Cat Ba Cruise is a supreme choice for anyone who wants to explore this lovely island. Even if you happen to spend time in Halong Bay, it’s worth taking another cruise in Cat Ba for more experience. Cat Ba Island makes its point for the largest island belonging to Halong Bay, which consists of a variety of hotels, bars and restaurants at a high standard.

Coming to Cat Ba Island, you can take part in lots of exciting activities, sightseeing and immersing yourself into the natural beauty of typical beaches and involving in the local lifestyle of Vietnamese fisherman. It will be an amazing discovery journey that can’t miss in your life.

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location halong bay

location halong bay

1. Cat Ba Island Overview

Located in only 50 kilometers from the east of Hai Phong city center, Cat Ba is the biggest island in Halong Bay of 200 square kilometers and recognized as Cat Ba Archipelago Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

cat ba village-min

Stunning beaches with beautiful long white sandbank at Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba is an ideal destination for both relaxation and adventure with a range of stunning limestone mountains, famous tropical forest, mangrove forest, coral reef and unspoiled beaches such as fresh and tranquil beaches of Cat Co 1, Cat Co 2, Cat Ong, Cat Trai Gai, Cat Dua or Duong Danh.

Additionally, it is not difficult to find a good resort or entertaining spot located on Cat Ba Island where you can enjoy the best of your holiday.

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2. How Many Day for Cat Ba Island Cruise? – Detail Itinerary

Actually, the length for a Cat Ba Cruise is not limited in a certain period of time, it depends more on your favor and time schedule. In general, a Cat Ba Cruise ranges from 1 to 3 days, and of course, the more days you spend on Cat Ba Island, the more interesting things you will experience and relax.

Here is some detailed information about itineraries for different cruises.

Cat Ba Cruise 1 day – What to do for a day trip in Cat Ba?

The first one in the chain of activities in Cat Ba Cruise will be a discovery into a fishing village which you can choose from some of the fishing villages such as Cai Beo fishing village and Cua Van floating village.

Then, the cruise will stop at the heart of Lan Ha Bay, which is home to a number of distinctive karst towers and green water. There you will have a good chance to visit Di San Floating House and gain more understanding about the local lifestyle.

Bhaya Cruises

Amazing top view of Lan Ha Bay

After that, your cruise will stop at a beautiful area where you can freely do kayaking, passing through stunning limestone and amazing cave and immerse yourself into the magnificent scenery in Cat Ba.

In the afternoon, you will have time to relax and participate in exciting activities such as jumping from the top of the boat or spend time in Monkey Island – one of the must-visit island in Cat Ba.

You can have a chance to meet naughty monkeys when arriving at Monkey Island

(video: saraahperron)

Cat Ba Cruise 2 days

  • Day 1

Visit beautiful beaches in Cat Ba Island: On your arrival for the first day in Cat Ba, you should take a short rest before starting this interesting island.

There are many unspoiled beaches around with freshwater, white sand and tranquil scenery that you may find interest here. You can spend time in 3 of the most popular beaches, including Cat Co 1, Cat Co 2, Cat Co 3 or the nearby Monkey Island.

Relaxing your body and enjoying tranquil scenery at Cat Co 1 – one of the most famous Cat Ba beaches

  • Day 2

Kayaking around Lan Ha Bay: Kayaking becomes a typical activity in Cat Ba that can’t miss for both Vietnamese and foreign tourists. It seems to be the best way to discover the most essential of Lan Ha Bay, as well as Cat Ba island. Here, tourists can both admire the spectacular beauty of the limestone system and beautiful scenery surrounding and enjoy the fresh atmosphere in the bay.

Cat Ba National Park: Located in the north of Vietnamese seacoast, Cat Ba National Park is a typical archipelago of Hai Phong province, which includes both large land and sea. Cat Ba National Park makes an impression on tourists with a diverse ecosystem of mangrove forests, limestone forests, coral reefs and a variety of special or even endangered fauna and flora.

Dark Cave and Cat Cave: Dark cave and Cat cave are the 2 most famous caves in Cat Ba Island. In Cat Ba Cruise, tourists will have a great opportunity to explore the mystery and natural beauty as well as unique formations of those.

If you want to try something more adventurous, you can also try rock climbing – an amazing activity at the caves in Cat Ba Island

Other activities: Besides sightseeing, visiting caves and kayaking, tourists also can be involved in numerous energetic activities including rock climbing, diving, swimming, fishing, sunbathing or snorkeling.

Cat Ba cruise 3 days

For a 3-day Cat Ba Cruise, the itinerary for 2 first days is the same as that of Cat Ba Cruise 2 days. In the last day, you can continue your cruise with one day in Halong since it does not take much time to move from Cat Ba to Halong on the cruise.

For option 2, you can spend your third day relaxing and taking photos or enjoying Vietnamese cuisine on the cruise.

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3. Which cruise should choose? – List of Cruise from Cat Ba

Generally, there are 4 main types of Cat Ba Cruise that can meet different demands. Depending on your favor and budget, you can have many options to choose a suitable cruise.

Private cruise

  • Four Seasons Cruise

This type of private cruise provides you everything you need for a trip lasting 1-3 days, with sufficient facilities and different rooms for different purposes. Four Seasons cruise is really an ideal choice for couples, families or small groups.

Besides, lunch and dinner are both served on board, with typical dishes of seafood such as fish, shrimp, shellfish or squid. Tea, coffee and some of drinks are also available.

Four Seasons cruise is really an ideal choice for couples

(photo: aprilmartin07)

  • Cat Ba Legend Junk

This cruise will also provide all you need, from convenient facilities to services. This type of junk is specially designed and made from bamboo material that brings the feeling of a traditional and gentle atmosphere. In your cruise, you can join interesting activities such as swimming, fishing, party, snorkeling and visiting famous sites.

Do you like the traditional vibe?

Superior cruise

  • Cat Ba Sisters Cruise

Cat Ba Sisters Cruise is in Cat Ba Island, it offers the water sports facilities. It is a great choice for those who love Cat Ba Island and combine visit Lan Ha Bay. With 2 cabins and 5 cabins, it is a great choice for a private cruise trip for a couple, honeymoon or family. It brings you to the untouched area of Lan Ha Bay, Halong Bay

With rooms equipped with a wardrobe and private bathroom for comfortable accommodation.

Especially, Cat Ba Sisters Cruise offers you one night onboard and one night at a resort for 3 days trip. In addition, you can join many activities during the trip such as kayaking, squid fishing, mountain climbing in Cat Ba Island as well as many other experiences in Lan Ha Bay and Cat Ba Island and Monkey Island Resort.

The cruise guide will ensure that your experience is unique and memorable, taking you to areas where there are no other tourists so you will have entire lagoons and caves to ourselves! It is a very professional team.

  • Emerald Cruise

An indoor and outdoor restaurant located on the upper deck of the Emerald boat. Whether traveling as a group or on a honeymoon, your needs and expectations will be met.

Lunch will be served on board while the cruise will move along the many mountain ranges; romantic dinners on the beach under the stars. Specializing in Western and Vietnamese cuisine and especially in local seafood dishes, our extraordinary and delicious dishes are truly a blend of traditional flavors and fusion.

You can lay down on the top deck of Emerald cruise to have some drinks or fruits and enjoy the beauty of Cat Ba Island

Located inside, the Emerald Restaurant and Bar is the perfect place to unwind after a long day of sightseeing. The fully stocked bar offers a wide range of fine wines, spirits, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Joining this cruise, tourists can be involved in different activities such as water sports, kayak/bamboo boats, cycling, cooking demonstrations, squid fishing in the evening, short hikes on Cat Ba National Park

Deluxe cruise

  • Calypso Cruise

Inspired by the legendary beauty of the Sea nymph Calypso, daughter of Atlas, Calypso Cruises invite you to discover the equal beauty of Vietnam’s bewitching Lan Ha Bay.

The twin cruises offer twenty luxurious cabins each, all fully equipped with modern facilities and offering stunning views of the bay; a restaurant offering tasty Vietnamese and Western cuisine; and a panoramic sundeck where you can relax or take part in our program of activities with the bay as a spectacular backdrop.

The modern and deluxe look of Calypso cruise

Luxury cruise

  • Maya Cruise

Launched in 2017, Proudly Maya Cruise is known as the most luxury and unique 4-star plus cruise catering the top-notch services on the schedule of Cat Ba Island, Lan Ha Bay & Halong Bay and there is also the 2nd pioneering luxury of the vessel with both uncompromising quality and safety standards.

Rooted from the Arabic characters, The “Maya” would be inscribed as “Maja” referring to the “Mother” and according to our Asian worshipping culture, Mother means the proliferation, protection & accumulation for the people and here is the major reason why we take the Maya to name for our vessel with a hope of peace & prosperity.

This charming princess was made in a very famous & reputable shipyard in Hai Phong & designed in a combination between Vietnamese traditional style and French architecture.

It is one of few cruises operating in both Cat Ba Island and Halong Bay with full equipment, the highest safety standards with sonar, radars. Each cabin is provided modern alarm devices linked to a central monitoring system, smoke sensor, fire extinguishers, hydrant and hoses, life jacket and clear emergency instructions.

Cat Ba Cruise is really worth joining for the value and experience it brings to tourists. If you are going to plan for your next holiday, don’t forget to consider Cat Ba Cruise as a prior choice.