the lifeguards are super clear and strict on safety in the attractions. Highly recommend.

  • A fun day

Last weekend we had a nice day at this water park. Wide, large park, interesting games, and cheap price are all of my words to describe it. However, It's probably so crowded so that it's hard to join all games. Thus, I recommend that the earlier you go the quieter it is. We spent all morning day and then had lunch in a near restaurant. This place is absolutely missed in these Hanoi's hot summer days. Besides, they permit you without wearing a swimsuit.

  • Great fun for kids and adults alike

Second Sunday we've taken our kids aged 5 and 6 to the park. Great value for money, the earlier you go the quieter it is although it is never overcrowded, the kids loved it and there is enough to do to keep them entertained for hours. Yes, the park would benefit from some TLC, the locker and changing rooms aren't great but that should not detract.

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D. A brief story about Ho Tay Water Park

In the 90s of the last century, a huge investment has been brought to create such an attractive entertainment complex named Ho Tay Water Park for the citizen. The reason for this decision was that Hanoi was the capital of Vietnam, but this city does not have any entertainment places for people here.

You would be entertained with a lot of games in the complex 35.560m² area of 2 different parks.


3-meter depth wave-making pool with capacity of hundred people

3-meter depth wave-making pool with a capacity of a hundred people. While water park satisfies you with pools, slides, lazy river; amusement park (Sun Park) will make you pleased after trying roller coaster, pirate ship, Ferris wheel…

Only 5 kilometers to the north, Ho Tay Water Park Hanoi is one of the best Things to do in Hanoi with Kids, a group of friends or even couple.