24 Hour Food Hanoi – Where Hanoi lives all day long!

Nguyen Mai Huong - November 01, 2018

24 Hour food Hanoi? Tong Duy Tan Street is short, but many people want to come to this location because of the diverse food here. Especially, most of the shops and restaurant here are opened as 24-hour food Hanoi.

1. Cafe Shop – Hanoi 24 hour food

Talking to Tong Duy Tan, right away 2 coffee shops open 24/7, close together right in the middle of the confluence Ngo Cam Tong only delivery, it is Puku and Xofa. Both of these have a large space, garden, full of western food, we have a lot of gouts. This is one of the Hanoi 24 hour food places which is a good choice for Hanoians.

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Put into operation under ten years, Puku not only attracts Vietnamese visitors but also a favorite place of many foreigners. At the present time, this is a nice cafe with the traditional features of Western Vietnam. Western style in service, menu drinks, and dishes … Even the restaurant has Puku Sports Bar dedicated to sports fans.

24 Hour Food Hanoi – Where Hanoi lives all day long!

Puku is the familiar Hanoi 24 hour food address of many freelancers.

Puku is not very nice, even some old and patchy but the number of patrons of the restaurant is enough to shop for anything natural at such time. Outdoor space of Puku is less than Xofa, but it is airier and greener.

24 Hour Food Hanoi – Where Hanoi lives all day long!

The corner of quiet, quiet, tinged with time is quite popular when you go to Puku.

The food and drinks of Puku are pretty much but the drinks and sweets are not so impressive, so the menu is salty quality is very convenient for guests to eat at the restaurant without running away, running again. Especially after 22 hours, Puku has its own menu, the price of drinks and food after this hour will also increase a bit compared to normal. The simple drink menu, the price is also quite soft.

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Xofa has been on the map of Hanoi’s clinic for about a year with a style of liberal like romantic, Korean style. With the advantage of airy space, remodeling on an old French house should “look” of Xofa looks very attractive to customers. Therefore, always have many “pretty boys – beautiful girls”, clothes turn to just watch and enjoy food, drinks.

24 Hour Food Hanoi – Where Hanoi lives all day long!

Xofa cafe

And there are many corners for the freelancer.

24 Hour Food Hanoi – Where Hanoi lives all day long!

A corner of Xofa

The food and beverages in Xofa are updated according to the trend, the cakes are quite diversified and are praised by many people as delicious, although the price is not soft, food and drinks are diverse but not really excellent. At night, because of the lack of football, Puku is so quiet that it is convenient for you to put on a blanket and lie on the sofa. The restaurant is quite crowded so there are times when the seats, because of this reason that food and drink out slowly. This is also a good Hanoi 24 hour food place to visit

2. Cuisine – 24-hour food Hanoi

There are many restaurants that we want to share with you to have a great 24-hour food Hanoi experiences. Tong Duy Tan has many restaurants, but the most crowded time is from late afternoon to late night. Even calling this place is a haven for Hanoi’s nightlife.

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24 Hour Food Hanoi – Where Hanoi lives all day long!

Pho in the Old Quarter - A taste of Hanoi


Located at the beginning of Tong Duy Tan intersection with Tran Phu Street, it is not difficult to recognize this noodle shop because of the smell of water in the street corner. This pho restaurant has a long time in Hanoi, specializing in beef noodle with all kinds of sauces, reed, re-cooked. Correctly sold pho in the past, water bars, general food is quite good, but not to the point of a message.

Compared to the other restaurants, pho line train is special guests can linger as long as you like the light up until the morning light. The meals cost about 45,000 VND. This price is considered to be slightly better than other pho but with a noodle shop selling the morning, quality is relatively okay, this price is completely acceptable. We pretty sure that you will have a great 24-hour food Hanoi experience here.

Other must-try Hanoi food:

Roasted chicken island

One of the most famous dishes in Tong Duy Tan is the chicken fried chicken island with prices ranging from 80,000 to 120,000 VND / depending on the size. The chicken rice shop concentrated near the intersection Tong Duy Tan intersection with Cam. This dish is actually quite simple rice balls in the pan on the hunt for seeds. But the time on the pan just right to not get too stiff as the fried rice.

24 Hour Food Hanoi – Where Hanoi lives all day long!

A dish of roasted chicken rice

One part of chicken rice is roasted with a dish of rice island and a small bowl of chickens to eat, salty roasted, in addition to pickled cucumbers. The advantage is delicious rice, aromatic though not need to island with eggs like some restaurants, chicken soft, chicken roasted sweet salty in your mouth. In addition to the roasted chicken island, there are many other salty dishes like shrimp rim, ribs … very diverse. It must give you a wonderful 24-hour food Hanoi experience

Stewed chicken

Speaking of Tong Duy Tan cuisine, it is impossible not to mention the famous Cay Si and chicken dishes. Open for many years and is one of the famous frequencies of Hanoi. Broilers are usually slightly larger than their fists, stewing for about an hour, then left in a warm pot.

According to many customers are stewed chicken frequencies, the use of chicken sauce is not too soft. The herbs are very delicious too. In addition to frequency chicken, the restaurant also has stewed chicken noodles, beef noodle, fried rice. In terms of space, a wide bar, there are both outdoor seating and air conditioning for you to choose. Sale from 9 am to 11:30 pm, prices range from 65,000VND to 100,000VND depending on the type of chicken.

24 Hour Food Hanoi – Where Hanoi lives all day long!

Stewed chicken at Cay Si restaurant

Besides, the restaurants have their own brand above, Tong Duy Tan Street also has more barbecue, hot pot and seafood are busy travelers. These shops are located near the front of Tran Phu street and they have quite clean space, food is cooked by hand, sold late night.

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