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Hanoi Tour Packages Philippines

With our experience of providing thousands Hanoi Tours during past years, we – Az Local Trip has found out and built up some of the most reasonable and suitable Hanoi Tour Packages Philippines, only for Filipinos customers travelling to Hanoi. These Package Tours are specifically made for Filipinos tourists for the most convenience.

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Hanoi Tour Packages Philippines

From Hanoi to some of the most popular destinations in the North of Vietnam, we have some of the best Hanoi Tour Packages Philippines so that you can enjoy your best time in Vietnam.

Highlights of Hanoi Tour Packages Philippines

Discover the beauty of Hanoi and North Vietnam

With the trip length of more than 2 days, you might have a chance of exploring not only Hanoi, but also some cities and provinces outside Hanoi. This is the best way you can explore and discover the beauty of Northern Vietnam.

Each part of Vietnam has its own traits and beauty. Northern Vietnams is known for its beautiful nature scenery and tranquil atmosphere. Northern Vietnam is home of rippling mountains, cascading rice terraces and the winnowed-out karst topography.

Have a taste of mouth-watering Vietnamese food

Vietnam is famously known for its cuisine and street food. Trying these kinds of dishes is a cannot miss thing while you’re here.

Luckily, Hanoi is where you can find some of the most delicious food with the most reasonable price.

Insight into Vietnamese culture

Travelling to another country means learning about the culture of that country. During your trip, you’ll be introduced about the culture, the places, the traditions and customs of Vietnamese people by our tourguide. Moreover, you get chances to join the local activities, games, and other traditional customs. By this way, you get to learn about the local life and their culture.

Top destinations of Hanoi Tour Packages Philippines

As said above, there’re some Northern Vietnam destinations that you might visit outside Hanoi such as: Sapa, Halong Bay, Ninh Binh. Each destination has their own famous attractions and beauty


Ho Chi Minh Complex: Ho Chi Minh Complex includes Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Stilt House, One Pillar Pagoda, Presidential Palace. This is where you can have a peek into Vietnamese Great Father life and his contribution.

Temle of Literature: Temple of literature was the first university of Vietnam but now a popular tourist attraction. Here, you can learn much about ancient Vietnamese architecture and culture. There are also many historical stories to tell in this place.

Hanoi Old Quarter: One of the most crowded place in the city. They sell many kinds of goods around here, from traditional to modern ones. This is also where you an enjoy a walk or a cyclo tour around and observe the life of local Hanoian.

Halong Bay

Cat Ba Island: Cat Ba Island is the most popular tourist attraction in Halong Bay. This is the largest island in Halong Bay. Since this is a tourist attraction, there are full of the usual tourist scenario around here from hotels to restaurants and bars. There’re also many things to do while you’re in Cat ba island. You can hit the beach or rent a motorbike to discover around,

Floating Village: There’re Cua Van floating village, Vung Vieng village, Cong Dam village and Ba Hang village. You have to get on a junk or cruise to reach these villages. Normally, you make a short stop at a the villages and observe daily life or have a peek into the basic living of the villagers.

Sung Sot Cave: Sung Sot cave is one of the largest and most beautiful caves in Halong Bay. This is a place where rocky islands concentrated having distinct and strange shapes, which makes it interesting site for tourists.


Cat Cat Village: Cat Cat Village is the old village of ethnic groups in Sapa. Located in a beautiful valley about three kilometers from Sapa Town, it’s easy to access this village just by walking.

Ta Phin Village: This is a new destination in recent year. TaPhin village is a village of Red Dao’s ethnic minority. This place displays a rich culture of the minority that has not been damaged by the modern life.

Ham Rong Moutain: Ham Rong Mountain is situated in the heart of Sapa. Shaped like a head of a dragon in the clouds, Ham Rong Mountain is home to numerous kinds of flowers, green trees and orchard gardens.

Ninh Binh

Trang An Ecotourism Complex: Trang An Complex is a huge tourist attraction in Ninh Binh. Trang An is dominated by large limestone karst peaks that create steep vertical cliffs covered in plants. You’ll get on a boat, ride along the river through the cliffs.

Hoa Lu Ancient Capital: Hoa Lu ancient capital is the capital of the first fundamental government of Vietnam. This place has a variety of historical places to pay a visit and gain more insight into Vietnam history.