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Hanoi Street Food Tours


3 hours

Ẹnoy Top 1o Street food in hanoi by Taking Hanoi Street Food Walking Tour. This is one of the most authentic local experiences of Hanoi – the 1000 year-old capital of Vietnam.
Hanoi Nightlife Food Tour by Scooter is designed to satisfy all your wishes: being a local adventurer, joining the streets by local transportation, tasting most delicious local dishes as well as enjoying nightlife in Hanoi. Everything is combined in a 3-hour tour and this tour is also suitable for children. This activities will create unforgettable memories for your trip to Hanoi. Book Now!

3 hours

Scooters and street food are two must-try things while you’re in Hanoi. What can be more exciting than sitting behind a motorbike around Hanoi.
Hanoi Night Food Tour by Walking is a wonderful chance that matches all your wishes: exploring Hanoi like a real local, enjoying Hanoi vibrant nightlife and tasting best street food in the world.

Hanoi Cooking Class

Enrolling in Vegan Cooking Class, you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable culinary experience during your stay in Vietnam, and also become confident to treat your beloved family and friends with the mesmerising Vietnamese dishes when you come back home. 
Would you like to be able to return home from your time in Vietnam, to dazzle your family and friends with mouth-watering delicacies like Banana Flower Salad, Phở, Bun Cha and Fresh Spring Rolls? With Hanoi Cooking Class, you can learn to cook Vietnam’s most iconic dishes in the middle of the bustling city.

8-9 hours

Hanoi city and Hanoi cooking class tour provides foreign tourists a fascinating chance to experience the long-rooted history as well as unique culture of Hanoi. Joining Hanoi City Tour and Class Tour, you can have time to discover more and more about spectacular landscapes of the capital such as West Lake, Ho Chi Minh Complex and Hoa Lo Prison as well as enjoying the feelings of making Vietnamese specialties by your own hands.

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Hanoi Food Tour Map
Hanoi Food Map

Why you shoud take a Hanoi Food Tours?

Vietnamese Food has gained popularity in the world in recent years because of its diversity, delicacy and healthy gastronomies. Almost all dishes use the same main ingredients such as rice, its derivatives, fish sauce, herbs and vegetables. What’s interesting is that all the ingredients are common and thanks to the tropical climate, they are easily found in Vietnam. Especially, you’ll be surprised by the amount of fruits and vegetables consumed daily in the country. In fact, when you order a dish in Vietnam, you are most likely to be served a plate of fresh herbs before anything else.

Vietnam is divided into 3 parts and each part of the country has its own distinct food culture. In the north of Vietnam, The Red River Delta civilization from a long time ago has brought a long-established food culture. What makes the food here different from other areas is that the dishes don’t usually focus too much on a distinctive spice or flavor. You can see that the methods of making a dish haven’t been changed a lot since the old days as the Northern people truly cherish their traditions and follow their ancestors. So that the recipes are kept and pass from generations to generations.

Taking Best Food Tour in Hanoi 

Luckily, Hanoi is where the most delicious food is gathered. Apart from the traditional food, nowadays, there’re many kinds of new dishes created based on them. For example, Pho is the traditional one, and now we have Pho Cuon, Fried Pho,… All are very yummy and easy to find on the streets of Hanoi.

Coming to Hanoi without taking a Hanoi Food Tour is such a waste. Whether you’re taking a Hanoi Street Food Tours or Hanoi Cooking Class, it’s still a great experience to try some local food, learn how to eat them in the right way and have the most local experience with the local people. We’re sure you’ll have best food tour Hanoi.

Top dishes of Hanoi Food Tours

Pho Hanoi

Pho Hanoi has become a symbol of Hanoi cuisine. It is a traditional Vietnamese delicacy, has been familiar with the people of Vietnam from many generations.

Pho’s main ingredients are white rice noodles, boiled broth, hot noodles in the morning will make visitors feel very difficult to resist. Pho delicious must be cooked with beef noodles, broth and sweet, the cake is not crushed, the meat is not crunchy crunchy, lemon chili with onion enough. Include pho with some fresh herbs, pepper pepper, squeeze extra lemon is really right. Pho is a very popular dish, like a kind of food all day Hanoi.

Hanoi Food Tours
A bowl of Pho

Banh Mi

Banh Mi is a dish that most tourists looking forward to trying when they’re in Hanoi. Banh Mi might be the most familiar food to Western travellers since it’s originated from the baguette of France. However, Banh Mi is more crunchy and airy and stuffed with a varying combination of meats, vegetables, and sauces.


Che literally means dessert in Vietnamese; however, it comes with many types of dessert such as sweet berverage, pudding or dessert soup. Some of the most common che are Pomelo sweet soup, lotus seed and longan sweet soup, sweet black bean soup, sweet corn pudding, almond with cheese jelly and lychee sweet soup,… Some varieties, such as Sweet Glutinous Rice Dumplings may also include dumplings to eat with the soup.

Although Che is a dessert, you can find che easily on the streets and normally, Che is a famous light meal for Vietnamese people. You can run into street vendors, an outdoor market, down some alleyway– it is sold everywhere. Che is also an indispensable dish for some special occasions in Vietnam, such as Lunar New Year, A Death Anniversary or family gathering,… Che definitely plays an important role in the culinary foodways of Vietnamese folk.

Hanoi Food Tours
Che – A famous dessert of Vietnamese people

Chao Suon 

Chao suon (or spare rib porridge in English) is made of two main ingredients: carefully cooked white rice and spare ribs. First of all, the cook will stew the ribs for many hours so the broth will be sweet enough. Then they put the white rice in the broth and cook it until it turns out to be porridge. A perfect bowl of ‘chao suon’ is the combination between the sweetness of the broth and the tenderness of the pork and porridge.

Before eating chao suon, you have to put in pepper and ginger or it’d not have a perfect taste. Herbs and ‘quay’ are also indispensable ingredients. Quay is usually cut into pieces into the bowl and dipped into the porridge.

Egg Coffee

Hanoian is crazy for their coffee. You can see café shops are all over the city and anywhere you go. However, only in the center of Hanoi can you find the original and authentic café of Hanoi. One of the famous coffee of Hanoian is the Egg Coffee. This drink concoction was first created by a bartender in 1940s in Hanoi. Instead of milk, he used egg with the coffee. The result was a tasty Egg Coffee that is famous until now in Giang Café.

Egg coffee- hanoi food tours
Rich, smooth, sweet and creamy are the adjectives people use to describe egg coffee

The egg coffee is sweet and frothy with no hint of eggs. Under a layer of eggs is a familiar espresso. The cup comes in a small bowl filled with warm water to maintain the coffee’s temperature.
When drinking, don’t slurp down all the cloud-like egg concoction first. The combination of the egg and the coffee is really what makes it work so that drink it slowly or mix it together and then drink.

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