Bao Son Paradise - The Biggest Entertainment Complex In North Vietnam

Duc - October 25, 2018


Have you ever dreamed of living in paradise just for a moment? What if I tell you that it’s actually a reality in this Earth?

Bao Son paradise is the harmonious combination of tradition and modernity, nature and artificiality. It’s the place we leave all the noise, the commotion of city center to live in a peaceful, serene atmosphere.

A.1. Address:

Bao Son paradise is located on Le Trong Tan, An Khanh, Hoai Duc, Hanoi. It takes about 40 minutes to get there from Hoan Kiem Lake.

The best way to go to Bao Son Paradise Park we suggest is to get a cab or to rent a private car.

A.2. Opening hours:

Normally, the amusement parks open at 8 a.m, and close at 8 p.m. But on some days, it can close sooner.

Recommended time:

There are so many interesting activities, especially on summer vacation and other holidays as Christmas, Lunar New Year, Moon Festival…

Only on weekends, we can enjoy watching Pirates of the Caribbean circus, carnival parade of princesses and pirates, and most impressively, the combination of music and water performance in the sparkling night.

A.3. Entrance Fee:

Price ticket includes all games and festival without water park:

On weekdays:

  • For adults: 270.000 VND
  • For children under the height of 1.3m: 220.000 VND

On weekends

  • For adults: 290.000 VND
  • For children under the height of 1.3m: 250.000 VND

As usual, tickets for the water park are free, but on some occasions like International Children’s Day, we have to pay 20.000 VND

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B. Local tips - Bao Son Paradise Park

  • We just need to wear comfortably and easily for moving. Remember bringing along swimming suits to have a fun time in water park.
  • We can bring along our lunch if we want. But in case we forget preparing beforehand, there are many restaurants with traditional concept.
  • The market sells many delicious foods originating from all corners of the country at a reasonable price. This is the precious opportunity for us to explore and be drawn into the world of taste and savor, right?
  • Maybe a bottle of water will help us to satisfy the thirst during this exciting trip. And a hat and suncream to protect your skin too.
  • If you want to go further to the countryside of Hanoi to continue exploring, these are the 2 most favorite places outside of Hanoi that you should give a try


C. Introduction of Bao Son Paradise

You will be surprised by many interesting activities in just one destination. Maybe you will need a whole day to explore this huge area.

C.1. Aquarium

What special about this aquarium is that it was built in the shape of Hon Trong Mai, which is a famous symbol for Vietnam travel.

With more than 10000 m2, it’s home to nurture and showcase thousands of sea creatures such as sharks, rays, seals…from the deep ocean.

Especially in the tunnel aquarium, we will feel like diving and sense the vibration of the ocean, the soul of virtual beauty of nature, the color of vivid life.

In the aquarium tunnel

C.2. Safari

Stepping outside of the deep mysterious ocean, we chance upon the pristine of wild world with bird gardens, waterfalls, forming mountain river as in a primeval forest.

It’s also the only zoo in Hanoi that we can directly feed the rare animal by hand, photograph and much more close contact with them. They originate from South Africa and North America, which brings you the experience of living in the famous animation movies Madagascar.

Furthermore, we can enjoy the party with dance art seals, animal circus fun.

Also, we have opportunity to experience on the yacht flowing the river to contemplate the beauty of the wild.

And most intriguing for the voyager being into a dangerous adventure is that we can try the feeling of falling from a 16m slide at the end of the river trip.

If you want more, there are still some adventurous games named “mysterious footsteps” and “speeding line”. In the first one, we try to balance on the treetops, suitable for guests of all ages wanting to thrill more. In the latter one, we can role-play as Tarzan to swing freely at a high speed.

C.3. Games:

With a series of adventure games, exciting, appealing for different age groups, combinatorial game at Bao Son Paradise Park Hanoi attract and impress all other guests.

And many more games:

  • Hunting in the forest (children)
  • Trains swinging (kids)
  • Cars regularly attractive mountain (kids)
  • Continuous game (kids)
  • Trampoline
  • Merry-go-round
  • Game Frog jump
  • Pirate boat
  • Cars collide
  • Cinema 4D
  • Cinema XD

C.4. Water park

And the most exciting part if you go there in the summer: alleviate all the heat and have fun with cool water. With the largest pool in Hanoi, we can comfort in relaxation, or be dynamic in sliding line, twisted line…

Children will be fascinated in the world with water castle or the open-twisted mini slide, and ready to awake the curiosity and creativity.

C.5. Traditional village

That is the place where we can manually make the traditional craft products from raw materials and buy some souvenirs for friends and family in the hometown.

There are also a wide variety of villages for you to spend all day long of experience: Pottery, silk, gems, silver, paintings…

C.6. Art

Paradise Culture is a place of gathering and reproduction of the distinctive features of the culture of Vietnam in terms of architecture, art, traditional products. The experience you can get from:

  • Royal Restaurant
  • Street Festival Program
  •      Watching Water Puppet to see the scenes of spiritual and material life of farmers in Vietnam
  •     Listening to Folk-songs to understand the graceful, delicate, elegant of traditional music repertoire in Vietnam such as cheo, quan ho, ca tru.

Bat Trang Village teaches tourists directly make a ceramic product by themselves.

After taking a day at Bao Son Paradise, Why don't you take a street food tour around the Old Quarter to taste the very best signature cuisine of Hanoi?
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