Bat Trang Village - Hanoi Traditional Ceramic Village

Duc - October 25, 2018

Bat Trang Village

Wandering in the pottery land

Bat Trang Village is an old village famous for the tradition of making porcelain and pottery items which are still favored by many local and international markets in the modern times.

This is a promising place for the amazing journey in Hanoi, Vietnam as visiting the village can give visitors a unique experience on ceramics! Let's find out and explore Bat Trang Ceramic Village!

Bat Trang Village Tourist Information


Bat Trang Village is on Gia Lam District, about 13km away from the center of the city. Choices of transportation are:

  • Bus: Take bus line 47 (stops is near Dong Xuan Market) and stop at Bat Trang, the end terminal of lines.
  • Motorcycle: going from the center of city, you can pass the Long Bien Bridge to get to the destination.

It is recommended to go by bus or car for safety and comfort.

Ticket price/ Entrance fee

Ticket price for visiting the village is free, yet activities do have cost as provided above.

Bat Trang Village and the History of Ceramic

History of Bat Trang Village

In the 10th century, with the development of the relocated capital in Thang Long, businessman and artisans settled down in this area to work and trade. Taking the advantages of resources of white clay, many potters came and built kilns here. Since then, Bat Trang Porcelain has developed.

Bat Trang Village

Ceramic Picture from Bat Trang Village

Bat Trang Porcelain and Pottery in the Modern Time

Bat Trang Porcelains are widely favored in both the local’s life and the international market. Since 1990s up to now, orders for Bat Trang Porcelain are from Europe, the United States, Australia for tea sets, dishes, and vases.

Bat Trang’s products are credited at IKEA, Target and stored in world’s large museum, such as Guimet Museum in France and Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium.

Bat Trang Village

Bat Trang Village's product are used worldwide


Bat Trang Porcelain has been famous for the combination of diverse techniques of carving, scrupling and embossing with variety of pattern and topics used. The most common pattern featured are:

  • The Four Holy Beasts (Dragon, Qilin, Turtle and Phoenix)
  • Dragon and phoenix in clouds

Bat Trang Village

Dragon and pheonix pattern

Bat Trang Village and Activities

Buffalo Tour

Coming to Bat Trang Village, visitors can rent a buffalo vehicle to go around and visit the whole village. This interesting vehicle can carry up to 10 people so don’t hesitate to try to have a full taste of the Vietnamese rural life.

Bat Trang Village

Go around the village on a buffalo

Visitors are carried by buffalo, the signature animal of the rural Vietnam

The price of renting this vehicle is approximately ranging from 200,000 to 250,000 VND (about 10 dollars).

Handmade ceramics

The most amazing activity that visitors must try is to create a porcelain items themselves. Visitors will be provided a rotating table and a tray of clay to handmade the products. After decided the shape of your objects and finish it, you can decorate them with your favorite pattern and ask for the glaze to complete the products.

 Bat Trang Village

Making ceramic product by yourself

Then it is your turn to be freely creative to make your products, whether it is a vase or a bowl with flower or cartoon pattern!

You can choose to left items at the shop or dry them and bring them home as a souvenir. It take about 1 hour for the dry process. The fee of this handmade creative production is about 20,000 VND each and for the take-away items is 35,000 VND


The village’s market is the place where you can buy those ceramics and bring them home as gift or souvenirs. The products are made in Bat Trang and come in numerous model, style, usage,…

Bat Trang Village

Can't help falling in love with these lovely ceramic stuff!

Even you don’t want to bring home anything, pay this place visit to see the vibrant atmosphere and this lively, colorful market!

Botanica Garden

Bat Trang Village

Ceramic windbells

History of Ceramic Gallery

When visiting Bat Trang, an antiquated village, visitors should never miss the chance of learning about the history, the evolution of ceramics and porcelain in Vietnam through the course of time. Visiting Vạn Vân House, visitors can see the representative architecture of houses in Vietnam in the last centuries and also numerous ancient ceramics objects collected from 15th century to 18th century.

Van Van House at ceramic village

The opening time is Van Van House is from 8am to 5:30pm

Bat Trang Free tour with Hanoi Free Local Tour

Bat Trang Village

It's fun to have a hands-on experience in making pottery

As a site in the outskirt of the city, visitors are highly recommended to have a local travel mate for convenience and also to learn more about the place’s insight and history.

Free tour is organized by AZ Local Trip with tour guides are groups of young passionate and energetic students who seek to guide the foreigners as a way to practice and improve their English skills but are trained to have full knowledge about attractions in Hanoi and tour guide skill.

Booking a tour is easy as visitors only have to go to websites and place a tour’s order. Visitors will receive a confirmation from tour director and they will be picked at their hotel or arranged meeting place at time as appointed.