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Historical monuments in Hanoi will reveal its true beauty, ranging from the first university ever in Vietnam (Temple of Literature), to the most unique architecture in Asia (One Pillar Pagoda).
This half-day cycling tour will give you an interesting insight into a different Hanoi that few foreign visitors know. It’s the life on the other side of the Red River!
With immense space of Long Bien Bridge and West Lake, we may live in that moment, forget the time and just want to be there forever, in a fugitive thought...
This is a precious opportunity to get off the beaten track of daily Hanoi center and meet local people in the countryside.

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Hanoi Bike Tours
A group of tourists taking photos in front of St. Joseph’s Cathedral

For anyone who want to stay physically active during the journey and keen on taking light activities, Hanoi Bike Tours might be best choices for you. As well as daily tours around the cities, we also have one day trips or half day trips for your perfect bicycle adventure throughout Hanoi. We provide you with new bikes, helmets and your tour guide will lead you to each destinations on your itinerary. On the way, the tourguide will tell you interesting stories and answer all your curious questions.

Bikes are not rare transportation in Hanoi streets. In fact it’s a common transportation in Hanoi. Normally the ones who ride bikes are students and old people. Although the streets are full of motorbikes and cars, they’re also friendly with bikes and bike riders and it’s much safer to ride a bike in Hanoi than ride a motorbike.

Hanoi Bike Tours
Cycling around West Lake

Riding a bike around Hanoi might be an interesting experience for tourists. Walking can be exhausting and you can’t go to far, riding a bike is the best choice if you want to explore the city, at the same time to keep your body physically active and healthy. In Hanoi, there’re some streets which are very friendly and suitable for bike riding such as the streets around West lake, Long Bien Bridge,… The scenery is very beautiful, you can stop by, take some photos, chill and relax on the way.

Hanoi Bike Tours also provide some tours outside Hanoi city to villages and suburban areas. As you go far from the city, the more fresh air you breathe, the more wider and clearer roads you see, the more you are close to nature. For a day tour outside Hanoi center, a bike tour is worth considerating. You’ll get close to the authentic side of Northern Vietnam with rice fields, lush greenery and villagers.

Attractions of Hanoi Bike Tours 

Long Bien Bridge: Architecturally and historically important, Long Bien Bridge represents Vietnam’s independence efforts. The bridge architecture was influenced by the French architecture since this was designed by 2 French architect. Standing there for more than 100 years, Long Bien Bridge has witnessed all the historical events of this city, from war time to peace time. Until now, Long Bien Bridge is closed to car traffic and is one of five bridges crossing the Red River. The scenery around here is truly stunning, especially in sunrise or sunset, it brings a sense of nostalgic of the old Hanoi.

Hanoi Bike Tours
Biking at Long Bien Bridge

French Quarter: In the past, under the government of the French colonists, Hanoi was separated into three main areas which are French area, Vietnamese area and Concession area. Nowadays, there’s only one area that remains the same and still being called with the old name, it’s the French Quarter. The French destroyed built many boulevards and buildings here. Some places which have been preserved and used today are: Hanoi Opera House, National Museum of Vietnam History, Hoa Lo Prison, St. Joseph’s Cathedral,… Some tours of our Hanoi Bike Tours go through this place.

Hanoi Bike Tours
Hanoi Opera House at night

Ho Chi Minh Complex: Many locals like to bike around Ho Chi Minh Complex specially on Hung Vuong Street. The open air, wide roads, green trees are the plus points of this road. In addition, the amount of traffic involved in this route is not large, really suitable for cycling. The best time to take a bike ride here is early morning or after sunset. At this time, you will see the majestic beauty of Uncle Ho’s Mausoleum, enjoy the wind blowing on your head as cycling around.

Hanoi Ceramic Mosaic Mural: Hanoi Ceramic Mosaic Mural is Vietnam’s first public collective work of art. With 4km in length, spanning along Red River dyke, this mural project holds the Guinness World Record for being the largest ceramic mosaic in the world. It took a whole 3 years to finish this mural and it was a project to celebrate the occasion of the millennial anniversary of Hanoi. An interesting fact is that all the ceramics used in the mural were products from the Bat Trang Village – a famous pottery village in Northern Vietnam. Hanoi Ceramic Mosaic Mural is a work of both Vietnamese and international artists.

West Lake: West lake is a perfect place to have Hanoi Bike Tours since the streets are really friendly and safe for bike riding. The most popular road is Thanh Nien Street. On Thanh Nien Street you can find a lot of local people riding their bikes around and doing some exercises. Since it’s lake area, the temperature is always cooler than in other places. You can always breathe fresh air, chill armosphere and a tranquil feeling the lake gives you. It’d be the best to have a bkie tours here in sunrise or sunset. Westlake is where you can see the most beautiful sunset in Hanoi. Most stunning sunset photos mostly are taken here.

Hanoi Bike Tours
Biking around Hanoi West Lake

Red River Delta Countryside: Hanoi lies in the Red River Delta. Normally, tourists coming to Hanoi only go around Hanoi city and far fewer venture outside the city into the countryside of Red River Delta. The countryside is a total contrary compared to Hanoi center where there’re big roads, skyscrapers and tall buildings big roads, skyscrapers and tall buildings. In the countryside, you’ll see small and bumpy streets, huge rice paddies along the streets and traditional villages where people are mostly farmers.