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FAQ’s for Hanoi Free Walking Tours

May I know how much is the tour? 

Yes the tour is free, but you are responsible for the admission, food and transportation if you need it. The tour guide is there with translation and local tour itinerary. They are usually university students.

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Do we have to pay for anything?

Only for taxis, entrance tickets into the sites you visit and meals, should any of them be included in your trip.

Does AZ Local NPO offer Free tours in languages other than English?

No. For now, we have only English-speaking tour guides. We are working to increase the variety of languages in our tours and should provide tours in other languages in the near future.

Does AZ Local NPO offer tours in places other than Hanoi?

Yes, we do offer Free Tours to Bat Trang Villages, Duong lam Village.

Why Hanoi Free Walking Tours with AZlocaltrip

The Vietnamese capital, Hanoi, is home to almost 8 million dwellers across the country, which make up this bustling, vibrant, hectic and beautiful neon-lit metropolis.

It’s sprawling, and overwhelming at first, but Hanoi Free Walking Tours as recommended by AZ Local NPO are certainly the perfect way to get your head around this fascinating capital – a place where traditional culture is balanced beautifully with modern architect and influences of Western culture, delicious cuisine.

Join a lovely authentic local Hanoi guide to explore the key sights & rich history and get to grips with life lived here. See Hanoi Old Quarter, French Quarter, Ho Chi Minh Complex, Temple of Literature and much more while learning about renowned Vietnamese and Hanoi traditional & modern culture.

Best Hanoi Free Walking Tours with AZ Local NPO

Walking tours are a wonderful way to visit a new place, especially Hanoi city. Exploring on foot gives you the opportunity to see a neighborhood up-close and learn about the people and places that make it tick.

We’ve put together a round-up of Hanoi free walking tours for visitors on a budget. These tours cover a variety of neighborhoods, depends on where you would like to go and what you want to know about.

Be aware that free tours tend to attract large groups, you may be attached with another people in a group tour.

Discover the many faces of Hanoi with a passionate local guide

With AZ Local NPO, we’ll show you many of Hanoi’s top attractions.

If you want to discover the history of Hanoi, we’ll lead you to the top ancient relics and destinations. If you want to taste street food, we will take you to the most popular and delicious food stalls and restaurants in Hanoi to satisfy to taste buds.

Need an exploration of Hanoi at night? We have Hanoi free walking tours at night from sightseeing to night food tours.

Original free walking tour Hanoi, every day of the year

Rain or shine, all of our tours run as scheduled. Book a Hanoi free walking tour online to guarantee your spot!

AZ Local NPO believes in supporting local students, bringing local students closer with foreign travellers and promoting the culture of Hanoi and Vietnam. Our Free Tour Guides in Hanoi ‘ll never pressure you to tip.

Hanoi Old Quarter Walking Tour

One of the most popular walking tours is Hanoi Old Quarter Walking Tour. In this tour, our guide will walk you around discover the beauty Hanoi Old Quarter – the center and most busiest hub of the capital. Most tourists can’t miss this place during their trip to Hanoi. This is also where the most delicious food is found. Stroll around Hanoi Old Quarter, visit the main attractions such as Hanoi Ancient House or Bach Ma Temple and enjoy the atmosphere, observe the local daily life.

Hanoi French Quarter Walking Tour

French Quarter is another main spot for tourists in Hanoi beside Old Quarter. The French Quarter was mainly built during the French colonialism. That’s why the architecture of houses, buildings, avenues here resembles the French architectural style and because of that, Hanoi is called by some people: The Little Paris. Different from Hanoi Old Quarter, French Quarter is more modern and gives off a luxury feeling since it’s home to some of the most luxury hotels and restaurants in the city. Slowly walking through this neighborhood, you’ll discover the St.Joseph’s Cathedral, Hoa Lo Prison, National History Museum.

Hanoi Night Walking Tour

Want to experience the fun at night in Hanoi but having no ideas where to go and what to do? Don’t worry, we have an itinerary for you for the best nights in Hanoi. Hanoi Night Walking Tour is another popular tour among Hanoi Free Walking Tours. We will take you to the most fun places in Hanoi, give you the chance to experience both traditional activities and modern nightlife in Hanoi. From having beer in Ta Hien Street to tasting the best night cuisine of Hanoi.

Reviews of our Hanoi Free Walking Tours on Tripadvisor 

A Great way to Explore Hanoi

The free walking tour Hanoi is a great way to explore Hanoi and discover the food, history, and culture in way that guidebooks can’t provide. We enjoyed the Street Food, Military History, and Old Quarter tours. All three of our tour guides were students at the Hanoi University of Industry who know the city very well! These students were a wonderful resource, fluent in English, and interested in getting to know westerners.

They’ll meet you at your hotel location bring you to the points of interest on foot.

Some of the highlights were the sampling of local Hanoi food (Vietnamese coffee and Bun cha) and important sights in the Old Quarter such as the Traditional House, Old Quarter Markets, and Ho Chi Minh’s meeting house where he signed the Declaration of Independence.

A must-do in Hanoi

We really enjoyed the tour conducted by Tra (primary guide) and Ahn! They have solid knowledge about the history and culture of Hanoi and it was an eye-opener for us. Tra’s cheerful personality and friendliness made us feel so welcome and joyful throughout the tour, really commendable! A great initiative to learn about Hanoi in a light-heartening setting.

@collenk2018: Hanoi Free Walking Tours with Thu Moon

I had a wonderful tour with Ms Thu Moon. She was very professional and friendly. She was very knowledgeable about nice places to visit and her recommendations about dining places and chill out spots around Hanoi. She took me to many interesting places. We had great conversations and her knowledge about current affairs around the world is impressive, she’s also a very good communicator and is full of life and very fun to be with. I would recommend her for any tourist who wants to experience Hanoi. Next time I have a tour it has to be her again!!

@Rhys P: Fantastic Food Tour

I had a delightful tour with Linh who was clearly passionate about good food. As I was the only one on the tour and had already tried most of the more common Vietnamese dishes, she took me to some authentic local places which tourists were less likely to know about.

We ate at around 5 places and all the food was very tasty and reasonably-priced. For two people the total bill was less than 200k. If you just want to sample stuff or you have a small appetite, then go with a few more people as there was quite a lot of food to share!

A highlight would have to be the fermented, fried sausage in a crumb coating. I highly recommend letting Linh introduce you to some of the amazing food that Hanoi has to offer!

@Gleen R: See Hanoi through the eyes of young people

I chose Hanoi Free Tours to meet student guides and talk about how the younger generation see Vietnam. My two guides were delightful and were great guides and companions. I did the food tour and enjoyed pork noodles where Obama had eaten ( Huong Lien, four floors full of people), another for beef noodles, ice cream with rice and coconut and BEST of all egg coffee (cafe Giang).

My second trip was the old and French quarters. The Hoa Lo Prison used by the French to house Vietnamese nationalists and then by the Viet Cong to imprison US military made a deep impression in conveying the brutality of the countries struggle. Not to be missed. The the White Horse Temple and a traditional Vietnamese House – not many of those unfortunately.

Both my tours were one to one which made talking easy.

@ShelleyMaeTantan: Great afternoon in the Old Quarter with Anh!

We requested for a tour guide for a walking tour of the Old Quarter on our first day in Hanoi. Anh was confirmed as our tour guide and she arrived in our hotel on time to pick us up. She suggested a route we can take, and she was very open to accommodating our “issues” meaning not too much walking in between stops haha!

Anh was very knowledgeable about the different places we went to — Hoan Kiem Lake, the Red Bridge, Ngoc Son Temple, Dong Xuan Market, Long Bien Bridge, Den Bach Ma (which unfortunately closed earlier than 5pm!) and the Hanoi Ancient House. She also took us to Cafe Dinh for our first taste of egg coffee 🙂

Anh was also very interested about us, and would ask us questions about where we came from. She also made sure to spend time with each one of us individually (we were 6!) so we had our own conversations with her while walking around the Old Quarter. She also also took great pictures of us 🙂

All in all, we would recommend these Hanoi Free Walking Tours! It was a great way to start off our vacation in Hanoi!

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