best Hanoi street food – A Taste of beauty of Hanoi Vietnam

There is one thing that many people still tell each other, dicovering Hanoi street food is the best thing ever. Talking about Hanoi street food, peopler alưays say that this type of food is very delicious with affordable price.

You can spend the whole day just wandering the streets, just enjoy the Hanoi food street from early morning until late night, no stretch that money is not too much …

Top 12. Local Foods in Hanoi

1. Nem chua 10 Au Trieu

This Hanoi foot street is served at 10 Au Trieu, open from 14h until 0am. Although people call it as a restaurant, this place is very simple. The dining table here is essentially just trays stacked on green chairs and placed on one side of the alley to block the path.

Unlike fried spring rolls which are dry and yellow in color, grilled spring rolls keep the fresh pink color of the meat along with a sticky glue wrapped outside. It is called Nem chua in Vietnmese. Sip a bit of chili in a small bowl, the aroma and pieces of baked rice noodles are blended and melted when brought to the mouth.

The price for this Hanoi food street in here is 4,500 VND, iced tea 3,000 VND a cup, lemon tea 7000 VND a cup, fruits about 15,000 VND a plate.

hanoi street food
Nem chua Au Trieu

2. Nem Lui at Phan Huy Ich Street

This Hanoi street food is called Nem Lui in Vietnamese. It is made from raw spring rolls, then round pinned bamboo sticks to bake on the charcoal, sometimes squeezed into lemon grass to bake. This dish uses soy sauce mixed with puree liver, cooked into wedges, slightly paste sauce, top of roasted peanuts.

hanoi street food
Nem Lui

3. Nem fried at alley Tam Thuong

This type of Hanoi street food is call Nem Ran in Vietnamese. Nem fried serves you the delicious with the hot of chili sauce and with the cool of the slices of cucumber. All of these are mixed together to be one of the best street food Hanoi.

This Hanoi street food can be eaten with many kinds of fruits, but the most popular are beans, cucumbers, mango … If you just enjoy Nem with some food, then about 80,000 VND is enough for two people.

hanoi street food
Nem Chua Ran

4. Duck rice noodle and grilled duck on the sidewalks of Hang Bong street (near Phu Doan crossroads, Hanoi)

Situated on the sidewalks of Hang Bong Street, near Phu Doan Crossroads (Ha Noi), Hien’s restaurant is located in the middle of the fashion shops so not everyone knows about this restaurant. But once you have eaten here, you will not forget the bold flavor of grilled duck, specialty of the shop with sweet pineapple soup.

It is a Hanoi food street meat, which is spiced marinated, then roasted on the charcoal stove. After baking, the chopped pieces still retain the sweet taste of the meat. This Hanoi food street is eaten with garlic and fish sauce, this sauce is specially prepared by the herbs unlike any other restaurants. This Hanoi food street can be said as one of the best street food Hanoi.

Hien restaurant is commonly opened in the late afternoon and sold until late.

hanoi street food
Rice noodle with duck


hanoi street food
Grilled duck

5. Mango tea at Nguyen Truong To

Located at 2 Nguyen Truong To, the intersection with Hang Than street, Hong Kong tea always crowded visitors come to eat. There are dozens of teas, jelly fish but most people taste mango tea first – the best street food Hanoi, then choose other types.

Mango is cut, cooked with jelly and then put in small bowl. Next, add a layer of milk cream to the surface. So, when you eat, diners will feel both fatty of milk, just have the bar of mango. Each bowl of mango tea is priced at 8,000 VND.

hanoi street food
Mango tea

6. Hoang Anh Jack Fruit Yogurt 22 Ba Trieu

Located at No. 22 Ba Trieu Street, near Hang Khay – Trang Thi intersection, the tiny Hoang Anh yoghurt restaurant is located on the sidewalk. It is only with a simple glass cabinet, and always crowded visitors of about 20 seats.

There are many varieties of yogurt, such as yogurt, yoghurt, yoghurt, yogurt, especially yogurt.

hanoi street food
Jack Fruit Yogurt

7. Thanh Van stuffed pancake in Hang Ga, Gia An in Thai Phien

The best street food Hanoi, Thanh Van stuffed pancake opened many years ago. This address is so close with Hanoians and the “must visit” of tourists.

hanoi street food
Stuffed pancake – Banh Cuon Hanoi

The main attraction of the restaurant is the quality of the cake, thin, soft, also very delicious. Dried on the side of the goods themselves to eat crispy, not dry, dull. Shrimp’s restaurant is smooth, eaten quite good, so it becomes one of the best street food Hanoi.

8. Binh Tay noodle in Hang Chieu street

A bowl of noodles consisting of noodles, stripes, and also known as Sui Cao in Vietnamese. Wheat flour is made from flour and eggs, then rolled thin so the fiber is crispy, retaining yellow eye color. Spicy shrimps are fresh, mushrooms and meat, wrapped in a thin layer of flour.

hanoi street food
Sui Cao Hanoi

The soup is made from chicken bone, pig bone, dried sturgeon, some medicinal and shrimp shells. So, all of these ingredients bring us the best street food Hanoi.

9. Hot Casting Cake in Le Ngoc Han Street

This famous cake in Hanoi has been the best street food Hanoi for decades, which is the favorite food of the students. The cake is medium soft and has a good taste and heat warm. In addition, the cake has the sweetness of grilled meats and broths, a few pieces of persistent beans and some herbs, coriander are also indispensable ingredients.

hanoi street food
Hot Casting Cake

You will feel the mix of cake, meat and soup along with the accompanying spices such as chili peppers. Its price of this Hanoi street food is 13,000 VND.

10. Quan Chuong fried cakes – Hanoi street food

Located near Quan Chuong (Ha Noi), donut shop with sugar bean sales unceasingly. Cake made from flour, green peas added a bit more sesame for aromatic. The special point of the donut here is the tiny cake, so one piece of cake has already eaten. This Hanoi street food is favorite food of Hanoians. Each cake costs VND1,000.

hanoi street food
Fried cakes

11. Fried sticky rice at the crossroad of Bat Dan – Hang Dieu

When the guests come to eat, the new owner brought out fried to heat crispy. White sticky wrapped in plastic bag, gripped for the sticky rice stick together, thin out and put in the pan double yellow gold foil. Outside, cooked rice cooked in gold, inside still raw white sticky rice delicious. Fried can be eaten with eggs, sausages, meat sausages, sausages, pate …

hanoi street food
Fried sticky rice

With customers bring, she sells skillfully for sticky rice in the green banana leaf, carefully wrapped to keep hot. Price of a sticky package with food from 20,000 VND or more.

12. Banh Mi

Bánh mì or banh mi refers to a kind of sandwich that consists of a Vietnamese single-serving baguette, also called bánh mì in Vietnamese, which is split lengthwise and filled with various savory ingredients.


II. Top 7 Vegetarian Restaurants in Hanoi (Religious, Healthy purpose)

Vegetarian is not only a way of enjoying food but also a very good form of body scrubbing. People choose this kind of food processor as a way to reduce stress and have a different view of life.

To meet those requirements, more and more Vegan, Vegetarian Restaurants in Hanoi are trying to find different ways to attract customers. The 7 Vegan, Vegetarian Restaurants in Hanoi recommendations is giving plenty of choices for healthy-eating lovers and regional purposes. 

Minh Chay Restaurant

Uu Dam Chay Restaurant

Nang Tam Restaurant

Hanoi Social Club

Bo De Tam Restaurant

Loving Hut Hoa Dang restaurant

An Lac vegetarian restaurant 

III. Discover famous Halal food in Hanoi Vietnam


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