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Passing through some small but bustling streets on a cyclo is like you are watching a slow motion movie of old Hanoi. More interestingly, Hanoi street food is so delicious that you can't resist the urge to sink you teeth into them

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Taking a cyclo tour in Hanoi

Cyclo is one of the most typical vehicles of Hanoi. A cyclo looks like a bicycle but with 3 wheels, a seat at the front for passengers and a driver at the back. While by walking, you can only discover a small part of the city with limited time, but by taking a cyclo ride, it’s not exhausting like walking and you can also relax and see the streets on the slow speed of the cyclo.

If you take Hanoi Cyclo Tours we’re sure you’ll not regret it.

Riding Cyclo Around Hanoi

Hanoi Old Quarter lies in the heart of the city. That’s why Hanoi Old Quarter is always crowded, busy and packed with scooters… and cyclos, of course. You can hardly go far in the Old Quarter without seeing a cyclo. In other words, the answer to the question, “Where can I get a cyclo in Hanoi?” is easy: “Anywhere there are tourists.

A cyclo ride around Hanoi Old Quarter is also recommended as an interesting and must-try thing to do while you’re in Hanoi. Compared to other transportations on the streets, cyclos move with a really slow speed since it’s technically function just like a bicycle and is a human-powered vehicle. With out Hanoi Cyclo Tours, you have a chance to sit on a cyclo, go through the streets and observe the local life and activities.

There’re many advantages to take a cyclo tour in Hanoi. First of all, you can explore the city more with a limited time. By walking, you can only walk but with a cyclo, it’s not exhausting like walking and you even explore most of the streets in Hanoi Old Quarter. Second, it’s far easier to look around since you don’t have to pay attention to where you’re going to. It’s some good time to take some beautiful photos into your collection. Taking a cyclo tour is like taking an introductory ride to Hanoi Old Quarter

Top Attractions for Hanoi Cyclo Tours

Hoan Kiem Lake

As being referred to the Pearl of Hanoi, Hoan Kiem Lake locates right in the center of Hanoi and it’s very accesible. No tourists coming to Hanoi miss this place in their itinerary. Most of the city fun activities take place around Hoan Kiem Lake.

Not only a sightseeing destination, Hoan Kiem lake is also where local daily life can be observed. Here, you can see the locals doing morning exercises every morning, students practicing English with foreigners, groups taking photos, people selling souvenirs, painters sell their paintings for about VND 100.000 each portrait.,..

Taking a cyclo tour around Hoan Kiem lake may be one of the best activity can be done in Hanoi. While admiring the beauty of Hoan Kiem Lake, you can talk with the driver, feel the fresh air on your face and wind blowing through your hair.

Hanoi Cyclo Tours
Cyclo Riding in Hoan Kiem lake

Hoa Lo Prison

Hoa Lo Prison is a place that holds a lot of unrevealing stories and secrets during war time in Vietnam history. Once called as “Hanoi Hilton” by American prisoners, Hoa Lo Prison is considered one of the five most thrilling places in Southeast Asia. This was where the French colonials detained and tortured Vietnamese prisoners, who opposed colonialism in the 19th century. Popularly considered as “hell on earth” , this is the prison that had airless, dark, cramped prison cells with cold-hearted prison guards.

Hoa Lo Prison nowadays only remains a small part which has been preserved and become a famous museum that attract many curious tourists who want to know more about Vietnam histor and war time. Here, they display prisoner’s use, torturing methods and images of Vietnamese heroes. This place may be a little bit scary for somebody but definitely worth visiting.

St. Joseph Cathedral

Built by French and said to resemble the Notre Dame de Paris, St. Joseph Cathedral is a well preserved Catholic Cathedral in the middle of Hanoi. Although Catholic is not a common religion you can find among Hanoians, St. Joseph cathedral is still an outstanding architecture that you will be overwhelmed by its solemnity. Designed with the French-inspired Gothic Style, this cathedral is a famous gathering place of Catholic people when it’s holiday time especially Christmas.

Even if you are not a Catholic you can truly admire the beauty of this cathedral. Many people come here to take photos. Around this area, there’re many famous restaurants and coffee shops. Sit in an coffee shop, enjoy a cup of coffee with a view toward St. Joseph Cathedral might be the best way to enjoy your moment.

Hanoi Cyclo Tours
St.Joseph Cathedral boasts its special neo-gothic architecture.

Temple of Literature

Temple of literature or Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam in Vietnamese is the oldest university in Vietnam. Also, this place is one the most important architectural complexes in Hanoi. Temple of literature has long become Hanoi’s gem thanks to its historical and cultural value. The Constellation of Literature pavilion (Khue Van Cac) was officially chosen as a symbol of Hanoi.

This is where students from all over the country come and pray for their study, to pass important exams. This is also crowded during holidays. Especially in the lunar spring, along the streets around Temple of Literature, you will meet The Masters (the ancient teachers) writing calligraphy.