Halong Bay has been recognized by UNESCO as natural heritage of the world with thousands of islands made by great and lively creation. The Bay has a beautiful landscape so it is a very attractive tourist destination for domestic and international tourists.

halong bay lan ha bay titop

The natural heritage of the world

Not only famous for the green beaches stretching to the horizon, but Halong Bay is also an ideal destination for those who like to experience the feeling of exploring adventure, searching in mysterious and rolling caves. With caves deep in the cliffs, you will have a journey with lots of fun in Halong

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1. Best Time to Visit Halong Bay Cave

Actually, the weather all year round in Halong is quite pleasant and every season has its own beauty. In the cold season when the weather is dry and the fog often appears, you will see Halong in the mysterious landscape. On the contrary, in the summer, the landscape becomes clearer.

halong bay in summer

Halong Bay in summer

Note, June – July is the month that many storms land at Halong Bay, so be careful when traveling to Halong during these months.

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2. 6 Best Caves in Halong Bay that You Need To Know

Sung Sot Cave

Sung Sot Cave or Surprise Cave is one of the most famous caves in Halong because of its unique structure. Located in the central area of Halong Bay World Heritage Site, on Bo Hon Island. Inside the Sung Sot Cave are fossilized stalactites with extremely rich shapes.

sung sot view

Inside Sung Sot Cave

The cave is divided into two main chambers, the first chamber is a big theater immense. Cave’s ceiling is covered with a layer of stalactites hanging down with various shapes & colors with stone statues, stone elephants, seals, raspberries, flowers … all seem you are dreaming and imagine the world inside the cave.

When we entered the second chamber with a very narrow way to connect the second room.  A rushing stream in bright light, the cave opens up a completely new & strange landscape, vast cave’s chamber can contain thousands of people as a theatre.

Go into this chamber also very strange things, like the big tree with a lot of branches, you will see & imagine about sea bears, dinosaurs … Go to the highest point the door of the cave, it is a high point to take a view of Halong Bay, you can take nice pictures of Halong Bay from the high point.

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Luon Cave

Luon Cave is located in the Northeast of Bo Hon Island, about 14 kilometers south of Bai Chay Tourist Wharf. This is one of the fascinating discoveries for tourists during a trip to Halong Bay.

The reason is called Luon Cave because it is a closed circular mountain circle, in the middle is a mirror-like lake, connected to the sea by a tunnel with the submerged bottom.

Looks, the image of Halong Bay Luon Bay looks like a bow gate opened at the foot of the island. In front of the cave is Con Rua island, a tourist station, on the right is the Heaven Gate, surrounded by steep cliffs, emerald green water.

luon cave gate

Inside Luon Cave

Luon Cave Halong Bay has a length of nearly 60 meters, the ceiling of the cave is only 2.5 meters to 4 meters high, depending on the tide, the cave has many stalactites. On the days of high water levels, when passing through Luon Cave, tourists must bend down to pass, creating a feeling of entering a mysterious place.

Due to the low ceiling, tourists have to switch to small bamboo boats, also called bamboo, which is well-managed by fishermen, each carrying about 10 to 15 people, both going in and out about 20 minutes. Or visitors can rent a kayak and explore the Luon Cave in Halong Bay by yourself.

Passing Luon Cave is to a lake about 1 kilometer square wide, four luxuriant trees, cliffs, ancient sapling trees shone, the bunches of orchids let loose bloom … in particular, here It is also the home of funny, hyperactive, curious and quite brave monkeys in front of tourists.

In addition, the researchers also found on the cliffs the remains of fossilized freshwater shells, demonstrating the ancient people who once lived here.

Luon Cave has become an attractive highlight for tourists because of the charming scenery harmoniously combined between mountains, water, clouds, and green plants.

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Dau Go Cave

dau go cave tour guide

All the grottos and holes with unique shapes under the sun lighting make Dau Go cave become “The Wonders of the Wonders”.

Located on the top of Dau Go island range, about 300 meters from Thien Cung cave. Dau Go is a large, beautiful cave with ancient and mossy features, French people call it “The Wonders of the Wonders”. It has a rich diversity of flora and fauna.

Due to the expansion of the store, the humidity in the cave is high, plus the impact of sunlight, so the development of diverse flora, especially moss, ferns and Woody plants … This is a distinct feature compared to many other caves on Halong Bay.

Thien Cung Cave

Thien Cung Cave is located north of Dau Go island, 4 kilometers south of the tourist ship port to the south. Is one of the most beautiful caves in Halong. The cave is nearly 10.000 meters square with a very complex structure, including many levels, many compartments with very high and wide ceilings and walls.

Especially in the cave, everywhere we see countless stalactites, stalagmites with strange shapes.

thien cung tourist

Countless stalactites, stalagmites with strange shapes

Trong Cave and Trinh Nu Cave

Located on two wings of a small mountain arc east of the Bo Hon island chain, more than 3 kilometers from the Sung Sot cave by sea to the southeast. The two caves are 700 – 800 meters apart, through a small beach. The door of the cave turns in different directions. If you stand from this cave shouting loudly, the other cave can be heard.

trinh nu cave

View from the cave

These two caves not only have a lot of stalactites and beautiful scenery but also attract tourists for a very moving area. In a cave, there is a horizontal rock that looks like a girl lying with her hair reaching out to the sea, so it is called the Virgin Cave (Trinh Nu Cave). The cave had a very high stalactite that looked like a giant boy standing to look out to sea.

The villagers said that on the big and windy days, going over here heard the sound of the wind hitting the cliff like a drum and they called this cave the Blank Cave (Trong Cave).

halong bay caves

3. Tips for your Halong Bay Cave Tour

Don’t be greedy to visit all caves

I know it will be difficult to choose one cave among a lot of attractive caves in Halong Bay. But visiting all caves probably sounds impossible.

Firstly, you will not have enough time to discover and explore every cave you visit in detail and in full if you plan to reach all the caves.

Besides, health is also an important factor affecting how many the destination will plan in the trip. With hilly terrain, requiring movement and climbing, you may even be quite tired after visiting 2-3 caves.

Therefore, you can consider the caves that I mentioned above. They are all very interesting and interesting places to explore.

Bring some snacks and water

The caves in Halong mostly have quite difficult terrain and the best way to explore is to climb the mountain yourself and go deep inside.

To avoid a lack of energy, snacks and drinking water will be a suitable way to keep you full of energy before you become exhausted.

Choose suitable clothes

With the activities that required a lot of physical like climbing or walking, you should choose clothes that have good elasticity and can absorb sweat.

Choosing a long sleeve shirt should be a consideration to avoid attacking the rays of the sun also insects.

Why not make your holiday be more stunning by spending time exploring Halong Bay Caves? If you have any questions, don’t be hesitate to contact us!