Egg Coffee is an unusual and unique coffee. A MUST TRY even if you are a big fan of coffee or not! So what is Egg Coffee and where to find it? All in HERE!

Egg Coffee served with a piece of biscuit

Mrs. Bich – the owner of Dinh Coffee is using her special egg whipping machine to make Egg Coffee


1. What exactly is Vietnamese Egg Coffee???

You are a real fan of coffee? Do you desire to try all types of coffee? Then Vietnamese Egg Coffee is actually a unique kind of coffee that you cannot miss.

Unlike Western normal coffee, Hanoi locals have created a new way to enjoy coffee for decades: mixing eggs into coffee to form a perfect match.

Coffee with sugar, sweetened condensed milk and egg yolks go together. It might sound weird and hard to imagine. But how strange, the taste is surprisingly good (if not to say AMAZING!)

The egg yolks are creamy soft, meringue-like perching on the dense Vietnamese signature coffee. Somehow it just works and comes with the taste of pleasure!

Not only egg coffee, but Vietnamese has also “come up” with so many tasty street foods that can make you fall in love at the first bite! 

2. A deep-rooted history of egg coffee Hanoi

Coffee was first introduced to Vietnam in the 19th century by the French colonists. Vietnam increasingly becomes a strong coffee exporter with many plantations in the central highlands.

To tackle the limitations of fresh milk, the French and Vietnamese started to use sweetened condensed milk with a dark roasted coffee.

Egg coffee has been invented since the 1940s when a bartender called Nguyen Van Giang in Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel, Hanoi whisked eggs into his coffee as he couldn’t find fresh milk.

Fortunately, the result was decadent and delicious, so he decided to open Cafe Giang, the original Vietnamese egg coffee king in order to introduce this signature drink. And it became one of the most famous coffee in Hanoi since then!

Year by year, sitting on a tiny plastic chair on the pavement or narrow shop, sipping and chilling with a cup of egg coffee becomes an image of Hanoi and Vietnam coffee culture. A thing that you definitely have to try!

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Egg coffee and Turtle Tower are symbols of Hanoi

Egg coffee and Turtle Tower are symbols of Hanoi

3. Special kinds of Hanoi Egg Coffee

Vietnamese egg coffee has been a massive burst in popularity since its initial introduction to consumers, thus, many versions of the original recipe have been altered or replicated in various forms.

Egg coffee can be ordered hot or cold and both of them seem to be quite different experiences of paralleled delight.

this cold version can be the choice for all year around!

The hot version will be the best suit to winter days while this cold version can be the choice for all year around!

The cold coffee comes in a cup loaded with ice and tastes more like a dessert. It appears to be similar to ice cream or runny tiramisu.

The hot version of Vietnamese egg coffee is placed in a smaller cup and has a thick, foamy egg-based head. This yellowish heap of jacked-up creamy goodness is perfection.

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4. Where to try Best Egg Coffee in Hanoi? 

The best time to enjoy a cup of coffee in Hanoi is right after your breakfast with local foods such as Banh miSticky rice, and Bun thang.

As coffee culture remains an adhesive element of Vietnamese culture and society, more and more cafes will have a go at whipping up their own version.

Below are some high-ranked store serving the best “egg-cellent” egg coffee in Hanoi.

Cafe Giang – Giang Cafe Hanoi

  • Address: 30 Nguyen Huu Tuan Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
  • Average price: 15.000 – 33.000 VND

Café Giang, an original coffee shop

Café Giang, an original coffee shop in the land with a thousand years of civilization with its specialty, egg coffee

Café Giang is known as the original coffee shop serving Vietnamese egg coffee in Hanoi.

People said it has to be “Giang Cafe” when it comes to egg coffee in Hanoi.

Founded by Mr.Giang in 1946 and became a family business since then, its egg coffee still remains the same taste as in the early days, with the rich foam made from egg yolks, Vietnamese coffee powder, sweetened condensed milk, butter and a little cheese.

Which one will be your favorite egg coffee

Which one will be your favorite?

Not only egg coffee, but Giang coffee has also created so many unique beverages. Egg matcha, egg chocolate, egg beer, to name a few.

Don’t be drawback by the weird name, go for the one that sounds the most attractive to you. It can be tasty or not, but exciting for sure!

To find Giang, you really need to pay attention to the sign above the small alley then walk down to the end to meet the famous coffee shop.

The coffee shop is hidden in a small alley Giang cafe

The coffee shop is hidden in a small alley so it’s may hard to find. Notice to not miss this lane!

Local tips

  • Opening hours: Daily from 7:00 am to 10:30 pm
  • Parking: You have to park your vehicle opposite Café Giang (Cost: 10.000 VND/time).
  • Menu: Besides egg coffee, the store also serves Brewed Cocoa Coffee or Coffee Beers. Their flavor and color are rather attracting and tasteful.
  • The space of Café Giang is quite small so if you want to get a favorable seat, avoid coming on a crowded time.
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Dinh Café

  • Address: The second floor, 13 Dinh Tien Hoang, Hang Bac Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
  • Average price: 30.000 – 70.000 VND

The owner of Dinh Café is Ms.Bich, the daughter of the original egg coffee extraordinaire, Nguyen Van Giang.

The hidden entrance, call as the “hole in the wall” by some funny travelers, might look a little sketchy at first. But once going to the upstairs, seeing it’s packed with people and smelling the egg flavor, you will crave for a cup of the famous egg coffee.

The egg coffee here is really delicious with just the right amount of “eggyness”. The rustic and instaworthy interior brings the truly Hanoi vibe!

With a favorable position, this store is suitable for those who want to enjoy the stunning scenery of Hoan Kiem Lake with a rich cup of egg coffee.

Mrs. Bich is making cups of joy!

Mrs. Bich is making cups of joy!

Local tips

  • Opening hours: Every day from 7:00 am to 10:30 pm
  • In addition to famous egg coffee, the owner of Dinh café created her own rendition which uses cocoa. This is Egg Cocoa with an alluring flavor and decoration.
  • The shop is so crowded so you should come earlier to get a good position on the balcony.

The balcony is the best position to take a view to Hoan Kiem Lake Dinh Cafe

The balcony is the best position to take a view to Hoan Kiem Lake

Old Quarter Café

  • Address: 11 Gai Street, Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi
  • Average price: 20.000- 55.000 VND

It seems to spend on the ones who are keen on the ancient beauty of the Old Quarter with a spectacular view over old houses here.

You will enter a normal looking silk store, then go upstairs until you see a coffee shop. A tiny lane leads to a tiny coffee shop with the stunning view of Hoan Kiem Lake and a cup of egg coffee.

Such a great experience in Hanoi!

Old Quarter Café

Find this little sign among those silk shop in Hang Gai Street

Local tips

  • Opening hours: Daily from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm
  • The store doesn’t provide parking area so when you come here, it’s better to walk or park your transport outside.
  • The specialties of Old Quarter Café are egg coffee, egg cocoa and coconut milk coffee with a superb taste and a reasonable price.

5. Now how to enjoy Best Egg Coffee Hanoi like a real local?

Vietnamese coffee tends to be very dark and sweet, so this coffee is often enjoyed combining with appetizing side dishes such as Biscuit, Sunflower seeds, and Chiffon Cake.

A small plate filled with sunflower seeds – a perfect match when you drink Egg Coffee with some friends

In addition, you can order some sandwiches and bread to have a nutritious breakfast meal.

Egg Coffee served with a piece of biscuit

Egg Coffee served with a piece of biscuit

You can enjoy egg coffee with a spoon to drink the coffee through the egg topping or mix everything together.

If you don’t know how to order and enjoy a cup of egg coffee in Vietnamese, observe locals as they are the best instructors.

Sitting with a cup of egg coffee in Hanoi and enjoying the spectacular sightseeing around is really a perfect experience for locals as well as foreign tourists.

We hope that you can get this experience on your trip to Hanoi. For more information, please feel free to contact AZ Local Trip. We are always here to help!

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