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  • 1. Are there any over night halong bay tour that leave after 2pm as our cruise ship docks at 12md and we need time to get to the tour boat
    • Hello, Thanks for your question. All sharing Halong cruises departure at 12:30pm from Halong harbor. In case, you would like to leave after 2pm, you should take a private overnight cruise. To get more information, contact us via our email.
  • 2. Hi I'm doing the one day tour and there is kayaking on the itinerary, I'm not a strong swimmer and quite worried about it, can I miss out on the kayaking and stay on the boat?
    • Yes you can stay on the boat. Also you are provided with life vests should you fall in the water. We didn't see that happen to anyone when we were there. Also the kayaks are for 2 people, though they did let 1 person take it out by himself. The water is very calm - so for you to end up in the water - you seriously need to rock the boat, Enjoy whatever you decide, kayak or no kayak.


Halong Bay Tours from AZ Local Trip

You can say that Halong Bay is favored by all – the locals and the tourists alike – due to its unrivaled beauty. This land of Descending Dragon (the literal meaning of “Halong”) will charm you with all it got. You will be surrounded by a tremendous and impressive landscape and cool activities so you will never want to leave this place!

Let’s check out Halong Bay Tours from AZ Local Trips to have a chance to explore the appeal of the famous World Heritage! We offer a wide range of tours to Halong that will definitely suit you. If you are still hesitating on the itinerary, don’t worry, just contact us, we will have you with planning the itinerary with zero cost, yes, it’s free!

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Halong Bay - The wonder of the world 

Located on the Western side of the Gulf of Tonkin in Northeastern Vietnam, Halong Bay is one of the most famous tourist attractions of  Vietnam with magnificent landscapes and limestones. You just simply can resist its beauty: a trip to Halong will place you among the natural wonders of this land.

It houses almost 2000 islands and islets as well as beautiful cave systems. It is estimated that there are about 1969 limestone pillars, hundreds of islands and a certain number of large marine caves in Halong Bay. This is the ideal destination for all nature-lovers and photographers, for people seeking new experience and relaxation. So, why don’t you contact us and have a go to Halong Bay?

Best time to take a Halong Tours

Halong Bay is located in the Northeastern part of Vietnam, it has different weather in 4 seasons but it can be generally divided into cold dry winter and hot humid summer.

In the Spring (from February to April), it will be warm, dry and the sea will be calm so this is the best time in the year to visit Halong Bay. However, the drawback of spring is that the number of visitors will be huge and it tends to get crowded at this time of the year.

In the Summer (from May to August), it’s hot and humid. The high temperature can make you sweat a lot, but the sunny weather is suitable for swimming, kayaking and other watersports. However, sometimes it gets rainy heavily and even stormy. Cruise trip can be canceled if there is a storm, so make sure you follow on the weather forecast.

In the Autumn (from September to November), the weather will be cool and windy. However, the sea can get rough often as storms approaching the Vietnamese coastal provinces. It will be fewer travelers at this time of the year. You can still consider going in autumn if the weather is good enough.

In the Winter ( from December to January), it gets freezing cold at some point, heavily cloudy and continuously rainy, not the very best time to swimming in Halong Bay.

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Hanoi to Halong Bay transportations - Halong Bay tour from Hanoi

Usually, if you book a tour with an agency, it will include the means of transportation for you. However, if you have to, or want to travel on your own, here are 3 main ways to travel from Hanoi to Halong Bay:

By bus

First, let’s catch the bus.

The bus is a common means of transportation in Vietnam, you can almost go anywhere on a bus. A bus trip from Hanoi to Halong will take from 4 to 5 hours. You can catch a bus at Gia Lam Bus Station or My Dinh Bus Station to get to Bai Chay Bus Station in Halong.

Or better, you can choose a private shuttle bus that will pick you up at your hotel and drop you at your destination. But the best choice will be using the bus in your tour package, whether you have to pay for a little more extra fee or not.

By air

Secondly, you can book a seaplane’s ticket.

A flight from Noi Bai Airport to Halong city will take around 45 minutes and if you wish, you can choose for the 15-minute extension for a scenic tour over the bay. And the seaplane will have a water landing at the Tuan Chau Island Marina. It’s quick and enjoyable, but the only problem is the price.

By private car

Lastly, you can go with a private car.

If you don’t want to squeeze in the little space on the bus, and you happen to go to Halong in a group, hiring a private car is the best choice. It’s convenient, comfortable and safer. You can arrange the pickup time and location easily, so it’s more flexible.

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Getting around in Halong Bay trip

GrabBike & GrabCar

First, you can go around with some touches on your smartphones. Grab is available in Quang Ninh and Halong. You can book GrabBike and GrabCar easily in Halong Bay. However, you might get into trouble sometimes because most of the drivers cannot speak English or other foreign languages.


Or you can rent a motorbike and drive yourself! However, if you are not familiar with the route and the traffic rules, it may be risky.

Public buses

Public buses are quite economical, safe and available at any time. It can be seen as one of the best choices out of here.

Places to see and things to do in Halong Bay

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Spending time on a cruise

If you truly want to witness all of the charming Halong Bay, you must book a slot on a boat cruise. The cruise may be a bit expensive, but it is the best way to explore Halong Bay and the service won’t let you down.

There are a huge number of cruises to choose and you should choose the reliable one in Halong Bay. The schedule of a cruise is often fixed and will let you enjoy the scenery as much as possible.  Depending on the tour agency, you can also enjoy a great seafood meal or stay the night on the boat for a great cruising experience.

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Let’s go diving

Diving is one of the top favorite activities in Halong Bay for tourists and the islands are the perfect place to explore the marine life in this part of Vietnam.

The water in Halong Bay is quite crystal-clear and you can go diving and swim through scenic underwater caves grottoes.

Visit Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba Island is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Halong Bay. This largest island in Vietnam has a relaxing atmosphere that makes it the perfect place to spend the afternoon. You can take a lot of photos here or just simply enjoy the peace at the harbor.

Going for night squid fishing

This can be the highlight of the activities here. If you are a night owl, you should not miss out night squid fishing.

You will have a chance to squid fish with adequate equipment just like a real fisher. You can even take in large shoals of squid which swim around in these waters after darkness falls if you are lucky enough. And yes, you will have fresh squid for your meals later!

Visit Lan Ha Bay

If Halong Bay gets too crowded for you, Lan Ha Bay is an ideal option for you to find peace.

The island is famous for its beautiful white sandy beaches and there are a lot of activities to do here, including swimming, rock climbing and sea kayaking and visiting the Cai Beo Floating Village.

Shopping at Cat Ba Island Market

It’s time for some souvenirs! If you are staying in Cat Ba Island, don’t forget to try local delights and heading for the central market. You will be impressed at the cheerful and busy market filled with local fruits and vegetables and local seafood.

You can easily find crabs, jump shrimp and fish here and they are always freshly caught. It will not be a bad idea to set up your own beach barbecue with these delicious ingredients.

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Spend the night on a boat

You can book the hotel or stay on the cruise to get some sleep, but it is recommended that you choose the boat cruise.  You will be able to star-watch from the deck of the boat and drift off to sleep among the calm ocean waves in Halong Bay – it is a second-to-none interesting experience.

Discover grottoes

Magnificent grottoes and caves of all shapes and sizes can be found everywhere in Halong Bay, and all of them are worth your time. They are impressive, charming and a good spot of taking photos. You can check out Thien Cung Cave (Heavenly Palace Cave) and Dau Go Cave, which can be accessed from Tuan Chau Port.

Take a seaplane

Fasten your seatbelt, because we are going for a great ride. If you want to get a panoramic view of Halong Bay from above, a tour on a seaplane is what you need.

The seaplane rides in Halong Bay will take you up to 300 meters high above the water surface and you will fly over attractions such as Dau Go Cave, Tuan Chau Island and other highlights.

Go kayaking

You want to train your muscles and go sightseeing at the same time? Well, kayaking is definitely for you. Kayaking in Halong Bay is really popular, almost every tourist participate it.

If you choose the adventure kayaking, you will be touring through some of the most beautiful spots in Halong Bay with mountain surrounded, beaches and water tunnel cave. Adventure kayaking is often included in the itinerary of 2 to 3 days tours but of course, you can sign up with a fee anytime.

Halong Bay Tours Review by Tripadvisor

We did 2 days/ 1 night trip with Halong Legacy Cruise. Everything was very good. Halong Bay was beautiful but caving & island tour was crowded. Kayaking & swimming in Lan Ha bay was excellent!

- jennyslate770, Australian Capital Territory, Australia -

"Nature at its best!!!!

Beautiful place for nature lovers. Everything around is just mesmerizing. 
Tip: Just choose a nice cruise check the route as sung sot caves, t
uk-tuk island and the trek to the viewpoint should not be missed any cost.
The limestone formations are captivating. we visited during last week of August and it was pouring. Do not hesitate to visit during this time as the rains stop in a few minutes and you can start the exploration again. After the showers, in fact, nature is at its best!!!"

- Parikshit2612 Dubai, United Arab Emirates -

"Fabulous beyond anybody's imagination

Outstanding, so beautiful and mystical. The haze adds to another dimension. There was no blue sky or clouds but all mist but no rain. The 9000 karats/limestone islands go as far in the distance as the eye can see. We stopped at a small fishing village to go kayaking through the cave under the huge mountain island. The water is emerald green and mirror-like without a single ripple. It as to be one of the top adventures I have ever experienced. I am a professional scenery photographer and was thoroughly wowed. This is a no miss. Also, go to the colorful and huge inside."

- gary c, Las Vegas, Nevada -

So what are you waiting for not coming to Halong Bay on your upcoming holiday? Contact us for any question. AZ Local Trip team are more than happy to help you out!

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