If you have a plan to Vietnam, Halong Bay is an ideal destination that you can’t miss- one of seven wonders of the world which are recognized by UNESCO. With the exciting and eager feelings before stepping into this beautiful landscape, maybe some of you still worry about the safety of swimming in Halong Bay.

As a native spending 20 years in Halong Bay, I hope that all foreign tourists like you have to memorize and safe moments in my countryside. So, I decided to share my personal experiences but quite useful.

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Why Halong Bay is an ideal destination for your holiday?


500 million years to form limestones

To create the perfect and wonderful masterpiece in Halong, the indispensable thing is maybe limestones which were gradually created by tide during 500 million years. More surprising, limestones in Halong Bay were awarded with various and unique shapes by mother nature. Therefore, most of them were named after their forms.

trong mai islet

Trong Mai Islet is the symbol of Halong Bay

If you have chance to visit Halong city, don’t forget to witness Trong Mai islet (fighting cock islet)- the symbol of Halong Bay or other attractive destinations like toad islet, pen islet,…

1969 islands and islets

The drowned karst landscape of Halong Bay is the product of geological formation in the world. This 1,553 km2 UNESCO inscribed site is home to 1,969 limestone islands and islets, most of which were begging to be explored.

The pristine and attractive beauty of Monkey island, Halong

But you certainly don’t have enough time to visit all the islands and islets in Halong Bay. Now, you can consult the most beautiful sights that were highly recommended by our locals: 7 BEST Halong Bay Beaches & Islands-Tips to enjoy the most

2 times recognized by UNESCO

Halong Bay is one of the most beautiful and impressive destinations in Vietnam you shouldn’t miss. Ha Long Bay has twice been recognized by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage Area for its exceptional scenic beauty and one of the world’s greatest natural wonders.

unesco recognise halong bay

Seldom can any sights be recognized 2 times by UNESCO; therefore, Halong Bay is always the on the list of any travelholics when going to Vietnam

4,4 million tourists in 2019

In 2019, according to Halong Bay management committee, the number of tourists coming to Halong Bay was around 4,4 million, while the number of foreign tourists was predominant, at 2,9 million, which is really a huge number for this small country.

halong tourist

Halong Bay has become a global tourist trap in the near future

In the foreseeable future, Halong Bay is expected to be one of the best international hub tourists in the world

Can you swim in Halong Bay?

As a local guide expert in Halong Bay as well as a native here, I always receive lots of questions from foreign tourists like this. Instead of swimming some beaches near Halong city, some of you want to try something special and a bit adventurous such as: jumping from the cruise and immersing in the purest water of mother nature.

The answer is definitely YES in case you are confident in your ability because its depth ranges from 15 to 29 meters.  I ever tried to jump to the middle of Halong Bay. Initially, I felt a bit worried but please believe me: close your eyes, take deep breathes and count “1,2,3 and jump”.

jumping to halong bay

Jumping from Halong Bay cruise is one of the best experiences 

I dare you no word can describe the best chilling feeling when floating on the Bay’s water, which is completely cool, fresh and pure. This is by far different from swimming on the edge of Halong Bay seashore or in the swimming pool which is full of chlorines.

Is it safe to swim in Halong Bay?

Swimming in Halong Bay is definitely the best experience that I have ever tried in life, which is the combination of thrilling and exciting feelings when rushing into the freshest water stream and floating in the middle of nature. However, “high-risk high return” isn’t it?

To enjoy the best feeling that few tourists dare to try, you have to certainly be good at swimming and prepare carefully for yourselves. As an experienced one, I will share you total guideline how to swim safety in Halong Bay:

is safe to swim in halong bay

Before swimming

Never underrate warm-up before swimming!

  • Warming- up about 5 minutes includes head, leg and hand rotation.
  • No drinking alcohol and beer, avoid a large meal
  • Apply sunscreen because, in the middle of Halong bay, there is nothing
  • Wear a bikini or swimming suit and don’t wear jewelry in order not to get caught on the beach
  • If you are not confident much in your ability, please wear life racket

While swimming

  • Swimming with the group or asking someone for supervising you
  • Not swimming far from your cruise
  • Avoid swimming at noon and night
  • Diving as deep as possible to avoid the big waves in case if you do not have time to get away from it.
  • Halong Bay doesn’t have any dangerous animals like sharks or big fishes. But Be alert with jerry fish, which can make you itch
  • You should only swim in 15-20 minutes. If too long in the water, you easily get cold

swim in halong

 After swimming

  • Rinse immediately to remove seawater, which can make you sticky
  • Coming back to the lee, or else, you can get cold
  • Drinking water because when swimming, your body consumes lots of c

If you are scared of swimming in Halong bay, I recommend you some famous beaches instead of adventurous jumping to the Bay: 7 BEST Halong Bay Beaches – Islands – Tips to enjoy the most

Are there any water activities in Halong Bay?

  • Kayaking

If you want to ride a boat in person instead of sitting on the cruise, Kayaking is quite worth- trying an activity for someone who has a great passion for discovery. It is really exciting to hock the paddle and move everywhere in Halong Bay.

Sit-on-top kayak

Kayak is the top list you have to do in Halong Bay

But I have some small tips for you. In windy days, it is a bit difficult to ride a kayak because the kayak is so tottering in heavy water. So, you and person sitting behind you should dig the paddle into the water simultaneously with the opposite side to keep balance

Read more: Kayaking Halong Bay -Best Way to Explore The Amazing Bay

  • Diving

Joining scuba diving, foreigners may explore the mysterious beauty of the underwater world. Halong boasts its biological diversity of thousands of splendid coral reefs and marine animals. Halong Bay diving offers tourists a closer chance to touch these reefs and follow the ways of fish.

Halong bay scuba diving

Diving is the best way to explore Halong marine life

Since you get out of the water, close your mouth and ears, use your noses to breathe gently at the same time to reduce the water pressure. You should Regularly monitor your depth and pressure gauge. Make sure that you have plenty of air in your tank for your ascent.

To have better experiences of diving in Halong Bay, explore more: 3 Things You Should Know About Halong Bay Diving

  • Cano

There are many ways to discover all the corners of Halong Bay, but Cano is the most thrilling way for you to explore it. The exciting feeling turns up immediately when Cano’s engine starts and the wind blows out. After that, a parachute pulls you out of the land and you have the chance to reach fluffy clouds and sightseeing all the caves and islands from the sky.

Price: 800,000 VND/ 15 mitutes

Place: Tuan Chau beach, Titop island


Cano service has become more popular in recent years

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