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Hanoi Free City Tours

Artful, gentle beauty of Hanoi doesn’t show us right after we get here. It’s a long story, taking us to be absorbed in the world and forget present. Start opening the first chapter of this story, with a visit around most attractive destinations in Hanoi.

3 hours

Ẹnoy Top 1o Street food in hanoi by Taking Hanoi Street Food Walking Tour. This is one of the most authentic local experiences of Hanoi – the 1000 year-old capital of Vietnam.
Hanoi Night Food Tour by Walking is a wonderful chance that matches all your wishes: exploring Hanoi like a real local, enjoying Hanoi vibrant nightlife and tasting best street food in the world.
With the Hanoi City Tour Half Day, first time travellers will be exploring some of the most famous tourist attractions in Hanoi such as: Ho Chi Minh Complex, Temple of Literature, Tran Quoc Pagoda and have an insight into Hanoi rich culture and history.
Wandering around the capital with one thousand year of civilization and culture brings foreign tourists a fabulous feeling of exploring spectacular landscapes which witness long-rooted history and culture of Hanoi. Visiting further Hanoi's outskirts, you can also go back the significant history of Bat Trang Ceramic Village and seek a chance to make a ceramic product by your own hands.
Wandering around the most popular destinations of the capital like Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Temple of Literature, West Lake with a free local guide is a perfect choice for those who desire to discover more about the city, especially travelers. Hanoi with one million year of culture and civilization allures hundred flocks of tourists thanks to its special unique cultures and the inside beauty of Hanoians as well. Hanoi City Tour Full Day is definitely one tour that you can't miss.

Hanoi Free Walking Tours

Walking around Muong Hoa valley, we step into wonderland of colorful rice terraces and a great waterfall. Nearby, we will start discovering culture in Cat Cat & Sin Chai villages, where we meet H’mong ethnic minority.

5 Days 4 Nights

If you are finding a tour including 2 elements: adventure and culture, take a brief look at what you will do in this trip. Both located in Northwest Vietnam, Sapa and Mu Cang Chai give us a fantastic outlook in daily lives of this area.
We also take a deep down into cultural features, traditions, customs and daily lives of ethnic minorities’ people like the H’mong, Dao, Tay. 2 nights in their homestay will give us an insightful perspective of their tribal experiences for a really long time.
Visiting Ta Phin and Matra village, we meet Black Hmong and Red Dao minorities, who still preserve, inherit and promote their culture, their identities every day.
Hoang Lien mountain ranges, mysterious and miraculous, “hug” a delicate, splendid Sapa town. Meandering Muong Hoa River flows serenely through terraced rice paddies and minority villages. And the best is a night in local stilt house, feeling the heart of Giay and Black H’mong tribes, listening their folk stories, their simple lives…
Green beauty landscape with biodiversity of natural reserve, smiling and warm-hearted Black Hmong and Red Dao people will leave you one of the best impressions in your Vietnam journey.

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Hanoi Free Tours
Our Free Local Guide is introducing to tourists

We – AZ Local Trip has been providing tourists with thousands of successful Hanoi Free Tours for tourists travelling to Hanoi. We have a variety of Free Tours for you to choose including: Hanoi Free Walking Tours, Hanoi City Tours, Hanoi Free Street Food Tour, Hanoi Free Motorbike Tours,.. and many others.

With the desire to promote Hanoi – our home city to friends around the world, we hope to be your travelling companions along this journey. Our members are enthusiastic and friendly local tourguide who are always eager to help you to experience your best time in Hanoi.

Hanoi Free City Tours: Our Hanoi Free City Tours will lead you through the central Hanoi area. We’ll explore some of the most popular and worth-visiting destinations in Hanoi. Along the way, our tour guide will introduce to you about Hanoi history, then and now, the traditions, how people live their life and many other stories are waiting to be told. This is a great way to get to know this beautiful city.

Hanoi Free Tours
Hanoi Free City Tours

Hanoi Free Walking Tours: These tours are made for anyone who wants real local experience in a very local way. With our knowledgable tourguides who know the city in their hand, you’ll get to walk through the streets of Hanoi. What’s interesting about this kind of tours is that you get to walk down the streets which is the best way to join in with the locals and observe their daily life. This is the experience you can’t get if go by transportation. As walking through the streets, we’ll also reach some of the poplular sights. Expore and take time to take some photos. Moreover, since Hanoi is famous for its street food, you can stop by any street vendors and have some tasty snacks on the streets.

Hanoi Free Street Food Tours: Vietnamese Food has gained huge recognization in the world in recent years. These kind of food doesn’t win a point in complexity, in fact, some of the most delicious food are made and can be tasted at street food vendors, which can be seen everywhere, all over the city. However, taking our Hanoi Free Tours, we’ll lead you to the most delicious and famous restaurants in Hanoi to taste the best food with hygiene and food safety. Our local guide will also teach you the local way to eat some special dishes.

Hanoi Free Tours
Tourists are having street food at a street food vendor

Hanoi Free Motorbike Tours: Hanoi is filled with motorbikes on the streets. Do you think it’d be great if you can join in the crowded streets by sitting on a scooter with the driver drive you around? We’re sure it’d be the most local experience you can ever have in Hanoi. Our tourguide will take you to the most famous sights in Hanoi. While driving around Hanoi, our guide will talk to you and introduce to you about the city, tell stories and answer your questions. Sitting behind a scooter is truly a great thing to do while you’re in Hanoi.

Top Attraction of Hanoi Free Tours

Hanoi Ancient House: Built in the late 20th century, Hanoi Ancient House offers visitors time-travelling to hundreds of years ago and experience locals’ life in this capital city. This house represents the architecture of ancient and traditional Northern Vietnam house. This kind of architecture is now long gone in modern houses and buildings. This is why this place holds both historical and cultural value. Visitors can also find traditional embroidery and silk paintings for reasonable prices here.

Hanoi Free Tours - Hanoi Ancient House
Hanoi Ancient House at 87 Ma May is categorized as National Heritage

Dong Xuan Market: Established in 1889, Dong Xuan Market is housed within a four-storey Soviet-style building on the northern of Hanoi Old Quarter. Dong Xuan Market is also known as Hanoi’s largest indoor market, you can literally find anything you need here. The market offer a wide range of goods from clothing, souvenirs, accessories to fresh producce and electronic as well as household appliances. If you are a shopaholic, or simply just want to buy some presents for friends back home, this is a place for you.

Long Bien Bridge: Long Bien Bridge was built by 2 architects Daydé & Pillé of Paris, that’s why it was influenced by the French style of architecture. With its length, the bridge was one of the longest bridges in the whole Asia at that time. Long Bien bridge is a symbol of Hanoian courage during war time. It was heavily bombarded during the Vietnam War and had been reconstructed many times. The defence of Long Bien Bridge plays an important role Hanoi’s self-image and is often extolled in poetry and songs. Nowadays, Long Bien Bridge is one of the favourite photo spots because the scenery is so beautiful especially at sunset.

Hanoi Free Tours - Long Bien Bridge
Beautiful Long Bien Bridge in sunset.

West Lake: West Lake or Ho Tay in Vietnamese is the biggest lake of northwest center of Hanoi. West Lake is the largest lake of the capital and a popular place for recreation with many surrounding gardens, hotels and villas. There’re many ativities around the lake that you can join such as riding duck boat, eating Shrimp pancake, visiting West lake waterpark,…

Tran Quoc Pagoda: Tran Quoc Pagoda is the oldest Buddhist temple in Hanoi. What’s unique about this pagoda is that it’s located on a small island on the surface of West lake. Tran Quoc Surrounded by lush greenery, Tran Quoc Pagoda used to be a favourite place amongst the royal families during festivals, especially Lunar New Year Festival. Its opening hour is 7:30 everyday and is a free to enter all year round. Since it’s a place of worship, tourists are recommended to dress conservatively for respect.