Halong Bay Day Cruise – What to keep in mind choosing the best cruise

It’s great that you choose Vietnam, and Halong Bay, to be your next destination. But are you in a rush or have a low-end budget on visiting this wonder of the world? Well, then you can choose the one day cruise to explore Halong Bay. It saves time and money and you can still enjoy […]

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Inexpensive Halong Bay Backpackers Cruise – Tips for Solo Travellers

Halong Bay is no doubt in the must-visit of every tourist coming to Vietnam. However, people often think that the famous Halong Bay tour will be a luxurious trip on large cruises and expensive service. But let’s face the reality, there are people who cannot afford to pay a large sum of money for a […]

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Halong Bay Luxury Cruise – How To Choose The BEST one!

Intro Talking about Vietnam tourism is talking about Halong Bay, one of the World Heritage site and the most popular attraction of Vietnam. Before comming to the choosing the luxury cruise part, I would love to give you some notes, that travelers offen ask me & my co-workers. Note 1: Should you choose the luxury […]

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Seaplane Halong Bay | Perfect Flight to Discover Halong

If you wanna have a new and unusual journey in Vietnam, try Seaplane Halong Bay once! I can guarantee this mean of transportation is well worth your money. Not only contemplate stunning aerial view sights over the countryside, but you will also be astonished by the thrill of the water landing. Moreover, this seaplane trip will […]

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Best Time To Go To Halong Bay – Recommendation From Local View

Choosing the best time to go to Halong Bay is never an easy thing for travelers coming to Vietnam due to a lot of factors such as their works, weather, special local occasions, budget and also the schedule of their partners. Halong Bay has different beauty in each season and travelers will have their own […]

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