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Exploring around some destinations in Hanoi, with a local guide is a best choice or ones who would like to know more about the city, especially travelers. On a motorbike, you will have a closer look to every place you pass by.

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Top Sights in Hanoi for Hanoi Motorbike Tours

Hoa Lo Prison: Nowadays, there’s only a small part of the old Hoa Prison that is reserved and becomes Hoa Lo Prison as you can find in Hoa Lo Street. Hoa Lo Prison was nicknamed as Hanoi Hilton by US prisoners during the American War. In Hoa Lo Prison, you can find exhibits of prison’s use during their days spent in here. This is a must visit place in Hanoi since you can learn a lot about Vietnam history during the period of wars.

Hanoi Opera House: Located in the heart of Hanoi French Quarter, the French-colonial 900-seat venue was built in 1911. Hanoi Opera House has a typical French architecture with Gothic style. Most weekends you’ll see Hanoi wedding couples getting photographed on the elegant front steps.

St.Joseph Cathedral: St.Joseph Cathedral was built by the French colonial, that’s why it’s said to resemble the Notre Dame de Paris. Located in Nha Tho Street, St. Joseph Cathedral is one of the most popular destinations in Hanoi.

Hanoi Old Quarter: or Ancient Quarter, 36 Streets, the Old Quarter of Hanoi is a must-see for anyone visiting Vietnam. Hanoi Old Quarter has a history that spans 2,000 years and represents the eternal soul of the city. The 36 streets that make up the Old Quarter are all named after the type of good or serve they used to sell there. They sell all kinds goods here from clothes, accessories to normal household things. Our Hanoi Motorbike Tours will guide you through Hanoi Old Quarter.

Long Bien Bridge: Long Bien Bridge is a symbol of tenacity and resilience of the Hanoian people. Long Bien Bridge was built in the 19th century and was bombed and destroyed several time during the American War. Long Bien Bridge plays an important role in the history of Hanoi and is very familiar with Hanoians. Today, it becomes a  indispensable tourist spot and a famous photograhy attraction since the scenery around is very beautiful. Many people come here and take gorgeous pictures. Long Bien Bridge is also a destination of our Hanoi Motorbike Tours.

West Lake: This is the city’s largest lake. On the south side, along Thuy Khe Street are seafood restaurants. To the east of West Lake, along Xuan Dieu Street are restaurants, cafes, boutiques and luxury hotels. There is the famous Tran Quoc Pagoda on the surface of West lake. This is the oldest pagoda in Hanoi and the most beautiful one. Tran quoc Pagoda is known for its tranquil and peaceful atmosphere although situated in the center of a crowded and busy city.

Hanoi Food Guide

Pho: Pho, for a very long time, has been considered the delicacy of Hanoi cuisine and known as one of the best food in the world. Pho is a famous choice for breakfast for Vietnamese people.Out of thousands of Pho restaurants out there in Hanoi, the 2 most famous are: Pho Gia Truyen (49 Bat Dan) and Pho Lam Nam Ngu (7 Nam Ngu). The price of a bowl of Pho ranges from 40.000VND to 50,000VND.

Bun Cha: Bun Cha is a dish of grilled pork eat with vermicelli noodle, herbs and a bowl of special sauce. Listed in top 7 cuisine of Hanoi street food, the available density of Bun cha Hanoi is so great that you can easily find a Bun cha everywhere. Bun cha is found in restaurants or street vendors. However, the best bun cha is served at 34 Hang Than. Another solid bun cha can be found at Nha Hang Thanh Hop (12 Dinh Liet), near Hoan Kiem Lake just a few blocks. Nha Hang Thanh Hop is usually full of tourists. They also sell many other northern vietnam specialities.

Hanoi Motorbike Tours
Bun Cha

Banh Cuon: One of the iconic street food dishes of the capital. This light food is perfect for snacking. Banh Cuon is also a famous breakfast for Hanoians since banh cuon can be found all over the Old Quarter, usually at small family-run shops or carts. Take your pick, or visit 14 Hang Ga, on the corner of Hang Buom and Ta Hien in the Old Quarter.

Banh Mi: Banh Mi is an airy French baguette with a thin crunchy crust that Vietnamese stuff in with roast chicken or pork, homemade pork-liver pâté, cheese, ham, pickled daikon radish, carrot, a generous sprinkling of cilantro leaves,… with many other ingredient which creates an savoury taste in your mouth.

Hanoi Motorbike Tours
Banh mi Hanoi for breakfast

Bia Hoi: or Draft Beer. Bia hoi can be ordered in bars around Hanoi but it’s best enjoyed at the Bia Hoi Junction which is around Ta Hien Street and Luong Ngoc Quyen Street. Bia Hoi Junction or can be called International Crossroad is the most crowded streets especially at nights. Here, tourists gather around and have beer together.