Halong Bay dinner in cave brings tourists a completely new experience when visiting Halong, a natural wonder of the world.


I. Why should you try dinner in a cave Halong Bay?

  • For those who desire to experience the brand new feelings when traveling to Halong Bay, enjoying Halong Bay dinner in a magnificent cave is definitely your superior choice. Instead of eating onboard on your booked cruise, you can get a unique experience when having delightful dinner in Halong Bay’s caves.

Special dinner in cave Halong Bay

Special dinner in cave Halong Bay is a can’t-miss experience during the voyage to Halong

Enjoying special dinner in magnificent caves, Halong Bay full of lights and candles is worth your time and money

  • After an amazing day participating in lots of physical activities including swimming, kayaking, and sailing boats, nothing is more relaxing than sitting in a wonderful view of Halong caves full of bright lights and candles and enjoying your dinner meals.
  • There are some cruises to Halong Bay that offer cave dinner Halong Bay service for customers free to choose, especially Private Halong Bay Cruise, You can consider some cruises that I highly recommend such as Halong Bay 3 days 2 nights and 2 days 1 night Halong Bay thanks to its high quality and positive feedbacks from experienced visitors.

Ha Long cruise

Ha Long cruise

Halong Bay 3 days 2 nights or 2 days 1 night are some highly recommended cruises for visitors to choose

  • Caving dinner Halong Bay is really suitable for occasional events with a big group of people such as weddings, conferences, and meetings. Smaller groups of family members, friends or colleagues can book this special service for their unforgettable voyage. Especially, for the couples who want to have a meaningful honeymoon, Halong Bay cave dinner is a must-try experience during their visit to this beautiful bay.

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Cave dinner Halong Bay

Cave dinner Halong Bay stays as an unforgettable memory for tourists, especially the couples

  • Below are some useful experiences that maybe can assist you in an unforgettable dinner in splendid caves of Halong Bay. This advice and instructions are collected and based on plenty of locals’ experience as well as mine.

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II. A unique Halong Bay cruise dinner in caves – the green pearl of the S-shaped country

1. Where to try special “Halong Bay restaurant”?

  • Normally, cave dinner in Halong Bay is often held in Trong Cave (Male Cave) or Trinh Nu Cave (Virgin Cave). Male-Virgin Cave is known as the couple caves related to their legend of two lovers, alluring a lot of foreign tourists with its spectacular sceneries and charming atmosphere.

cave dinner party in Halong Bay

Trong Cave and Trinh Nu Cave regularly take place cave dinner party in Halong Bay

  • In Bai Tu Long Bay (Dragon Pearl Junk), foreign visitors can seek a chance to try cave dinners in Thien Canh Son Cave, a cave noted for its magnificent seascapes.

In Dragon Pearl Junk, Thien Canh Son Cave is considered as the perfect location for cave dinners

2. Dinner in cave Halong Bay with its completely new feelings

  • After an amazing day full of activities including visiting floating fishing villages and kayaking, visitors would be picked up to your boat. This is time to relax and prepare for a mysterious night adventure.

your cave dinner in Halong Bay

You can relax in the sundeck before your cave dinner in Halong Bay

  • During the time waiting for Halong Bay dinner in caves, you can sit on the sundeck, enjoying the spectacular beauty of the sunset on the beach. What an unforgettable memory!

sunset on the beach

Observing the stunning sunset on the beach brings visitors an unforgettable memory

  • When the nights embrace the light nights and it gets darker, the cruise will take to mysterious caves. Standing in front of the cave, you must be surprised at the romantic setting full of colorful candles and yellow lights.

Halong hidden beauty

You are definitely surprised with the romantic atmosphere full of bright candles of Halong hidden beauty

  • Walking along the path reaching the dinner position, visitors can observe the mysterious beauty of Halong caves, hearing the wind whispering in the slots of rocks.
  • All of the dinner tables are carefully decorated with mouthwatering and beautifully presented seafood and the waiters and waitresses willingly welcome you with polite behaviors.

Dinner tables

Dinner tables are well- decorated with attractive cuisines from Mother of the sea

  • When you enjoy your dinner meals, some performances would be displayed such as the mellow love songs, folk dance and music performances. All of them contribute to creating your perfect romance for your wonderful dinner.

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3. Secret tips from locals

  • In general, the additional price of dinner meals is relatively expensive due to the cost of cave rental, set- up fees, cuisines, and personnel. Only luxurious cruises provide customers cave dinner service.
  • Dress code: Normally, you don’t need to wear official outfits. However, my advice for you is to dress smartly to protect your health against the low temperature in the deep caves.
  • Supposed your tour is a charter one, you can advise your tour operator about Halong Bay dinner in caves. They will check your request and offer you a seat in the cave dinner party as soon as possible.

Halong cave dinner is an extremely intriguing night activity for foreign tourists to gaze at the sparkling Ha Long Bay and enjoy the magnificent beauty of Ha Long at night.

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