Do you want to save some money during your Vietnam vacation? Check out our list of the most affordable hotels and see which one will please you!

What makes or breaks a vacation is where you choose to spend the night. If you want to save some money on accommodation on your Vietnam trip, check out the recommendations below to see the cheap hotels you can get in Hanoi!

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Top Four Cheap Hotels In Hanoi

1. Atrium.

Address: 32 Dao Duy Tu, Hoan Kiem.

Price range: up to $23 per night.

First off on our list of the best budget hotels in Hanoi is Atrium. You think the name Atrium is already captivating? Wait until you find out more about this lovely hotel!

When we were staying here, what struck us most about Atrium is its convenient location. Hidden in the busy streets of the Old Quarter in Hanoi, Atrium provides customers with easy access to popular tourist destinations.

You want to buy some souvenirs to bring back home? Great, Dong Xuan market is just a few minutes away. Are you interested in  sightseeing? It only takes a 5-minute walk to visit the Sword Lake. And feel free to roam around the area surrounding Atrium, which is famous for fancy shopping centers and historical sites.


Besides the neighborhood in which Atrium resides, we also enjoyed the service available at the hotel itself. There are 35 rooms with different price ranges, from the standard rooms to the deluxe or superior rooms. Based on your budget, you can pick out what suits you best.

There is one more fantastic feature of Atrium that we really love! It is the fact that Atrium prides itself on having a small indoor restaurant, a bar on the ground floor, and a spa lounge.

After an exhausting day from traveling all around Hanoi, what can be more satisfying than receiving some luxury treatments from your hotel before going to sleep? Yay!

2. Especen.

Address: 28 Tho Xuong, Hoan Kiem.

Price range: up to $20 per night.

Especen is a two-star hotel located around the center of Hanoi, and it is definitely one of our most favorite cheap hotels! Are you curious as to what makes Especen such a charming place?

First of all, it is all about the price range, everyone! We had a hard time finding somewhere budget-friendly to spend the night in Hanoi. Luckily for us, we ran into Especen. The facade of this hotel is pretty unimpressive, but wait until you see the interior space!

With a theme color of white, brown, and yellow, Especen gave us a warm and welcoming atmosphere. While the room itself was not extremely spacious, it was enough to accommodate up to 4 or 5 people in a double room.

And the best part of all? We did not have to spend more than $20 per room during our stay here. It was an extended vacation of around two weeks, so we even got a 10% discount!

At such an affordable price, Especen indeed manages to offer its customers the best service possible. The wifi network is free both in the sharing space and private rooms. You can order room service twice a day, with unlimited access to the smoking area or the alarm service.

Besides, each room is equipped with essential technical gadgets. You can treat yourself to a movie on the cable TV, or have a light snack from the minibar. Basically, you will have all your needs catered for!

3. Ibiz.

Address: 30 Hang Cot, Hoan Kiem.

Price range: up to $25 per night.

If you want to invest in a reliable yet affordable hotel, then you should not miss out on Ibiz. This is a three-star hotel that we are more than happy to recommend.

cheap hotel in hanoi

The most outstanding feature about Ibiz is its art-decor. Despite being a budget hotel, Ibiz has invested considerably in bring the nostalgic vibe of Hanoi into each room. The living space here is beautifully decorated with dark-colored furniture, classic paintings, and embroidered pillows.

And guess what?

Every single room in Ibiz comes with a balcony! Trust us, even a five-star hotel like JW Marriott cannot provide all customers with a broad view of the city. But Ibiz can, and we were thrilled to enjoy the fresh air and the golden sunlight.


Also, if you have never been to Hanoi before, Ibiz can help you arrange your tour. Located next to the reception table is a tour recommendation table, whose staff will give you suggestions on your upcoming itinerary.

Are you worried about the vehicles? Rest assured that Ibiz provides a car renting service. As long as you have a driving license, you can get a car and drive around the city on your own!

On our last day here, we were invited free coffee and tea in the waiting lounge. The staff even gave us the number of Noi Bai airport transportation system, so we did not have to pay through the nose for a cab.

All in all, we had a fantastic time staying at Ibiz. And we bet that you will have a similar experience here!

4. ALT Home.

Address: number 15, alley 18 Dinh Thon, Nam Tu Liem.

Price range: up to $17 per night.

Next up on our list of the best budget hotels in Hanoi is ALT Home. Mind you, at such an affordable price range, ALT Home is easily our most favorite place to spend the night in Hanoi.

ALT Home is more like a homestay, which explains why it is much cheaper compared to other hotels. But rest assured that the amenities available at ALT Home is on par with any other three-star hotels.

This pleasant hostel offers three types of rooms. You can have the deluxe room with a balcony or a standard room with a king-size bed. If you really need to tighten the budget, the dorm room with a separate bed will be your best choice.

Despite the surprisingly low price, we still had a good time staying at ALT Home. Our room had a small working table, an electric kettle as well as a smart TV and a closet. Since we booked a deluxe room, we were given access to a minibar and other necessary cooking gadgets.

However, there is one thing we did not like about ALT Home. It is located inside a small alley, which is not easy to find. Furthermore, it would take a 15-minute drive from the hotel to the city center, so be prepared to spend some extra money on transportation!


Now, have you made up your mind on where to stay during your Hanoi trip? We bet these budget hotels will give you a satisfying experience, just like they did to us!

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