Discover famous Halal food in Hanoi Vietnam

Nguyen Mai Huong - Updated April 05, 2019

Halal cuisine is varied and rich, bold and unique with the dishes are processed carefully, using a lot of spices. Dishes from the food background are not only fresh, rich taste but also especially good for health. Let’s explore the famous Halal food in Hanoi Vietnam!

Discover famous Halal food in Hanoi Vietnam

Fresh, rich taste and good for health

1001 Nights Restaurant and Shisha - Muslim Food in Hanoi

The restaurant is named after the famous one-thousand-one-night series. It was opened in October 2015. This is not just an address for you to enjoy the traditional Halal food in Hanoi Vietnam but also have cozy moments with your family and loved ones in a luxurious but cozy atmosphere.

Discover famous Halal food in Hanoi Vietnam

The Middle Eastern atmosphere

The restaurant will bring guests full experiences of Middle Eastern cuisine, including “mezze” art. Try authentic Shisha. Some Halal food in Hanoi Vietnam that you should not miss when coming here such as crispy falafel, tabouleh, stuffed grape leaves, and crushed hummus, excellent grilled shish-tawook chicken, grilled lamb skewers, minced beef skewers and chicken wings with lemon sauce …


  • 37A Xuan Dieu, Tay Ho, Hanoi

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Nan N Kabab Restaurant - Halal Vietnamese Food in Hanoi

Speaking of famous Arabian restaurants in Hanoi, Nan Nabab restaurant cannot be ignored, the restaurant received positive feedback from customers about the quality of food and space as well as the service style.

Discover famous Halal food in Hanoi Vietnam

The menu is really rich and diverse

From the outside, the restaurant is quite small and simple, looks like a popular casual restaurant. However, when entering, the space inside the restaurant is completely different, the restaurant is wide, decorated with the Middle East is divided into indoor space and garden space. As soon as you enter the door, you have been directly seen by foreign chefs cooking dishes. The menu at the restaurant is diverse and rich, you can freely choose. It could be said is one of the best restaurants which serve good Halal food in Hanoi Vietnam.


  • 49 Xuan Dieu Street, Tay Ho District, Hanoi

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Handi Restaurant – Halal Food at Hanoi

Handi Restaurant serves Halal food in Hanoi Vietnam. It specializes in serving Indian, Vietnamese, Pakistani, Afghan, Arabian, Middle Eastern cuisine. Especially here is extremely famous for vegetarian dishes such as Grill vegetable karahi, Masala feet, vegetable pakora, vegetable samosa, Halal food …

Discover famous Halal food in Hanoi Vietnam

Elegant space at Handi restaurant

The food in the restaurant is easy to eat, even for those who first enjoy the Halal food in Hanoi Vietnam, many customers commented on dishes made from a lamb at the restaurant does not smell of meat. Instead, it is the signature fragrance of traditional spices.

The space is quite quiet, the style of service from the owner to the staff is very professional, enthusiastic, friendly, most customers do not have to wait long to enjoy their favorite dishes.


  • 50 To Ngoc Van, Hanoi

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Spice Restaurant - Halal food in Hanoi Old Quarter

P.K Spice restaurant is located at 10 Hang Manh street, which is quite easy to find because it is located on the street. The shop consists of 3 floors, the space of each floor is quite narrow, only enough to put 2 to 3 tables, however, this creates a close, cozy, especially suitable for rainy and cold days. The style of service here is super enthusiastic, you can ask the chef to remake if you feel dissatisfied with the dish.

Discover famous Halal food in Hanoi Vietnam

A corner of the restaurant

The restaurant attracted a large number of visitors from different countries because the food here is reduced, tasted quite gentle, not too aggressive, consistent with the taste of many people. Both beginners enjoy Middle Eastern dishes. Some suggestions you should not miss when visiting such as Honey Chicken – food is quite like Vietnamese food, Chicken Malai Boti, Vegetable Pakora, Nan cake, Sagos Mutton …


  • No. 10 Hang Manh, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Here are the famous restaurants serving Halal food in Hanoi Vietnam, plan to visit these restaurants to enjoy the best experience of this special cuisine!

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