Hanoi Old Quarter Walking Tour

Hanoi Old Quarter Walking Tour

Hanoi Old Quarter is particularly a must-see location for every international travellers to Hanoi. A wonderful Hanoi Old Quarter Walking Tour to such ancient commercial streets provides a proper understanding not only about how local people run their businesses but also about traditional Vietnamese architecture.

You’ll be guided by well-trained local guides who really knows about the local and most importantly, the tour is FREE.


  • Save your money (free tours) and avoid scams

  • Customizable tours

  • A local tour guide who really understands Hanoi

  • Insight into Hanoians’ culture and lifestyle

  • Exploration of Hanoi Old Quarter’s beauty

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  • Hoan Kiem Lake - Ngoc Son Temple, The Huc Bridge

    Our first destination is Hoan Kiem Lake.

    Hoan Kiem Lake or Guom Lake (Returned Sword Lake) is one of the attraction that comes first in every foreign visitor's mind. The lake is also the center of the city and no tourists leaves Hanoi without visiting this area.

    There’re some attractions we’ll visit in this area such as: Ngoc Son Temple, The Huc Bridge.

    Ngoc Son Temple is the most scenic natural landscape of the city. The temple seems so impressive with two posts written in Chinese before the entrance gate.

    The Huc Bridge (Rising Sun Bridge) is typical for Vietnamese architectural value. The bridge is also a romantic spot to watch the sunrise and sunset. A lot of couples visit this bridge to selfie and take some photographs for themselves.

    Wandering along the riverbank full of green trees, you can enjoy the simple but tranquil speed of life of locals here.

  • Hanoi Old Quarter

    After exploring Hoan Kiem Lake area, we’ll head to the Hanoi Old Quarter.

    Hanoi Old Quarter is known for the 36 ancient trade streets and now, the busiest hub of the city. There’re all kind of things you can find in here from tourist attractions, shopping stalls to street food vendors.

    However, wandering along these old streets evokes feelings about Hanoi in the ancient time. Tourists at the same time observe the lifestyle of local Hanoian to enrich understanding about the culture here.

  • Hanoi Old Quarter - Explore inside of Hanoi Old Quarter

    In Hanoi Old Quarter, you’ll see the “tubular houses” which are the typical houses in this area.

    We’ll visit some of the famous attractions in Hanoi Old Quarter depends on your choice: Hanoi Ancient House, Bach Ma Temple, Dong Xuan Market, Long Bien Bridge,…

    Hanoi Ancient House was built in the late of the 20th century and is the resemble of real ancient architecture of Hanoi houses. You’ll have a chance to be back in time to observe how life was in Hanoi.

    Bach Ma Temple is the Eastern Guardian God Temple of the old Hanoi and is believed to be the oldest one in Hanoi. Dong Xuan market is the largest indoor market for anyone who enjoys shopping.

  • Enjoy Some Snack And The Egg Coffee

    While on the way, our tour guide will take you to eat the famous and delious Trang Tien Ice Cream – known as the longest ice-cream brand in Hanoi. Or you can taste the Egg Coffee or Egg Beer– also the famous drink of Hanoian.

    We'll then drop you off at your hotel or you can continue with your discovery. Our tour ends here.

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  • Personal expenses (foods, drinks, tips)

  • Tips or gratuities for tour guides


  • Student guide requires no charges! Guests should be nice to cover all fees for guide!

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