Hanoi Tour Package From Singapore

Hanoi Tour Package From Singapore 

( Customized Tour Package for Travellers from Singapore to Hanoi, Vietnam)

  • Lots of internesting activities and Destinations that meet Singaporean Travelers’ interests
  • Customized for Singaporean travelers (Foods, Guides and Itinerary)
  • Best Price ever (We are right in Hanoi to support you 24/24)

With our experience of providing thousands Hanoi Tours to Travelers from Singapore during past years, we – Az Local Trip has found out and built up some of the most reasonable and suitable Hanoi Tour Package From Singapore, only for Singaporean customers travelling to Hanoi. These Package Tours are specifically made for Singaporean for the best convenience.

Hanoi tour packages from Singapore

Hanoi Tour Package From Singapore

Hanoi Tour Package for 6 days will offer tourists a tremendous chance to visit the most celebrated destinations of Northern Vietnam.
This 5 Days Tour package take you to the most gorgeous landscapes in Northern Vietnam.
Hanoi - Halong Bay Tour 4 days is suitable for those who want to visit main tourist destinations in Northern Vietnam.
During your 6 days, you will have an opportunity to discover Hanoi, Halong and Sapa, the highlights in the north of Vietnam. Visiting those places, you will be amazed at the beautiful mountainous views in Sapa, the magnificent caves in Halong Bay and a charming Old Quarter in Hanoi.
This Hanoi Tour Packag will take you to Hanoi and Halong Bay, the 2 precious gems in Northern Vietnam, in just 4 days and 3 nights, which is a perfect way to experience Northern Vietnam at its best. AZ Local Trip is proud to provide you with a well-organized package tour to make sure that you will have an unforgettable trip in Vietnam.
Hanoi - Sapa- Halong Bay 7 days From offers the best attractions in a short time span. Starting out in the capital city, you will visit many wonderful sites. Visiting Sapa and trekking along the spectacular landscapes to meet colorful hill tribe people. Cruising the spectacular Halong Bay on a romantic old style Vietnamese Junk boat

Why Should Singaporeans choose AZ Local Trip?

AZ Local Trip has provided singaporeans with thousands of tours  throughout the past few years so we truly know what our customers want and need. We’re alwasy ready to serve our customers so that they will get satisfied and enjoy their best moments with their trip.

With AZ Local Trip, you’ll get:

  • Customized Itinerary, we’ll customize the tours according to your wants, needs and convenience
  • Free Local Tour Guides in Hanoi City (All our tours in Hanoi are free for travelers booking with us)
  • FREE and DETAILED consultation of Itineraries, Tours,… Just drop your information or contact us, we’ll help you as much as we can
  • Local Support 24/24 by at least 5 year-experienced local Tour Expert (You will be provided free local simcard 5G-internet/day Free until you get back to make sure that you will get support anytime.

Hanoi Tour Package From Singapore  – Enjoy Your Best Time in Hanoi

From Hanoi to some of the most popular destinations in the North of Vietnam, we arrange you some of the most appropriate and convenient Hanoi Tour Package From Singapore so that you can enjoy your best time in Vietnam.

Hanoi Tour Pakages from Singapore
Hanoi Tour Pakages from Singapore

Hanoi with its long history and rich culture is your next holiday destination and now you’re looking for a suitable Hanoi tour package. Don’t worry, AZ Local Trip is here to provide you the best Hanoi Tour Package From Singapore.

Beside the example packages, these can be customized according to your wants and requests so that it’ll be most comfortable and suitable. We’ll do our best and make sure you can enjoy you time in Hanoi.

With our Tour Packages, you can also advoid unwanted things like scams, spending over budgets and gain more knowledge of this beautiful country with out tourguides.


Highlights of Hanoi Tour Package From Singapore


  • Discover the natural charm of Northern Vietnam

Not only Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam but you also get a chance to explore the Northern Vietnam, depends on your trip length. Each part of Vietnam has its own traits and beauty. Northern Vietnams is known for its beautiful natural scenery, majestic yet ethereal. Going to Northern Vietnam means you’re having a real escape from busy daily life, leaving all the stress behind and immersing in the breath-taking, relaxing nature. Such a nature charm to recharge your energy.

Hanoi Travel Package From Malaysia: Hanoi - Sapa- Halong Bay 7 days
Beautiful valley in Sapa
  • Enjoy unrivalled culinary delights 

Vietnam is world famous for its street food and cuisine. Therefore, trying Vietnam food is a cannot-miss thing to do while you’re in Vietnam. Luckily, Hanoi has all the delicious food. Their flavor can tightly cling to my memory without any reason.

  • Understand more the Vietnamese culture

During your tour, your private tourguide will introduce to you about each place, the culture, the customs of Vietnamese people. Meanwhile, you’ve got to involve in activities, festivals, local traditions and customs. This way, you get to learn more about Vietnamese cuture and local life. Hanoi Tour Package From Singapore will help smooth your journey for approaching the Vietnamese culture by letting you have these experiences.

Top destinations of Hanoi Tour Package From Singapore 


Normally, with the tour package with more than 2 days, you get to travel to not only Hanoi but also some other cities or provinces in the North Vietnam: Halong bay, Sapa or Ninh Binh. These are all famous tourist attractions in North Vietnam. Depends on the length of your trip, you can explore pretty much of Northern Vietnam.

  • Hanoi: is the capital of Vietnam and is the perfect combination between tradition and modernity. It’s not surprising that you can find ancient temples, colonial buildings, war museums and sky scrapers, modern architectures, crowded streets at the same time. With its long history, rich culture and many activities, Hanoi is definitely a place you can’t resist.
  • Halong Bay: is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and also a main tourist attraction of Vietnam. Located not far from Hanoi, this beautiful nature wonder has the breath-taking and majestic scenery. What Halong Bay is famous for is spetacular seascape of limestone pillars rising from the emeral water of the Gulf of Tonkin. Some of the landforms are hollow, creating majestic caves. Visiting Halong Bay, you have a chance to cruise along Halong Bay, enjoy activities on cruise, visit caves and floating vilages, and try fresh seafood,…
  • Sapa: is a hill station in the Northwest of Vietnam, which was founded by the French colonial. Sapa is home to stunning mountain landscapes, lush mounain ranges, beautiful terrace rice fields, unique stilt villages, different hilltribe minorities and of course, the Indochina peak – Fansipan.
  • Ninh Binh: is Vietnam hidden germ. This is a fascinating place where apart from an inspiring scenery, you have easy access to the most rural and authentic side Vietnam. Ninh Binh is also nicknamed “Halong Bay on land”. visiting Ninh Binh is one of the best opportunities to see the rural way of living in Vietnam. The whole province tranquil and relaxed. It is a breath of fresh air from the hustle and bustle of Hanoi.