Hanoi Police Museum - Vietnamese People's Public Security Force

Duc - October 26, 2018

Hanoi Police Museum or Museum of People’s Public Security provides information about the heroic tradition of our nation’s public security officers through different development phases of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

Numerous exhibits and photos provide interesting glimpses into little aspects of the Indochina wars and foreign intelligence operations in Vietnam during the 1980s.

About Hanoi Police Museum (Museum of People’s Public Security)

  • Location: No.1 Tran Binh Trong Street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi - less than 1 mile from Hanoi Old Quarter
  • Opening hours: 8 a.m - 4:30 p.m from Tuesday to Saturday every week
  • Price tickets/Entrance fees: Free
  • Contact: 0692342098
  • Fax: 0692342347
  • Email: baotangcongannhandan.bca@gmail.com
  • Website: www.baotangcand.vn - www.baotangcand.com - www.baotangcand.com.vn

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Map to Hanoi Police Museum

The recommended time to visit Police Museum in Hanoi

Special exhibitions are often held in January, February, August, and September when some of the most special historical events took place.

“The Epic Song in Spring 1968” (26/01 - 31/02/2018)

“Artifacts of People’s Public Security - The milestones of time” (31/08 -10/09/2017)

“Transnational cooperation between Cambodia - Laos - Vietnam” (31/08 - 10/09/2017)

  • Dress code: casual, formal dress is highly recommended
  • Time: 30 minutes is enough for you to explore all the sections

Ever since its establishment in 1945, the Public Security force has made many contributions to national liberation.

In order to recognize the great merits of generations of police officers and soldiers, the Ministry of Home Affairs (now Ministry of Public Security) directed a collection of artifacts, intelligence, espionage and other security matters before the inauguration of Museum of People’s Public Security in 2000.


Hanoi Police Museum is composed of 4 floors, each with different thematic displays:

  • 1st floor: Centre Hall

A statue of Uncle Ho stands at the center of the hall

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  • 2nd floor: The establishment of Vietnam’s Public Security force/ Defending the government against France (1945-1954)

Under the control of the Communist Party, it managed to safeguard the fledgling democracy from external threats. The force also contributed to the success of Dien Bien Phu battle in 1954.

Hanoi Police Museum - Vietnamese People's Public Security Force

Different kinds of Badges

  • 3rd floor: Public Security force in constructing socialism in the North and liberating the South

Section 1: Public Security forces during the course of constructing socialism in the North

When the US sent out an increasing number of military assistance to northern Vietnam, Public Security officers had 2 main functions:

  • Ensuring the safety of people
  • Repairing damages

Section 2: Southern Vietnam during the American - Vietnam war

Before the national reunification in 1975, the security forces retreated into secrecy and accomplished tasks despite the network of American espionage.

Hanoi Police Museum - Vietnamese People's Public Security Force

Some collectibles of espionages in Vietnam

(1) Police Military Committee of Hong Quang area equipped the Public security comrades on the duty of registration and management of a number of inhabitants, 1955

(2) Police Military Committee of Hanoi area equipped the Public security comrades on the duty of registration and management of a number of inhabitants, 1955

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  • 4th floor:

Section 1: People’s Public Security in constructing and defending the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (1975 - 1986)

After the Liberation Day, Public Security officers prevented, investigated and defeated potential actions against enemies of the Vietnamese nation and that can endanger national security.

The accomplishments of Public Security forces laid the foundation of the Renovation.

Hanoi Police Museum - Vietnamese People's Public Security Force

The museum receives attention from foreign visitors

Batons and electric sticks used by Security Forces in periods after 1975

Section 2: People’s Public Security in the Renovation, cooperation and development of the nation (1986 - now)

There are over 300 artifacts in this period on display, reflecting the remarkable achievements of Public Security force in numerous fields

Furthermore, "The whole population protects the Fatherland's security" movement played a significant role in preventing, investigating and solving functional and corruption-related criminal activities in keeping with the laws of the Socialist Republic.

A bike - a common means of transport at that time

Statues once belonged to French officers

Miniature boat donated to brigadier Do Van Hung - Deputy General Director of Police in 1998

Section 3: Uncle Ho and People’s Public Security

President Ho Chi Minh's teachings to build and strengthen the Party are recounted in documents

Hanoi Police Museum - Vietnamese People's Public Security Force

Nearly 100 images and memorabilia reflecting the priority that Uncle Ho gave to Public Security officers are now on display

Section 4: International Relations

The gallery displays more than 70 artifacts marking the milestones in the multilateral military cooperation of Vietnam’s Public Security.

Hanoi Police Museum - Vietnamese People's Public Security Force

Educating succeeding generations of Public Security officers

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