Setting foot in Halong Bay, most of us have to say ” WOW” by the majestic and untouched beauty of the drowned karst landscape harmony with the various shapes of limestone islets. Maybe you forget the hidden treasure of Halong Bay which has existed thousand years in the passage of time- Cua Van floating village.

Now, Let’s follow us and explore other perspectives of Halong Bay to contemplate the vivid picture of this landscape as well as gain more understanding about the simple life of fishermen in the floating village.

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3 reasons why you definitely regret if missing Cua Van floating village

The most 15 beautiful ancient villages in the world

Not without reason, Cua Van floating fishing village is recognized as the top 15  the most ancient villages in the world by the prestigious traveler website Among many fishing villages in Halong Bay, Cua Van is outstanding with fresher and more pristine beauty. Floating and colorful houses made by bamboo or wooden adrift on the calm water. This picture seems to be more perfect with the accustomed image- massively immense limestone.

cua van fishing village

In front of the floating house, there is a small fishing farm to feed fish and other sea creatures.  As simple and daily life, Cua Van floating village is like a muse robbing thousands of travelers’ hearts.

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The “wealthiest” village in Ha Long Bay

Cua Van can be considered the “richest” village in Ha Long Bay. Their floating houses are spacious and clean. The well-off families even have tiled roof houses including radios, television sets, tables, and chairs,…

classroom in cua van

Children ride a basket to go to the classroom in Cua Van floating village

Most locals are not permitted to live in the fishing village to protect its natural beauty and some houses don’t have enough living standard.

The village originates from two ancient fishing villages called Giang Vong and Truc Vo, which explains the rich and abundant culture of Cua Van. Now, Cua Van fishing floating village only has 12 floating houses, including classroom, culture building, a center which exhibits cultural items, a center which cultivates pearl, all of which are preserved for tourism

Eye-witness  unique ” life on water” of native fishermen

Cua Van floating village is located in Hung Thang commune, Ha Long city, which is 20km far from boat tourist station. This is home of 180 households ( approximately 773 people) living and depending on fish.

daily life in cua van fishing village

Daily life in Cua Van floating village

For foreign visitors, “fishing village” is a strange concept when instead of living inland, they eat, sleep and work on the floating houses. Once upon a time, they spend the whole life on Bay catching fish and isolate from inland. But nowadays, in order to protect natural wonder as well as their adequate life, local authority required them to move the mainland.

Although people don’t live here full time, fishermen still maintain fishing village life such as fishing, seeding pearl, net weaving. Don’t hesitate to explore this unexceptional landscape to discover the unique aspect of Halong Bay!

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Must things to do in Cua Van fishing floating village

” Matchmaking” sing- the traditional material for foreign tourists

From ancient times, ” Matchmaking” sing was created by fishermen to make routine life more colorful. There are the songs that hidden precious cultural and traditional values and knowledge taught by their ancestors. Some songs also taught us to experience fishing work, which is presented in the unique and creative forms of backtalk between men and women.

cua van singing

“Matchmaking” performances are performed in special occasion

Coming to Cua Van village, you have a chance to witness couples wear colorful and their own traditional costumes, stand on boats and perform the catchy-ear melody. Don’t miss “matchmaking” performances because you will never enjoy these traditional folk songs anywhere in the world!

Riding kayaking- the best way to explore an idyllic fishing village

You want to take initiative in your trip and explore every corners of Cua Van fishing village in person. A kayak is certainly an ideal option! According to local experience, you should join in kayak tour and follow their itinerary with the tour guide: caves and floating villages in Halong Bay.

kayak in cua van floating village

Kayak is the best activity to explore Cua Van village

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Taking a wooden boat with the untold stories

If you are not confident in your ability, Don’t worry!  Hiring a wooden boat or basket can solve the problem. Different from the luxurious cruise, a small basket with 6 people can help you to get access closely to nature in Cua Van floating village.

boat in cua van floating village

The wooden boat will take you around Van Cua fishing village

Imagine that you have a chance to sit in a small boat, immerse in the cool water and touch immense limestone in person, hear interesting stories from boatmen about fishing village life as well as the secret of “hunting fish”. The boatman can take travelers to many interesting tourist traps like the Tien Ong Cave, Ba Ham lake, trekking, fishing squid, … . What is an exciting experience you must try!

One day, Let’s try to be a real fisherman in Cua Van fishing village

At night, travelers have the opportunity to kayak around Cua Van village and try some local activities like trawling, going fishing and even going squid fishing off the coast. Can you guess the most chilling feeling? This is definitely the moment you manually catch big salt-water fishes and lily-white octopuses, then cook and enjoy appetizing seafood.

go fishing in cua van village

Catching fishing is an exciting experience in Cua Van village

Believe me, it is the best ever you try! Because of seafood when processing immediately is completely fresh. Soft pieces of fish with crispy and juicy octopus definitely appeal to all of the tourists- even you are picky eaters.

octopus cua van village

Mouthwatering seafood is prepared by tourists

If you already fall in love with Cua Van floating village, you can buy a ticket and go directly by canoe to there because it is around 10km far from the mainland. Or you want to spend 2 days 1 night or 3 days 2 nights in Halong Bay, Let’s explore our cruise:

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Cua Van floating village is actually a must come destination of Ha Long Bay and the S-shaped country, as well.  If you want further information, don’t hesitate to contact AZ Local Trip to join hands in creating unforgettable experiences.