If you have a thirst for adrenaline-rush activities, then Halong bay climbing will please your knees.

Being one of the most majestic climbing areas of the world, Halong Bay is considered the paradise of adventurous rock climbing as it has a unique topography with thousands of high lime-stone mountains arising from the sea.

There are some bolted climbing routes out on some of the islands like Moody’s Beach, Tiger Beach, Saigon Wall, The Face, etc.

Halong Bay is regarded as one spectacular landscape of a variety of 3000 limestone karst formations from the sea. The King Kong landscape is so stunning with mini villages and handmade boats. The summer heat will make you feel hot but excited when you fight against the harsh weather and beyond your limit. Although the climbing is difficult with crooked rocks and narrow paths but it sure is fun.

Climbing - a risky but fun experience for adventurous travelers

Climbing – a risky but fun experience for adventurous travelers

The provided equipment for tourists is be checked carefully before delivering to you. Nevertheless, if you don’t want to carry gear, Halong Bay offers tourists an infinite chance to dip into the cool fresh water. You sit on your boat floating along the mysterious islands and islets, taking a tour to discover the charm of Halong Bay. Then you spot a line, check the depth of the sea water and then go!

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1. Halong Bay Rock Climbing Areas

Halong Bay is noted for its divergence of areas for adventurous activities, especially climbing. There are also a variety of climbing areas and each owns its special charm. You can try your power with a climb to Cat Ba island or free your soul in the rocky areas such as Polish Pillar, Hawaii 5-0 and Three Brothers. Be careful with the tidal waves before starting your climbing journey

halong bay climbing area

Rock climbing or deep water soloing can be dangerous but worth your while

There are more than 120 climbing routes on 13 crags, from 4a to 8a on Cat Ba Island and the beaches of Halong Bay. More than 230 deep water solo lines on 24 cliffs, from 4a to 7c+ are waiting for you in the bay.

Here is the list of favorite places that most locals and tourists enjoy:

  • You Enjoy Myself
  • Elephant Man
  • Miyagi Box Maker
  • Coalition of the Willing
  • Big Brown B-Hole
  • License to Climb

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2. Rock Climbing on Cat Ba island 

Cat Ba island boasts its spectacular charm in all Halong regions. Unlike other islands in Halong Bay, Cat Ba island has fewer crowds and large boats, thus, it’s an ideal place for those who want to explore the pristine nature of Halong.

Rock Climbing on Cat Ba island 

Climbing in Butterfly Valley

To reach Cat Ba island, you can take Hoang Long Bus Company from Hanoi, passing through Hai Phong and to Cat Ba island.

There are many routes to explore Cat Ba island, but tourists must be careful with its bolts a reppelll biners. “Leaver” biners and cord are highly recommended in climbing discovery. For those who intend to take advantage of the untouched faces, it is highly advised to use the titanium glue-ins to protect yourself.

Here are some suggested routes in Cat Ba islands for you:

  • Butterfly Valley.
  • The Cave
  • The Farm
  • Ben Beo

While hard to access, The Face offers the best climbing I’ve ever experienced

  • Moody Beach
  • Tiger Beach
  • Pirate’s Belly
  • The Face
  • Amphitheatre
  • Saigon Wall
  • Jules Verne’s World
  • Polish Pillar

Deep water soloing in Halong

Deep water soloing in Halong

It sounds fabulous to try solo climbing in Halong Bay. Without other fellow-travelers and equipment, I can get the true feeling of climbing and below are some routes that I passed in my journey.

  • Hawaii 5-0
  • Streak of Lightning
  • Dark Horse
  • Calvin Climb
  • Cathedral Rock
  • 400 Fahrenheit

3. Halong Bay Climbing Tours

3-day tours to Halong Bay and Cat Ba island that include rock climbing are available. Prices for such a tour range from 140 – 300 US$,

including transportation from Hanoi to Halong bay, ferry, boat, food and beverage.

UIAA certified Climbing Equipment and Climbing Shoes are provided by travel companies.

Halong Bay Climbing Tours

On top of the bay (insta: m_yussef)

An Idea of Prices:

  • Half day rock climbing costs around 30 US$
  • Full day rock climbing costs 50 US$
  • Deepwater soloing full day course costs around 46 US$

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4. Necessaries for climbing in Halong Bay

In your first time of rock climbing on the sea, you may need many necessaries. In addition to climbing shoes with pointed toes to stick to the cliffs, you will need a belt, which will be tightened with ropes by a safety lock.

Besides, it is necessary to get a helmet and powder to avoid being slipped when clinging to the rocks and hooks as well to keep ropes with available hooks on the cliffs. Skillful climbers will only take a pair of shoes to start their journey.

Necessaries for climbing in Halong Bay

The standardized equipment will ensure your safety

This activity is quite safe if the climbers are good at swimming and observing the falling point before the jump. However, they must calculate altitude in climbing, because if too high is also dangerous to jump into the water.

Usually, the altitude of rock climbing in Halong Bay is around 30 meters for training or recreation purposes. And if you want to climb higher or in the danger area, you need equipment to ensure safety.

Each climbing way will be separated into many routes with a different difficulty level. To professional climbers, climbing routes make them excited more than the concept of easy or difficult.

5. Best Time for Halong Bay Rock Climbing

halong bay climbing

It is possible to climb at any time of the year in Halong Bay as it is one of the areas of Vietnam which experiences some of the least rainfall in the country.

  • May to June and September, October, November and  December and are considered the best months to climb in Halong Bay, with clear skies, no rain and temperatures which are warm, but not too hot.
  • January to April can get very cold, but if you don’t mind working up a sweat while you climb then this may be the time for you!
  • July to August is the rainy season in Halong Bay with storms sometimes lasting a few days – although with many of the climbs sheltered it is still possible to climb during this time.

This activity is usually combined with kayaking to explore the natural environment of Halong Bay. You can kayak into hidden lagoons, through limestone archways, grottoes, and floating villages.

After that, you will climb Rock Mountain to obverse overview clearly. Next, you could take part in activities such as sunbathing, sightseeing, swimming and watching the wheeling black kites as they dive for fish.

A spectacular view on the top of Moody Beach

All frightening feelings or aches and pains will be healed when you stand on the high cliff, witness the peaceful, stunning Halong bay and look at all natural wonders of this sea as a trophy for your challenge.

It is marvelous to immerse in sea winds and release yourself to fall into the sea. Then, you can wake up all the senses. After every experience, you can not only discover exotic Halong Bay and Cat Ba island but also reveal corners of your soul!

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