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Hanoi Cooking Class
A group of tourists is learning to make Vietnamese Pancake

Hanoi is a gathering place of all specialities and cuisine around Vietnam. Here you can find Northern Vietnam, Central Vietnam to Northern Vietnam food, especially Northern Vietnam cuisine. Vietnamese food is known for following the philosophy of five-element correspondence. They are 5 fundamental taste senses: spicy, sour, bitter, salty and sweet. Five types of nutrients including powder, water or liquid, mineral elements, protein and fat. Five colours: white, green, yellow,, red and black. All the dishes will have to obey to this five-element philosophy.

Because of the philosophy, cooking a Vietnamese dish is truly an art and only skillful cook can create a delicious one. From choosing the ingredients, preparing the ingredients to cooking them are all stages which have to be done carefully and you can’t miss a single step. That’s why learning to cook Vietnamese Food is an interesting activities. Not only you get to learn how to cook to dishes but also get to go to the market, choose the ingredients and prepare them. There’re so many things to learn like how to choose the fresh and suitable inredients? which ingredients do we need? How to wash and prepare the ingredients? How to mix all the elements together?…. All of these questions will be anwered in our Hanoi Cooking Class.

Hanoi Cooking Class
A typical Vietnamese meal

Particiating in a cooking class where you will learn about valuable ingredients and techniques involved with Vietnamese cuisine is a great way to learn about Vietnamese culture. When only tasting is not enough, there’s no better way to become well-versed with local recipes than to make them yourself. Our chef will show you how to make the best Vietnamese Cuisine and you get to enjoy your self-made dishes after the class.

Our Hanoi Cooking Class comes with many types of tours. We’ll help you experience Vietnamese Food in a totally different and unforgettable way.

Top Dishes of Hanoi Cooking Class 

Pho: Pho is a traditional Vietnamese dish, also considered one of the most typical dishes for Vietnamese cuisine. The main ingredient of Pho are rice noodles with thin sliced ​​beef or chicken. Other ingredients included are pepper, lemon, fish sauce, chili… Each people will add these spices according to their taste. Pho is usually used for breakfast or dinner.

They say that the most important stage of cooking Pho is the broth. The broth is generally made with beef bones and cinnamon, anise, ginger, cardamom, cloves, coriander,… The rice noodles are made from rice flour, thinned into thin sheets and then cut into strands. Pho always has to be eaten while it’s still hot.

Hanoi Cooking Class
The traditional Beef Pho

Not only Hanoian in particular, but the Vietnamese people and international tourists also are interested in Pho Hanoi. If you come to Hanoi but miss a chance to enjoy Pho, that means you have never come here. Today, besides the traditional beef noodle soup and chicken noodle soup, they have created many kinds of modern Pho such as fried Pho, broiled Pho, … But many people stay loyal to the traditional Pho and nothing can replace it.

Spring Rolls: Spring rolls have long been an indispensable dish in each Vietnamese family’s meals. From north to south, despite being called with different names, spring rolls are the must-have dish during festivals such as Tet holiday.

The ingredients are easy to find and can change flexibly. Ingredients used to make spring rolls are different depending each local but usually it contains of lean minced pork, edible mushroom, green onion, chicken eggs and different kinds of seasoning. The ingredients are all mixed together and then wrapped with rice paper into small rolls. These rolls are then fried in boiling oil. A full serving of Spring rolls contains of a side fish sauce and a side bowl of herbs. The right way to eat spring rolls is dipping spring rolls into the fish sauce and take a bite with herbs.

Hanoi Cooking Class
Delicious Spring Rolls ready to serve

Bun Cha: With Hanoians, Bun Cha is considered an indispensable food in the daily life.

Bun Cha consists of 3 main ingredients: sauce, grilled pork and vermicelli. The key factor contributes to the flavor of this dish is the sauce. The sauce has to be balanced by 4 taste:  sour, spicy, salty, sweet. They do this by adding the appropriate amount of fish sauce, vinegar, sugar, garlic and chilli. In the sauce there has to have green paprika, carrots or sometimes bean sprouts. About the grilled pork, there are two types of grilled pork to eat. Pork is grilled by charcoal grills. The right way to eat Bun Cha is dip both vermicelli, grilled pork and herbs in the bowl of sauce then enjoy it.

Hanoi Cooking Class
Bun Cha Hanoi

Bun cha can be eaten at any meal during the day but the locals mostly have it at lunch time. Bun Cha is not difficult to make and we believe that if you learn how to cook it in Vietnam, you can come back to your country and still be able to make your own dish of Bun Cha Hanoi.

Pho Cuon: Pho Cuon is a dish originated from Pho, first appeared at the intersection of Ngu Xa Street and Nguyen Khac Hieu Street in Hanoi. Pho Cuon use rice noodles as the exterior wrap. The rice noodle is thin, square, rolled with beef cooked with herbs on the inside. Pho Cuon looks just like spring rolls but with different ingredients. Sauce served with Pho Cuon is similar to fish sauce used in Bun Cha but less sweet and salty.

Hanoi Cooking Class
Pho Cuon Hanoi

Shrimp Pancake: Different from other dishes, Shrimp Pancake can only be found around West lake area. This was where Shrimp Pancake originated. In the past, the shrimps used to cook shrimp pancake were catched in West Lake.

Normally, Ho Tay shrimp cake has only fried shrimp and crusted crust, but there are some places in Hanoi where yam is added to the dish to make a difference in taste as well as change. change of dish over time.

Shrimp pancakes is a simple combination of flour, potato and fresh shrimp. The pancakes were fried with oil and then served with a side bowl of fish sauce and a bowl of herbs and vegetables. The best time to eat shrimp pancakes is when the pancakes are still hot because they’re still crunchy with a yellow color.