Halong Bay Private Cruises Tips will start with common questions that AZlocaltrip has got many times


I am going round and round reading about ships for a 3d/2n Halong cruise. This is for my our traveling party ( 4 adults, 2 children) — all active and like to be off the beaten path (if that’s possible in this very popular destination).

Is it possible to hire a small boat to ourselves? If so, can someone give me the contact details for boats which may be suitable?

Any direction would be appreciated, and if possible who you booked with.

Thank you!

The same questions go for couple on honeymoon and group of friends from a company or classmates”

As a person who has got an answer the similar questions for hundred times, I would love to say that everything can be possible, but depending on much your budget and your type of travel and we all not want to spend our money for a not worthy thing

So, I would love to write you some tips for Halong bay Private cruise

Halong Bay Private Cruise – Video

Let start with some cases that you can do a private cruise, in this, I also mention some tips for you.

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I. How many kinds of Halong Bay Cruise Private? When should I book a private cruise?

1 Private Cabin Cruise

For couples who want to have a romantic holiday sometimes, a honeymoon celebration would be organized on the cruise, 2 people in a private cruise to a private area to have a “Private experience” ever!

dinner on halong bay

A wedding prepared on cruise (insta: bhayacruisehalong)

2 Private Cabins Cruise

This private cruise in Halong Bay can accommodate up to 4 adults and 2 children under 12 years old in total. Private Cruise two cabin is highly recommended for a chartered cruise for family or small groups of friends.

Again, this conversation would help?


After much research and deliberation, my wife and I have narrowed down our 2d1N cruise options to either

  • Mon Cheri cruise (Lan Ha Bay)

  • L’Amour junk w Indochina Junk (Bai Tu Long Bay, private junk).

We are a bit stuck on which to choose, as they are both very different options.”

The pros of the Mon Cheri cruise are that it’s a newer boat with more luxury features, etc. Also, it takes the Lan Ha Bay route, which I hear is less touristy and crowded.

The L’Amour junk is a bit pricier, and the boat is older and less luxurious, but it is a completely private junk for just the 2 of us, so we do like the idea of having that kind of personal attention and privacy. It follows Bai Tu Long Bay route, which is still decent, but maybe not quite as good as Lan Ha (at least per what we’ve read).


Mon Cheti Cruise provides a very personal space

Private Cruise 3 or 4 cabins

It is a perfect choice for

  • a family leisure holiday or

  • a group of friends

on a discovery tour of the mystical beauty of Halong Bay and neighboring areas.

This cruise only allow max 8 people!! This is one of the not good points if you have more than 8 people.

Note for big groups of people

Some big group of friends or company trips will take the cruise of more than 20 cabins, this will depend on what kinds of group!

Let have an example of Auco Private Charter Cruise

Au Co Private Charter

Auco Cruise overview

Launched in April 2012, each Auco Cruise has a length of 56 meters, a width of 10.43 meters, a depth of 3.2 meters and 32 cabins in total. All the cabins are equipped with beautiful French balcony and glass doors from floor to ceiling. The accommodation, facilities and amenities of Auco Cruise are considered as the state-of-art standards. It will be very suitable for special events organizing such as corporate meetings, company retreats, birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, wedding anniversaries and more other special events. In addition, you can have the customized room decoration, food arrangement or itineraries if chartering the cruise. In conclusion, Auco is the best for a group or organization who want to hold special events in big and luxury charter cruises

  • If you have more than 20 people, a private cruise would be cheaper than booking a group cruise.

Halong Bay Private Cruise 2 days 1 night Itinerary with a group of Travelers from Malaysia

AZ Local Trip provides a wide range of Halong Bay Private Cruise.

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II. The List of Halong Bay Private Cruise operators

1. Legend Halong Private Charter 

  • 4 Cabin 8 Guests
  • 4 vessels with different capacity (1-4 cabins each)

With Private Legend Private Cruise by Bhaya company, you will have a memorable holiday, you can choose this private cruise charter for family honeymoon or wedding holiday.

Legend Halong Private Charter

You can choose Legend Halong Private Cruise for your honeymoon, wedding celebration, family anniversary

This cruise provides travelers with 4 main types of cabins including

  • 1 Cabin Boat: 2 people for honeymoon couple
  •  2 Cabin Boat: 4 people for family with parents and kids
  •  3 Cabin Boat: 6 people:
  •  and 4 Cabin Boat: 8 people

All the cruises are luxury designed to meet customers’ interests!

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2. L’Azalee Private Cruise

  • 1 Cabin 2 Guests
  • Exclusive experiences
  • Personal onboard host (Butler service)
  • Customized itinerary for passengers
  • Unique design that wins awards

Private charter was established in 2015, this cruise also is made for honeymoon, family and small friend group

You can see this itinerary can be customized to meet your needs and activities if required during the time on the Bay. (Very personal)

L'Azalee Private Charter cruise

L’Azalee Cruise private cabin

The slogan of L’sAzalee Private Cruise is “You are a captain” this means Passengers are able to have your own plan on the itinerary, foods, activities! Just need to notify us, things will be done to make sure that you have an amazing personal experience in Vietnam

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L’Azallee Private Cruise Features:

  • 32 square meters in total
  • Fully equipped with top-notch amenities: personal cabins with the panoramic view, pleasant Queen-size beds, en-suite bathroom, air conditioner/heater, safety box, TV and CD?DVD player
  • 10-square meters dining terrace and 18-square meters sundeck in each private cruise to bring the best view of Halong Bay in every moment
  • Explore Halong Bay on kayak any time with single kayaks on board. Snorkels, fins, masks, fishing rods and hand reels are all available for passengers to use

I love you on a yacht at sunset, for dinner or dinner or for a while; All dishes are prepared only from the best local products. Before traveling, tourists are encouraged to ensure their maximum comfort. A variety of drinks is also available on board. The yacht also offers a wide range of mineral water, juices, tea and coffee.

Currently, private offers three routes: 4.5 hours, 6.5 hours, 1-day itinerary and 2-day itinerary. It will be once in a lifetime, as well as a journey, such as Dau Go Cave, Thien Cung Cave, Titop Island and Soi Sim Island.

3. L’Amour Junk Private Charter

  • 1 Cabin 2 Guests
  • Single cabin junk – total privacy
  • Customized trip from 1-4 nights
  • A member of Indochina Junk group

If you are looking for a romantic journey for two individuals, then this private cruise (formerly known as Princess) will be one of the best choice. Cruise is designed and decorated in traditional boating style, the yacht is made entirely of wood and copper as a delicate combination of classic and modern elegance. The modest size allows you to get closer to the natural wonders of Ha Long and Bai Tu Long.

Jmour Junk guarantees a perfect trip with unforgettable memories of noble cabins, wonderful dishes prepared by talented chefs, spacious terraces and professional and attentive staff. Always smile at any of your requests.

Other special features of Junk include large rooms with large windows overlooking the bay and an outdoor covered terrace for an excellent dining experience. Interested in the details that have been included in all aspects for a comfortable and fun trip.


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4. Au Co Private Charter Cruise

  • 32 Cabin 65 Guests
  • Unique Itinerary, Great Food
  • Best large-sized cruise in Halong Bay
  • Cruise to Bai Tu Long Bay & Lan Ha Bay
  • Very well trained staff

Among the luxury cruises in Halong Bay, the Au Co is the largest boat that can be used to rent with 32 cabins and a maximum capacity of 66 passengers. With experience in organizing special events for MICE groups (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions), The Au Co is known as the leading specialist in MICE in Halong Bay.

The Au Co cruises were launched in April 2012 with the dimensions of 56 meters in length, 10.43 meters in width and 3.2 meters in depth. Each cruise has 32 cabins, all have a French balcony and sliding glass doors from floor to ceiling. The Au Co is fully equipped with the most modern standards of accommodation, facilities and first-class services to organize special events such as birthday parties, weddings/anniversaries, corporate retreats, incentives, corporate meetings, etc. in. The cruise also allows for flexibility in terms of room decoration, itineraries and meal arrangements if passengers charter the cruise.

With the determination to provide passengers with the most professional and personalized services for MICE events, Au Co Cruise is the best option for those looking for a large and luxurious charter cruise to celebrate special events.


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5. Glory Legend Private Charter Cruise

  • 32 Cabin 65 Guests
  • Great Food
  • Mid-sized cruise, reasonable price
  • Customized itinerary
  • Friendly English speaking staff

Among the vast collection of cruises in Halong Bay, Glory Legend is a perfect choice for mid-size group who wants to charter a private junk.

Warm and simple decoration in Glory Cruise private cabin

The Glory Cruise is modern and elegant art, has fully equipped cabins, trendy bar, and restaurant.

Legendary glorious legend, great solution, elegant sport, realistic sport, realistic sport and decorative style. Just as in the case of reason, and on the other hand, from the point of view of preservation, and from the point of view of guarantees, and for distribution.

III. Some reviews on Tripadvisor for Halong Bay Private Cruise

There are many companies that offer private cruises in Halong at many different price levels. If you love the off the beaten track itinerary, you can look for Prince Junk. It’s small and authentic boat line of Indochina Junk. But the cost for a private cruise is a little bit higher, just deal with them for the better price.

Although it was a few years ago We did the private tour with Indochina and it was brilliant. I also had a private car to/from Hanoi. Staffs were so attentive, completely understanding of my seafood allergies, arranged celebration cake and gifts. I have since done a group tour and was so disappointed because my first trip was so good.

For a special occasion, I would recommend private 🙂

“From a 2-day trip through Halong Bay to the adventurous 4-day journey or more, Private Cruise has set the standard for private charter cruises with superior service quality and unique itineraries that can be customized on request.”

Are you ready to take a private cruise in the beautiful Halong Bay? Feel free to contact us if you need any information.