5 Best Breakfast in Hanoi old quarter? What and Where to eat?

Nguyen Mai Huong - November 01, 2018

Breakfast in Hanoi Old Quarter? Why take so much time to think of? Just take consideration on our suggestions for breakfast here

1. Bun Moc in Hang Luoc street

Up to now, the age of this breakfast in Hanoi on Hang Luoc street has been up to more than 30 years. The restaurant only sells noodle with rolled pork, also called as Bun Moc, and is super simple, but every morning is crowded customers to taste its breakfast in Hanoi. There are several plastic tables sitting 5, 6 people together. At peak time, guests have no place to wait, so they have to stand up to eat the best breakfast in Hanoi old quarter.


Bun Moc

Bun Moc – the best breakfast in Hanoi old quarter

It can be said that the food here is very pure when only include live spring and mushroom growth, ear fungus, accompanied by a little stingy. However, it must be acknowledged that the pork in this breakfast in Hanoi is delicious and has its own taste. Especially all of the ingredients are mixed together making a special taste in a bowl of Bun. Each of the rolled pork grows near the tip of the hand.

Bun Moc serves customers a delicious breakfast in Hanoi

The average price for each bowl is 25,000 VND, and if you want to add some rolled pork, it is 30,000 VND. It is opened at early morning to 10 am every day.

2. Bun Thang in Hang Trong street

One can say that Bun Thang is one of Hanoi’s signature breakfast in Hanoi, but perhaps due to the sophisticated way of processing, it cannot be copied by others. And one of the best breakfast in Hanoi old quarter is the Bun Tu Lun in Hang Trong street.

Actually, the shop sells two kind of noodles: Bun Thang and chicken Pho, but the highly recommended breakfast in Hanoi is Bun Thang. Noodles with all kinds of ingredients such as pork, egg yolk, chicken tilapia, dried radish, vegetables, mushrooms, shrimp sauce if requested … beautifully presented and fresh soup.

Bun Thang

Bun Thang – the best breakfast in Hanoi old quarter

Bun Thang

The soup of Bun Thang is special keys for the best breakfast in Hanoi old quarter

A bowl of Bun Thang, chicken Pho in Hang Trong has average price at 25,000VND to best 30,000VND / bowl.

3. Ribs porridge in Hang Bo street

Although it is just street food, but the speed of its sales in Hang Bo street porridge could make bigger restaurants must be jealous. It is opened 6:30 am and often fall into the status less than 9 hours is out of product so, recently, owner always adds more ingredients to meet the needs of the customers. About 10 o’clock, the porridge is empty. These evidences more approve for its famous reputation which is the best breakfast in Hanoi old quarter.

Ribs porridge in Hang Bo street

Ribs porridge in Hang Bo street

With 28 years of service, porridge at Hang Bo street is addictive by the spoon smooth porridge like cream, rice flavor and moderate comparability. The porridge is just not eaten well, and when combined with the mushrooms, the meat is crumbly and crumbled back to the delicious. So, guests come here both eat, the whole purchase is very crowded, sit back to eat a bowl of porridge less than 10 minutes have seen a new pot of porridge to sell before. Many customers are rated this food as the best breakfast in Hanoi old quarter.

If you come to eat porridge and meet the new pot, do not forget to ask the owner to shave a little fire porridge. Ribs of fire porridge soft, flexible plastic fragrance will make you remember forever. Price of a bowl of rice porridge Hang Bo from 10,000VND to 20,000 VND, depending on medium bowl or large bowl of porridge.

4. Xeo sticky rice in Hang Bai street

 Referring to the delicious and best breakfast in the old quarter, visitors cannot ignore Miss. May at the crossroads of Hang Bai – Ly Thuong Kiet. This is just a burden of sidewalk, but in terms of crowded, perhaps many restaurants have to dream of being in the state of standing around the bush, waiting for the purchase, especially in the peak time frame at 7:00am.

Xeo sticky rice

Xeo sticky rice

Nearly 25 years specializing in selling sticky rice, Miss. May corner is so close with a lot of people. At the same is the sloppy but her package is sticky combination of soft, flexible plastic, long hard not to the green section soft, soft, the smell, as melting in the mouth. Fried onions here are crispy and have different flavor with other shops.

Special fried onions on top

Special fried onions on top

A pack of Xeo sticky rice with only 10,000VND, if eaten with other addional foods, the price is only 15,000VND. On sunny days as well as rain, Ms. May only sell from 6am to 9am or even earlier.

5. Khuc cake in Cau Go street – Breakfast in Hanoi Old Quarter

On Cau Go Street, there are two rows of rice cakes close by each other, the price is just a little bit better and the two are very famous, it is Quan and Lan restaurant. If you want to find delicious food, sure, cheap, nothing better to buy at one of two restaurants.

Quan Restaurant in Cau Go street

Quan restaurant on Cau Go street

The cake is wrapped outside the sticky rice, inside the fragrant buns, greasy greens, parsley, spicy pepper, eat real life. The price of rice Quan is 13,000VND / piece, Lan bread is 12,000VND / unit. Sales from early morning until about 8, 9 pm.

Khuc cake is one of the best breakfast in Hanoi

Khuc cake is one of the best breakfast in Hanoi


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