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Duc - November 01, 2018

Enthusiastic and Eager to learn, these are what Hanoi eBuddies can proudly say about us. We have been established in 2013 as volunteer tour guide club and share the same missions in helping international tourists discover amazing sights and culture of Vietnam.

Our purpose is to promote the image of our beautiful country to international friends via our friendliness and hospitality. Through our activities, we provide chances to advance communication and English skill for students in a realiable evironment. So go expolre (with us)

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Hanoi e.Buddies is a voluntary organization which was born in 2013 in Hanoi , Viet Nam. By taking voluntary city tours

in Hanoi , we want to introduce the beauty of Ha Noi to the international tourists as well as help travelers to have a deep

understanding of Ha Noi.

Our culture and human of Ha Noi. Moreover, Hanoi e.Buddies is such a good and dynamic

environment for self-development of the local students

Hanoi Ebuddies’ mission:

  • Promoting the image of our beautiful country to international friends via our hospitality and friendliness.
  • Bringing tourists interesting and unforgettable experiences in discovering the beauty of and creating a better understanding about cultures with international friends.
  • Providing opportunities for Vietnamese students to practice and apply language, communication and other soft skills in an active and dynamic environment.

Hanoi Ebuddies’ main activities:

Hanoi e.Buddies is a non-profit organization and we have 2 main activities: Tourism and

Voluntary activities.

  • Tourism: is our core activity, in which we offer student tour guide services and other support programs for foreign tourists.
  • Voluntary activities: to enrich the knowledge and soft skills of our members, we have held many voluntary activities.

We hope that with these activities, we can bring opportunities that benefit for both Vietnamese students and tourists.

Our Partner:

  • AZ Local Trip

Az Local Trip is a Travel Assistant Company that caters to international travelers to Vietnam, such as Tours, Transports, Hotels and other related services, to help you get the most out of your trip. We connect travelers and other tourism companies, and help tourists directly to create a suitable itinerary.

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