10 BEST Halong Bay Luxury Cruise - The Grand Hotels On Water

Phuong Uyen - Updated April 12, 2019

Halong Bay Luxury Cruise - A Premium Experience

Talking about Vietnam tourism is talking about Halong Bay, one of the World Heritage site and the most popular attraction of Vietnam. It is common knowledge that to enjoy Halong Bay to the fullest, you should go by cruise trip.

However, do you really know how to choose the most luxury cruise that would worth your large sum of money, or will you get into an inadequate ship that will let you down?

Don’t worry, we will introduce you the 10 best luxury cruises that will give you premium experience while you are in Halong Bay, and the tips and trips you must know to have a great trip here!

10 BEST Halong Bay Luxury Cruise - The Grand Hotels On Water

There are a huge number of luxury cruises in Halong with the best quality for you to choose

There are thousands of cruises operating in Halong Bay right now, and it would be daunting and confusing for first-time travelers to Vietnam to decide which is the best for you. These recommendations from us are all high-quality and luxury cruises that will definitely grant you satisfaction.

A reminder is that these cruises are considered to be on the high-end side, so the starting price for a tour will be at least a few hundred dollars. But as they said, you get what you pay for!

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1. Orchild Cruise Halong Bay

Orchild Cruise is a familiar name in the luxury Halong Bay cruise line with the starting price at 180 US$ per person. Orchid Cruise provides great tours to Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay alike.

All cabins of 5 types in this cruise have the full ocean view and private so you can enjoy the magnificent landscape of Halong Bay. The service on board is no jokes with beauty spa services, theme party on request, pick up services by Limousine car, luxury bar and restaurant, gym room, and many more, making it like a hotel on the water surface.

BEST 10 Halong Bay Luxury Cruise - The Grand Hotels On Water

The grand hotel on the ocean

Plenty of thrilling activities like kayaking, sunbathing, squid fishing, discovering amazing grotto and island, cooking lesson are awaiting you on a trip with this phenomenon cruise.

2. Halong Bay Paradise Luxury Cruise

With just at least 250 US$, you can have a mind-blowing trip on the Paradise Halong Bay Cruise. The wooden interiors and brand new conveniences bring out a feeling of excitement and will make you wow on the sight of the cruise.

Paradise Halong Bay Cruise is not one cruise only, it is a fleet of 7 cruises, in which three are operating in Halong Bay.

You can choose from Paradise Luxury Halong Bay Cruise, Paradise Halong Bay Elegance Cruise and Peak Paradise Halong Bay Cruise, but our recommendation is the most loved Paradise Luxury Halong Bay Cruise. The cruise offers 2 to 3 days itinerary with morning Tai Chi class, kayaking (at extra cost) and swimming.

BEST 10 Halong Bay Luxury Cruise - The Grand Hotels On Water

Immersing in the Halong Bay's sunset on the deck

A note for you is that the types of rooms can be varied slightly according to the cruises you choosing. So to see which cruise has the room you wanted, you should contact the operators first to book your slots.

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3. Luxury Pelican Halong Bay Cruise

We will start with a luxury cruise with a reasonable price – it only costs from 210 US$ per pax for a great trip with the Pelican Halong Bay Cruise team. This is a luxury boat with vintage style and lovely rooms. There are fully-furnished two bedrooms deluxe rooms that will be suitable for family and groups of tourists.

BEST 10 Halong Bay Luxury Cruise - The Grand Hotels On Water

The deluxe room with the ocean view can bring you more than relaxation

The meal service on board is considered to be delicious and the itinerary is purely excellent with a large number of excursions and activities. The service and activities on offer here include sunrise Tai Chi class, cooking class, kayaking and local rowing boat. There are 2 days – 1 night and 3 days – 2 nights options for you to choose from.

A note here is the tour service doesn’t have transportation from Hanoi in the itinerary.

4. Aphrodite Cruise

Just a bit pricier than the Pelican Cruise, the starting cost for this cruise is 275 US$ per pax, but you can also get premium service and itinerary. It definitely a 5-star cruise with such exceptional reviews from its guests. Also, they sell hotcakes on board, too!

10 BEST Halong Bay Luxury Cruise - The Grand Hotels On Water

You will totally in love with the Vietnamese dishes prepared on Aphrodite Cruise, not only look yummy but also taste really delicious

This cruise has a relaxing itinerary with activities likes Sampan boat trip, Tai Chi session and kayaking (at extra cost). However, the laid-back schedule may not very well fit your liking if you are energetic, but it is rather for anyone seeking relaxation and preferring sightseeing.

The cruise offers one and two nights itinerary options for tourists and they have a large range of rooms, from standard to suite rooms. You can easily book your room even if you go alone or with a large group.

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5. Bhaya Cruise

This is also quite a good choice with reasonable price and good service (from 245 US$ per person). The special thing about this cruise is it offers tours to Halong Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay as well. Very few cruise operators expand their itineraries to the latter bay, but it is a really good choice at peak season when Halong Bay is too crowded.

BEST 10 Halong Bay Luxury Cruise - The Grand Hotels On Water

Luxury restaurant and bar on board

The Bhaya Cruise Vietnam possesses a number of Halong Bhaya cruise options, including Bhaya Classic Cruise Halong Bay, Bhaya Premium Cruise (Bhaya Classic Premium), the luxury Au Co Cruise and the private Bhaya Legend Cruise.

It means that you have a lot of options to choose from, and their schedule and service are top-notch. You can do morning Tai Chi class, have MasterChef competition, go kayaking or swimming and visit a fishing village by rowing boat.

The only sad thing of Bhaya Cruise is they only have rooms that can accommodate at most 2 people, so it would be a bit inconvenient if you go in a large group and want to spend time with your groupmates.

6. Signature Royal Halong Bay Cruise

This is the most luxurious cruise in Halong Bay in 2018! The rooms on board can compare to these of 5-star hotel that will make you feel like royalty and nobles.  Of course, the price is high - 615 US$ per pax at least – but this is what to die for if you really want to live in a cruise that can serve V.I.Ps.

BEST 10 Halong Bay Luxury Cruise - The Grand Hotels On Water

Or chartering the whole cruise for a party?

A trip on Signature Royal Halong Bay Cruise will be a precious honeymoon gift for any newly-wed couple. Day and night on a high-class luxury cruise with impressive service and the magnificent landscape is so romantic, isn’t it? Don’t be sad if you are not on your honeymoon, this cruise will suit well with family too since the rooms are spacious and they provide babysitting service!

The interior part of this cruise is really something: executive rooms, beautiful suites, family connecting rooms or a family suite, rooms with terraces and jacuzzi suite are waiting for you.

BEST 10 Halong Bay Luxury Cruise - The Grand Hotels On Water

Enjoy the honeymoon with your beloved one

The itinerary is superb too: kayaking,  swimming and snorkeling equipment (at extra cost), cooking, demonstration (bad weather only), Tai Chi session, entertainment activities, Happy Hour, movie nights, board games and squid fishing – enough to make a great trip.

7. Alisa Halong Bay Cruise

If you find Signature Royal Halong Bay Cruise out of your reach, you can lower your budget a bit to around 500 US$ per person to get a great trip on Alisa Halong Bay Cruise. This is a popular luxury cruise among foreign tourists due to its rooms with a balcony and large windows.

The interior part is quite new compared to others, so this is the cruise for anyone who wants to have a great view of Halong Bay and love to take photos.

BEST 10 Halong Bay Luxury Cruise - The Grand Hotels On Water

Perfect for those want to have a great view of Halong Bay 

The itinerary includes these activities: kayaking, swimming, cooking class, visit Titop island, visit a pearl farm and visit Suprise Cave. The variety of activities and destinations in the schedule makes this cruise an ideal choice for energetic young people to explore Halong Bay to its best.

8. Indochina Sails Halong Bay Cruise

Indochina Sails Cruise is extremely famous with its Bai Tu Long Bay tours, bringing you to a quieter, more peaceful but not less exciting and beautiful part of Halong Bay. The price for a single person starts from 320 US$, quite a good price for a premium experience.

BEST 10 Halong Bay Luxury Cruise - The Grand Hotels On Water

Take an Indochina Cruise to the emerald green ocean

Just like the Paradise Cruise, Indochina Sails Cruise also has a fleet of cruises: Dragon Legend Cruise, Red Dragon Junk, Dragon's Pearl Junk, Princess Junk and Prince Junk. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about out of slots or getting crammed on these cruise ships. The service on these cruises is guaranteed to please and support your trips better.

The wider range of activities included in the itinerary is really competitive to any other rivals: visit Pearl farm, visit amazing caves, visit a fishing village, visit Titop island, kayaking, swimming and squid fishing. The Indochina Sails Halong Bay Cruise is something you should check out when planning to Halong Bay.

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9. President Cruise

President Cruise is boasting to be one of the biggest cruises in the region, this floating hotel features 46 chic and stylish rooms with a capacity of 120 people.

You can get on the boat with 140 US$ for a single person with top-notch accommodation, the full range of modern amenities namely a luxury spa on the cruise, swimming pool on the sundeck, a piano lounge and a restaurant.

10 BEST Halong Bay Luxury Cruise - The Grand Hotels On Water

This floating hotel offers an impressive experience

The meals and service on this cruise received a lot of positive reviews so you can be sure that the trip will worth every penny you pay for it. There is nothing to complain about the itinerary too: climbing rocks, swimming, kayaking, cooking class, spa, Tai Chi exercises and visiting caves.

The luxury President Cruise also offers free bus transfer from Hanoi to the pier and great discounts, so it would be a waste if you don’t give it a chance!

10. Mon Cheri Cruise

With the starting price of 175 US$ per pax, Mon Cheri Cruise is one of the newest luxurious cruises in Halong Bay which also operate in Lan Ha Bay. This 5-star cruise hosts 18 stylish, comfortable cabins designed in classic European and Vietnamese style, so this cruise is like a blend of the West and the East.

BEST 10 Halong Bay Luxury Cruise - The Grand Hotels On Water

The neoclassical Mon Cheri

The highlight of this cruise will be the meals; it serves authentic Halah food with Halah certificate. The itinerary includes swimming, cooking class, kayaking, spa, squid fishing and Tai Chi exercises with no extra cost. Their rooms and service live up to the 5-star ratings to help you enjoy your trips to the best.

That is all of our recommendation for a great luxury cruise trip on the water of Halong Bay.

If you have any question or wanting for further information, please feel free to contact us, the AZ Local Team. It is our pleasure to give you the best out of this world experience while you are in Vietnam!


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