Traveling to another country is a whole new experience, exciting but so strange too. You may not know where to start, how much is the right price and what means of transportation is suitable for you.

If you intend to visit Hanoi, you may be suggested to explore Sapa – a cloud town with a diverse culture. Sapa is a dreamful place with colorful attractions: ethnic villages like Ta Van, Ta Phin…, natural beauty like Muong Hoa valley, Silver Waterfall… They are usually in the wishlist of travelers coming to Vietnam.


Who doesn’t want to reach this place?

We understand that you will have difficulty in moving around when you are in another country, so this is the complete guide on how to travel from Hanoi to Sapa, Fansipan peak and many more…

We hope that this detailed guide can have you choose the best suitable transportation to travel from Hanoi to Sapa. Also, we can help you in planning your trip here as well as many destinations in Vietnam. Moreover, it’s FREE!

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1. Train from Hanoi to Sapa – How to get to Sapa from Hanoi

All below trains depart from Hanoi train station (1 Tran Quy Cap street) and arrive at Lao Cai train station. You can book tickets online on websites or go straight to Hanoi train station to get it.

Hanoi to Sapa train price and schedule

Cost of Transport in Hanoi

Hanoi to Sapa train timetable and price (Jan 2019), please remember the price can be changed due to the holiday season or travel season


  • If you book the train ticket at the station, the staff will print and hand the boarding pass to you.

  • If you book online, you will receive an e-ticket or e-boarding pass. You can either print it out or use your mobile phone or tablet to show it to the train staff. I suggest you print it out and prepare your identification paper to check in more convenient

  • You had better arrive at the station around 15 minutes to 30 minutes earlier than the departure time. At that time, the station will be opening the gates to welcome guests onboard. Remember to check the number of the train, rail and the gate of your ticket. If you are not sure, you can ask the train staff for information (they dress in dark blue uniform).

Advantages of travel from Hanoi to Sapa by train

  • You can save time and enjoy a nice dream as you travel overnight.

  • There are many types of seats and cabins to go on the train from Hanoi to Sapa. You can choose the ‘soft-sleeper cabin’ option to have an optimal experience.  You either have the option on this train of sharing your cabin with others (2 or 4 pax) or alternatively to purchase a couple or all 4 tickets for you and your partner/friend to have a VIP private cabin (with the price of luxurious sleeper cabin).

  • The cabins were ornamentally decorated, with soft pillows and mattresses, slippers under the bed. Free water, snacks, toothbrushes in each cabin also. And sockets to charge your smartphones too!

  • The train also has fairly clean toilets and toilet paper for the whole duration of the night – although I still suggest you take some of your own just for in case!

  • I highly recommend Sapaly train and Fansipan train to get the most convenient experiences at an affordable price.

A cabin with all of your friend will be fun


  • Night train trips may be a disadvantage too. You only contemplate scenery in the early morning. Most of the time, there are only pitch black outside

  • Due to the age of the train and the railroad tracks, the ride will be anything but smooth.  You may feel difficult to sleep as the train rocked us back and forth!

  • Another factor keeps you awake is noise.  You had better prepare some solutions to deal with this.

  • The train drops you off in Lao Cai.  Lao Cai is about 38 kilometers from Sapa. After you arrive at Lao Cai train station, you can catch a bus to Sapa. The price ticket is 50.000 VND per person. Roads bend and weave through mountains so it takes you at least 45 minutes to be in Sapa.

ninh binh train

Take a train to Sapa is the best choice for family and friends

2. Bus from Hanoi to Sapa

Heading to Sapa by bus is the most saving choice to travel for you to spend your budget on other exciting experiences. It’s easy and convenient to book a bus ticket. Just do some google search and you can buy the ticket online on travel agency websites. The price and the range of bus vary, you can choose what suit you most.

Hanoi to Sapa bus price and schedule

Hanoi to Halong Bay bus schedule

Buses from Hanoi to Sapa (Jan 2019)


  • Going early is always good, right? The bus will leave at the planned time, so you had better be present at the station 15 minutes to 30 minutes earlier. If you choose a pick-up bus, they will inform you of the date and time for pick-up. Make sure to note it down.


  • The Express bus to Sapa (or vice versa) is a very comfortable way to travel. Get ready with a full-charge smartphone or laptop to enjoy your Netflix time!

  • The bus travels in the day and you can see some magnificent scenery of the countryside area on the drive! Otherwise, some buses depart at night so you also can get some good sleep on the train.

  • A bottle of water and a small packet of snacks are available, so are Blankets and neck pillows, on Hanoi to Sapa by bus, for use as well.

  • The bus often makes a stop halfway through the trip at a service-type stop point.  It’s great to stretch the legs for 30 minutes and grab something cool to drink, or some foods to eat as well. If there are 2 sets of toilets at the bus stop, always choose the tourist style one. You may pay a small fee to enter, but I’m sure that it’s the best decision you ever made.

Disadvantages of going from Hanoi to Sapa by bus

  • The roads to Sapa are pretty bendy and winding with steep cliffs, and the bus goes pretty fast. If you have motion sickness, I recommend not to look out on windows.

  • There is only one toilet break, so bladder control is important.

  • They drop everyone off at a fixed location in both Sapa and Hanoi. You will need to figure out your own way from there to your hotel.

You will not have enough privacy if you choose sleeper bus

3. Hanoi to Sapa by private car

Another way to arrange a private car is through a travel agency. Always ask for the price before booking one. AZ Local Trip provides a private car from Hanoi to Sapa. Contact us for more information


  • You should check the car and the contract carefully to avoid scams. Ask for a full package price, including insurance, fuel fee, and other fees. Some agencies can try to overcharge you with these fees.

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Advantages of Hanoi to Sapa private car

  • The private car option is the most comfortable and convenient choice. Everything is flexible: time, pick up spot, destinations to visit in Sapa (except one-way trip), break time during your trip…

  • It’s so suitable for a family or group trip, and bonding time on the private car will be more exciting than being quite on the bus or shared train.

If you travel with family, especially with elders and kids, a private car will give your family more privacy and comfort

Disadvantages of going from Hanoi to Sapa by car

  • Along with so many advantages, the only disadvantage is that it’s much more expensive than other transports. If you don’t mind about that, enjoy your trip!

4. How to rent a motorbike in Sapa

If you are the adventurous type and like to move around, you can choose to rent a motorbike to travel around Sapa. Traveling on a motorbike will give you a sense of freedom and flexibility. You can enjoy the changing Vietnamese country scenarios along with your trip.

The process to rent a motorbike in Sapa is quite simple. You need to bring some copies of your identification paper or passport and complete the rental contract. The price for a normal motorbike is 80.000 – 240.000 VND (3.5 – 10.5 US$) (not including gasoline).

Tips to rent a motorbike in Sapa

It’s necessary to check every single detail thoroughly before you receive motorbikes to avoid paying wrongfully. The ideal way of receiving a motorbike is to call the owner and get him to pick up without giving it back directly.

I recommend choosing some types of motorbikes like Wave RS because of its popularity and user-friendliness.

After renting motorbikes, you should look up for the nearest gas station. In Sapa, they usually open after 7:00 in the morning and are away from each other.

If you drive by yourself, remember to mark the route first and mind the turning sections. However, going alone on a motorbike can be a dangerous choice and there is a high chance that you can get lost. If the weather condition is not good, a motorbike is not an ideal means of transportation.

Besides, you can rent bicycles to explore mountain villages, which is both inexpensive and interesting.

Where to rent a motorbike in Sapa?

There are several options for motorbike rental in Sapa. I can list 3 places to rent motorbikes in Sapa.

Some places to rent a car and the detailed price for you

That is everything about how to go from Hanoi to Sapa. If you have further information about Sapa, please feel free to ask AZ Local Trip here!